It is not generally very useful in philosophy to address every wrong or mistaken view of various philosophers that have

Hello, comrade. Are you a millenial? Are you a former or current democrat that is fed up with the two primary parties?

In the entire history of the world every advance in civilization, every gain in knowledge, and every improvement in the

Since I’m not a US citizen this is in large part “not my circus, not my monkeys” BUT, as someone who w

In short, here is why I won't vote: it is a waste of time, it will have no meaningful impact on the outcome even if my c

This essay is an in-depth critique of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. I show that Piketty

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  • simon sarevski published a new article, Food Quality and Cats, on the site Aspiring underachiever 1 hour, 42 minutes ago

    Believe it or not, I’m ailurophobic i.e. I have an irrational fear of cats. That being said, I have nothing against businesses having on their premises cats lurking around, even in the extreme cases where food i [Read story]
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  • Ned Netterville replied to the topic The Tax Honesty Movement in the forum Taxes, Regulations, & Intervention 2 hours, 52 minutes ago

    Sam, Even more effective than not voting is not paying taxes that support “that group of psychopaths who hide under a mantle of the brainless abstraction called “government.” You may or may not end up in prison for withdrawing your support, but I guarantee you’ll retain your integrity, which hardly seems possible if one is financially sup…[Read more]

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  • Sam Spade replied to the topic Anarchism necessary? in the forum General 3 hours, 22 minutes ago

    Fifty or so years ago I was strictly “liberal”.  Democrat, I voted for John Kennedy for “president” in 1960; was teaching in government (“public” ha ha) school.  A member of TSEA (Texas State Education Association), NEA (National Education Association), now blatantly labor unions (education associations were strictly non-union in my day — it w…[Read more]

  • Marco den Ouden‘s article The Difference Between Property and Capital has a new comment 3 hours, 55 minutes ago

    mysteryofcapital“Without property rights, no other rights are possible.” – Ayn Rand Property rights are fundamental to human welfare and Canada is blessed with an extensive property system that has enabled a powerful, robust [Read story]
    • Hernando de Soto attributes the existence of capital (in his sense) to what he sees as the “formal property systems” created by governments. This is why he is so popular with establishment economists and politicians (like Bill Clinton): he provides a plausible rationale for the power over society and its economic foundations that they want to exercise. He thinks the “6 effects” can only exist by grace of government. And he makes a lot of money consulting for governments advising them on what they can do to bring about those effects.

      However, in spite of his many valid insights, he is fundamentally wrong in his conclusions and his historical account of the development of property in the old west is contrary to fact. He does not understand how property was treated and understood in the common law that underlay the society of the old west. The government did not create that property system. It only came along later, coopted it and expropriated much of the property from it.

      De Soto trumpets the creation of government operated centralized property titling systems. That is great for politicians and bureaucrats. But he does not comprehend the horrible consequences of putting a centralized political bureaucracy in total control of all property rights. It is an absolute recipe for theft and corruption. And these are the results that have flowed from the implementation of many of De Soto’s recommendations in Peru some 20 years ago.

      Canada still has a decent system of property rights, and the prosperity that came from it in the past, because of its common law heritage (much attenuated now, unfortunately).

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  • Sam Spade replied to the topic Stefan Molynuex – Not an Argument in the forum General 6 hours, 5 minutes ago

    Haven’t decided whether to sign up with “”, so will make my observation here. Do you consider that a good forum?

    I’ve ceased spending time on Molyneux’s site for a number of reasons.  One is because it does seem he gets on political bandwagons (in this case, Trump).  Like Dr Walter Block, early-on Molyneux seemed to always present b…[Read more]

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    Hello, how’s everyone doing today?

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    “Our form of democracy is bribery, on the highest scale.” – Gore Vidal

  • Tom Liberman published a new article, Friendship vs Politics, on the site Tom Liberman 7 hours, 18 minutes ago

    friendshipIt’s been a rather awful political season and I’ve seen any number of friendships tested because of political differences. I’m a Libertarian so that means most of my friends think I’m an idiot. And, obviously, [Read story]

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