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The triumph of Trump has led to much wailing and whining in the global warming industry, as typified by a recent article

I seldom read book reviews, and would not have read the one entitled, “Suicide of the West,” if it had been

A few years ago, I bought some fresh eggs from a friend who owned chickens. They were wonderful. I’m not fussy about t

This essay is an in-depth critique of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. I show that Piketty

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  • For some 15 years, airport security has become steadily more invasive. There are ever more checkpoints, ever more requests for documents as you make your way from the airport entrance to the airplane. Passengers [Read story]
    • This atrocity and your misfortune was probably the result of a trial balloon to implement the plans revealed in the Fortune article, Jeffery. Sadly, the balloon appears to have been launched quite successfully. Please–think about how we must react to fed.gov’s assaults like this ahead of time. Anticipate as many scenarios as you can possibly conceive and rehearse your reactions to them in your own mind.

      I know with absolute certainty what I would have done. I would have politely refused to comply, not boarded the flight, and left. Sure, the jackboots may have construed my reaction as “reasonable cause” and arrested me anyway, but this outcome would have been just the beginning of a legal battle that must be fought.

      If even 10 percent of us refuse fed.gov’s Orwellian abuse, we will win!

      In fact, I’m a former airline pilot who now refuses to set foot in an airline terminal altogether. I refuse to fly. As an airline pilot, I experienced scenario based training. It is the basis of my recommendation above. Unless we make our decisions about emergency situations in advance, we will respond to them very poorly and ineffectively.,

  • Richard Masta published a new article, Free State Project Round-Up, on the site 9 hours, 58 minutes ago

    You’ve probably heard of the Free State Project, an effort to get liberty lovers to move to New Hampshire, so that at least one state in the union won’t suck too bad. There are thousands of libertarians, [Read story]
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  • Richard Masta published a new article, 5 Books To Re-Read in 2017, on the site 11 hours, 16 minutes ago

    I read a lot of books. I read too many of them passively. I’ll take notes and move on, forgetting to review. And down the memory hole goes the good news. Or worse – I don’t act on what I learned. Usually it just f [Read story]
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  • Out of the blue, I got an email from Phalla. Of course, I haven’t heard back from her yet.


  • What is a good gift for someone who is alertly alive in this special time in history?
    How about a tool for investigating the science of human action?
    How about the Greatest Name?
    How about ways to work for the betterment of humankind?

  • Anyone know if this is true or just an unaudited report provided by those who don’t want the true status revealed?

    [Read more]

  • [Read more]

  • My latest article for bitcoin.com is posted: https://news.bitcoin.com/specifically-eu-us-intend-tax-bitcoin/ How Specifically The EU & US Intend To Tax Your Bitcoin. I will be in the commentary section today and over the weekend to chat and answer any questions you might have. I hope to see you there! SHARES APPRECIATED.

    Excerpt: The bad news:…[Read more]

    • The government intends to tax a growing segment of the economy, now that is a surprise.

    • @rrule f course, it is not a surprise. But *how* the government intend to tax it is valuable because it tells you how to avoid (to the extent possible) becoming collateral damage. The crime of “unexplained wealth,” for example, requires a bit of planning to avoid. Hope all is well with you, Rick.

    • @mcelroy Yes, capital gains on Bitcoin appreciation in dollars has been taxable for some time in the U.S., and income tax on income received in Bitcoin (or chickens for that matter) has always been taxable in theory. The only question is: how will the IRS collect these taxes?

      “Unexplained wealth” has a been a thing for a while. According to my…[Read more]

    • @restonthewind @restonthewind Hello. Being a matter of IRS and other policy is quite different from being a matter of law. The US has resisted making “unexplained wealth” a matter of law at various global meetings etc. I agree that it is creeping into the legal realm through laws such as civil forfeiture but it is a creeping and not explicit. I’d…[Read more]

    • @mcelroy
      LIfe is great Wendy, thanks for asking. I look forward to catching sight of you, somewhere, some time. Any chance you will travel to Vancouver for Capitalism and Morality?

