They don’t really teach you how to invest in skool… adding that to countless other important things to know

On Wednesday morning (3/18/15), Google AdSense suspended ad delivery to demanding that we remove our 11-year

Ted Cruz and the gang are on the war path again! Hardliners in the U.S. Senate have taken another step toward thwarting

Near the end of Milton Friedman’s career, in 1993, he finalized a business cycle theory called the Plucking Model.

How government forces employees under the control of businesses.

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  • Richard Masta‘s article Against Doom Porn! has a new comment 15 minutes ago

    There are so many amazing libertarian websites out there. One can chum about on, read foreign policy thought at, get a general education in smackdown art at, or read about [Read story]

    • I find my mental space is just so much better when I stay away from fear + anger and spend my energies on joy + wonder + compassion. I’m just plain smarter when I’m happy.

      Also, this is a wicked line: “Liberty should come with a laugh, not a sneer.”

    • Well said. The theory of money underlying Bitcoin is specious, but I admire the Bitcoiners who do something rather than curse the darkness. Others only buy and hold while trying inflate the next Bitcoin bubble with scaremongering.

    • LOL! I never knew it was called doom poon, but sometimes I see the same crazy ads on almost every site I follow. Must be me. Seriously, it takes a conscious effort to keep myself centered in the midst of the craziness. And I loved your artwork.

    • So very true. It’s surprising how many people are drawn to liberty due to outrageous fears, and when the promised disaster doesn’t happen, they bail. These rackets are doing liberty no favors. Gary North has been pushing this kind of thing for 40 plus years, and yet he still survives.

    • I find my mental space when I’m by a stream watching the water flow.

    • Spot on! Multiple times I have fallen into a depressive state thanks to doom porn. It fired me up, but made me a recluse by alienating myself. It was a hard place to get out of. Now I’m weary of many apocalypse-type mentalities. My greatest fear has always been financial collapse of the US monetary system. But I’ve come to realize that economic…[Read more]

    • Some of those doom porn providers have been excellent at awakening people to libertarian ideas. They are double edged swords though…..some people cannot escape that initial phase and they become the face of liberty as promoted by the state, the Conspiritarian. I think the analogy to porn is quite fitting though (porn is unrealistic). The…[Read more]

    • Excellent article, Richard! I had a similar realization some time ago, and I don’t waste my time on the many doomsters out there. Doug Casey has been predicting economic collapse in America since the early 1980s, for example. 40 years of the same message. Guess it works for him, and for “them.”

    • In 1999, confronted with the Y2K crisis Gary Alexander proposed creating a 12 step self help group for crisis oriented libertarians, to be called “apocaholics” anonymous. To join, one had to acknowledge that they had an addiction to apocalypse, that their condition was beyond their control, that they surrendered this problem to a higher power…

    • The “Doom Porn” can be kind of entertaining every once in a while. Your description of this reminds me of Alex Jones. Very weird stuff out there. FEMA camps and inside jobs and such.

    • Been there, done that, what a hell to live in! It is hard though, to balance following the “alternative media” without getting sucked in! Thank God/Budda/Jeffrey tucker for Liberty.Me!!

      BTW – If you see any ‘ads’ at all, it means you are not using AdBlock Plus. Cancel cable, install AdBlock Plus – never see a single ad again, literally.…[Read more]

    • Great article. I used to be much more of a kook in the 1990s, believing the hype that economic collapse and martial law and all were coming soon. Then the market did collapse, but was reinflated again like always. And the cops became soldiers, but still usually only pick on the same powerless people they always do. No mass gun confiscation or any…[Read more]

    • And I think that at least until Ron Paul ran in 08, the kooks had a way too disproportionate role in defining libertarianism to the masses. But we’re doing much better now.

    • Now Scott, don’t veer so close to respectability. I’m not into ” doom Porn” despite being a certified ” gold bug”, but I’m proud to be a kook too!