  • Thomas L. Knapp‘s article A Prediction has a new comment 18 hours, 37 minutes ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos resigned his position at Breitbart “News” today in the wake of the weekend’s fake “supports pedophilia” scandal (for my detailed opinion on that, listen to yesterday’s KN@PP Stir Podcast). He [&h [Read story]
    • I’m with you. Reports of Milo’s downfall have been greatly exaggerated, but I believe that he left Breitbart voluntarily. Maybe other staffers threatened to quit, as reported, but since he was the site’s biggest star, by far, I doubt that top management asked him to leave on this pretext, knowing the full story. Milo saw an opportunity to move on and grabbed it. Unless he had a relationship with a 13 year old himself, when he was in his 20s, he’ll survive this episode and prosper, precisely because so many headlines falsely lead readers to the less flattering conclusion.

      The truth will out, and if you loved (or didn’t hate) Milo before this revelation, you’ll still love him when you learn the whole truth. He’s sometimes gratuitously offensive, but he has more in common with Stone and Parker (of South Park) than with Spencer or Bannon. Leaving Breitbart was a smart move, and this episode allowed him to do it while appearing magnanimous, even sacrificial.

      Losing the book deal with Simon & Schuster was also a blessing. Milo is entirely a product of viral, new media, and his rise has been meteoric. He brought a lot to S&S’s old media market while S&S brought hardly anything to him, and he’s worth more now than when he inked the deal with S&S months ago (and more than when this story broke), so terminating the contract is their loss. S&S will regret their timidity.

      The CPAC thing just doesn’t matter at all. CPAC is laughably irrelevant to Milo’s trajectory. He has appeal far beyond the “alt-right”, and I hope he distances himself from it now.

    • Now commenting on your podcast … I’m not a Hoppean and clash with them here occasionally, but Hoppe is a libertarian. My politics is very similar to his, in fact, though I see myself on the far “left” rather than the far “right”, if these labels mean anything.

      I disagree with Hoppe (and with Rothbard and other “right” libertarians) primarily over the genesis of individual property rights beyond self-ownership, but this difference is less significant than it seems. I reject an individual right to natural resources, with hereditary title in perpetuity, based on first appropriation, by Lockean or other standards. Natural resources can only be claimed from the commons by a covenant between individuals claiming the resources collectively. Such a covenant may permit individual ownership of resources subject to the covenant, but individual ownership is not a prerequisite for such a covenant and is not necessary at all. The extent to which individuals own resources in a free society emerges from a market in standards of propriety.

      Some of Hoppe’s “practical politics”, defending immigration controls by a state on the scale of the United States for example, are the opposite of mine, and his deductivist epistemology, particularly argumentation ethics, seems nonsensical to me. To some Hoppeans, these differences make me as heretical as a Unitarian is to a Trinitarian, but I reach many conclusions similar to Hoppe’s regardless.

      My problem with Spencer is not that he’s a white separatist. If he wants to surround himself exclusively with “white” people (however defined) with the same preference, I don’t care. My problem is that he doesn’t seem satisfied with free association. He makes ridiculous claims like “the United States is a European country”, and he advocates a “white ethno-state in North America”. I’m not sure that he advocates this “ethno-state” across all of the territory of the United States, as I first thought, but since he deliberately evokes Nazi symbolism with cries like “Hail victory!” (“Seig Heil!”) at the end of speeches, calling him a neo-Nazi is fair game. He asks for it and then cries “foul”, playing the victim. This cheap, rhetorical trick gets the attention he wants, but he has already relegated himself to the position of a David Duke, and he has no one but himself to blame for it. Libertarians have every reason to avoid the appearance of sympathies with him, so I’m also grateful for Tucker’s calling him out.

  • When I drive on the highway near my home, I pass dozens of eating establishments. Most are 1/2 empty. What a waste. I go to the supermarket  and see aisles and aisles of food languishing on the shelves. What a [Read story]
  • Gloria Alvarez at CPAC!

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