  • Tom Liberman published a new article, Saudi Arabia Doesn’t Trust the United States? Really? Darn., on the site Tom Liberman 37 minutes ago

    Senator Lindsey Graham and his Republican cohorts crossed a line for me today. They are mad Saudi Arabia bombed Yemen without U.S. support. They claim this is because our friends the Saudi’s don’t trust us.

    Let [Read story]

  • Derek Dahlman posted an update 40 minutes ago

    “They cripple the bird’s wing and then condemn it for not flying as fast as they,” said Malcolm X.

  • Tom Wallace posted an update 40 minutes ago

    Flying into LAX on the 26th of October. Anyone live in the area and keen for a liberty meet that night?

  • Jeff Berwick published a new article, Anarchast: Surviving the Matrix with Max Igan, on the site Anarchast 47 minutes ago

    Jeff interviews Max Igan, researcher, truth seeker, radio host, film-maker and one of the leaders of the global awakening movement. Topics include: getting back to self governance, easing people out gradually, [Read story]

  • Mike Reid posted an update 1 hour, 55 minutes ago

    Pan Am Post LIVE begins now with Rebeca Morla and Belen Marty.
    Also, we just saw the cute puppy, Bacon.

    [Read more]

  • Chris Roark published a new article, An Introduction To eSports., on the site Ramblings of a Young Libertarian 2 hours, 20 minutes ago


    So, by now, most people have heard of eSports at least in passing. If you haven’t, here’s the gist of it: Professional video game teams, individuals, staff and all general business surrounding it. People [Read story]

  • BCL‘s article Over 100 studies in favor of libertarianism. Enjoy. has a new comment 2 hours, 24 minutes ago

    Throughout the time I have been running BCL, I have accumulated a large number of studies in order to provide empirical support for my arguments on a vast number of issues. The purpose of this article is to share [Read story]

  • Jeff Siegel‘s article A Free Market Solution to Animal Abuse has a new comment 2 hours, 37 minutes ago

    When I go fishing, I like to clean my catch the minute I reel it in.

    While some of my fishing buddies think I’m crazy for wasting valuable fishing time by doing this, I find it in line with my desire to cause [Read story]

    • Really good article; made me think.
      Unlike a letter to the editor in the local paper today, which was basically on the same topic, but it was written with a sense of hysteria that simply made me think the author was a lunatic.
      This article will win allies. The other, adversaries.
      Good reminder.

    • Thanks, Toni. Much appreciated.

    • Great article !!! At last somebody is addressing this issue!! I live mostly in the countryside, but spend time in the city too. Country people deal with life and death of animals every day. They understand where the food comes from. City people live, in my opinion, in an artificial bubble. They think that beef and chicken come from the…[Read more]

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jorge. The hard part now is waiting for trout season to start. Haha.

    • Trout season?? I thought you’l like to watch this, it’s a compilation, some parts of it are 25 years old!! I did 18 fly-fishing shows for “Fly Fishing The World” (John Barrett Productions) that were shown on ESPN2 every Saturday morning at 9:00am. Tou´ll see Robert Duvall, Michael Keaton, Wilford Brimley, Martin Milner, Dick Vermeill, and…[Read more]

    • That was awesome! Sheesh, I’m such an amateur. Haha.

    • This one is recent…

    • Soooo jealous. Ha!

    • Thanks Jeff — and thanks for showing a picture of my favorite “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin. I have learned so much from reading his books. We have a fellow in our area who comes right to our farm on the day of our “harvesting.” It doesn’t get any more personal than that, and it is a sobering, but beautiful experience. We no longer have…[Read more]

    • Joel Salatin is the man! I had the honor and privilege to share the stage with him at a modern energy finance conference a few years ago in Denver. I was a bit nervous. He’s pretty much like a rock star to me. Haha. He has been a huge inspiration to me.

    • OMG! Michele Ashby, the organizer and host of that conference, is one of my best friends. I wasn’t able to attend, but I did help plant the seed that led to her invitation of JS as a speaker. I am jealous that you met him before I did.

    • Wow! Small world! Michele is awesome. Haven’t spoken to her in some time, but yeah, she did a great job with those conferences. Had some excellent speakers. Did you happen to know Don? Really miss that guy.

    • Yes, I was planning to have dinner with Michele and Don the evening he passed in Toronto, but I was so tired I just met them for a late afternoon coffee. I found out the next morning at the airport that he was gone. A wonderful man.

    • I agree with everything you wrote in the article, but sheesh, only in Vermont — can the family of the cow watch the execution, too?

    • Maybe it’ll catch on in other states. I believe there’s a similar operation in Minnesota.

  • Greg Morin‘s article ‘Not Even Wrong’ has a new comment 2 hours, 42 minutes ago

    One of the main reasons I am skeptical of the predictions of status quo climate science is that those predictions are entirely based on the output of computer models. As a Ph.D. chemist part of my training exposed [Read story]

    • Thank you for a breath of fresh air.

    • When I was in college, the biology classes were full of the “coming ice age.” That’s where my skepticism started. Models are full of assumptions, one of which is that the future will be like the past. That didn’t work out so well for the smart people at Long Term Capital Management (and other places), and I suspect it won’t work out so well in…[Read more]

    • My experience as well. In 1970, the ‘ threat” was that particulate pollution from human activity was becoming so prevalent that the body of particulates was reflecting solar energy back into space, and causing solar cooling. At the University of British Columbia, where I attended, the anecdotal evidence given in support was the advance of…[Read more]

    • I remember a popular magazine with a cover about the “Coming Ice Age,” in 1977 or so. No doubt computer models are difficult, and not yet terribly reliable. I notice, for example, that the ten-day forecast at is useless. One may as well take the possible values (sunny, rainy, snowy, warmer, colder, say) and toss them into the air,…[Read more]

    • For those who are unaware, the phrase “not even wrong” comes from one of the many colorful remarks that Wolfgang Pauli made about papers that exhibited incorrect or sloppy thinking. Today, it indicates an argument that purports to be scientific but fails because it contains a logical fallacy or is untestable by experiment.

  • Haley Heathman posted an update 2 hours, 42 minutes ago

    Ok, so who wants to start a Starve the State project? Goal: To get enough people to pledge NOT to feed the beast i.e. not pay taxes, that we create a critical mass and start our own (real) Tea Party. I know pretty much everybody on this site is tired of their money being forcibly extracted from them to pay for things they deem immoral and that are…[Read more]

  • James Smith‘s article Emotional Intelligence – why it matters has a new comment 2 hours, 56 minutes ago

    An apparent enigma for intellectual types is the wonderful world of emotion. They are distrustful of emotions, that are caricatured as inherently irrational, reactionary and immature. For the people who value [Read story]

    • I have read the book. It is somewhat interesting, but not particularly persuasive. It represents to me what someone, I’ve forgotten who, called the chickification of culture. I admit that I am somewhat of a male chauvinist, but I consciously resist leaping headlong into female chauvinism. I need to find a Golden Mean, if there is one.

    • For me, the book is promoting a kind of golden mean between emotional/reasoning, right/left brain thinking. I see what you mean though – there is a lot of female chauvinism in this ‘getting in tune with your emotions’ genre.

    • Extremely interesting, James. Thank you !!

    • No worries, Jorge :)

  • Winter Trabex posted an update 4 hours, 5 minutes ago

    maybe it’s just me but…has anyone else noticed that this place is kind of turning into an echo chamber?

  • Jesse Lohse published a new article, It’s Time to Put Down the Picket Signs and Innovate, on the site NOLA Liberty 4 hours, 13 minutes ago

    There was a time when I felt violent revolution was the only way to get the change we all seek in this world we call home.  I believed very strongly that without commensurate violence against the State that [Read story]

  • Derek Dahlman posted an update 4 hours, 19 minutes ago

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear,” said George Orwell.

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Near the end of Milton Friedman’s career, in 1993, he finalized a business cycle theory called the Plucking Model. The New Hampshire Austrian Economics Group will examine his theory, as well as commentary on it by Austrian economist Roger Garrison, who m…Read more