[Part of An Anarcho-Capitalist Case Against Left-Libertarianism series]   “Entrepreneurship”, as Peter Klein st

Touching nothing, I can summon forth music from any era to fill up the room. I merely need to say aloud the name of any

Jay Stuart Snelson 1936-2011   Principles of Human Action February 26th, 1995 Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Va

I am nothing but cultural appropriation. From my head to my toes; from birth until today. I don’t expect that to c

The gunman who attempted to slay Republican Congressmen at a baseball practice had a Facebook feed. Before it was delete

This essay is an in-depth critique of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. I show that Piketty

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  • An important and disturbing Netflix documentary.

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  • Get Me Roger Stone and the Lust for Power   By C. Edward Kelso   Gleefully, political insider blogs and media outlets cribbed CNN’s announcement Roger Stone would “no longer appear as a guest on CN [Read story]
  • Hey everyone! Check out one of my songs off of my latest album “Keep The Faith”! This one is particularly important to me since it’s about Ross Ulbricht, and you can read my whole story about it and listen to it right on Steemit!

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  • So many times I see those words used to excuse aggressive behavior or property violations by young boys. Yes, boys are often more active than… well, just about anything. Violent, even. There’s nothing wrong [Read story]
  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, Lacking Manners, on the site dailyrhyme 5 hours, 33 minutes ago

    I think I am calculating, Seen as shrewd, Might have been, If not rude.
  • Never before in the economic literature!
    Subjective valuation production possibilities frontier (PPF)!
    Any questions?
    Any comments?

  • Russian & US Diplomats discuss a new Syria Ceasefire :: SCOTUS to review travel ban, allows partial implementation :: Contempt trial begins for Joe Arpaio, former Arizona sheriff


  • ***** RATIONAL REVIEW NEWS DIGEST The Freedom Movement’s Daily Newspaper Volume XV, Issue #3,741 Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 455 email subscribers Please forward this email to your friends so they can s [Read story]
  • Mind and Matters: The World in a Mirror by Delmar England “Rather than freedom being the highest value sought by most, it is their deepest and most abiding fear. So much so that they can’t even envision [Read story]
    • This, my dear friends, is perhaps the very best post on “liberty” I’ve seen. Of course most “libertarian” writers (quotes intended and necessary) are not going to like it. First, England slings mud at all their icons. Second, most of us have become so ingrained in the process of what I like to call “collectivist boilerplate” that it would be difficult to reconstruct editorial mindset to fit the requirements of freedom. So, let’s not rock the boat. Everyone’s gonna know what we’re talking about anyhow.

      Thanks for posting this. I’d love to have met Delmar England. He died before his time. Sam

    • Wow, what a masterpiece this is. I’m amazed there is only one comment.

      Ridge Runner, Sam Spade, any bio info on Delmar would be welcomed. Google found a bunch of Delmar Englands, but none fit.

    • @hanifa200
      looks like a spam poster

    • I suspect Hanifa is trolling for dollars. I prefer trolling for Walleyes.

    • Delightful surprise to meet my mind in another just as I found it in Max Stirner.
      It exposes the ghosts of the mind which I name as God and Government both proxies for the Father Divine of the evolutionary Family.
      Read this along with Larken Rose’s The Most Dangerous Superstition.
      Thank you for putting this here. I will be recommending it.

  • Does anyone want to be an admin for this group? It should probably be shut down, no activity.

  • Jeffrey Tucker‘s article Envy Kills has a new comment 14 hours, 51 minutes ago

    The gunman who attempted to slay Republican Congressmen at a baseball practice had a Facebook feed. Before it was deleted, everyone could read his vitriolic attacks on the rich, his denunciations of capitalism [Read story]
    • Politicians and Leftists Observedly get that they can get some to focus on politically correct “Envy” and *Resentment* Stimulating ENEMY IMAGES I.E. “Capitalism”
      Targeting and corralling MASCOTS–i.e. Both the “Down trodden” AND those “Disliked Haves” with those “Held in Esteem” 
      Diagnosis of the usual suspects I.E. “Greed”, “Crisis” BUZZwords
      DESERVE Punishment Fix Tactics (Cultural Strategy to Enjoy Punishing Others covered up with politically correct doses of self contrition)
      ALL of which Stimulates Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fear (FFF limbic brain response), whereby politicians can PREEMPT–(one’s neocortex and thusly)–rational debate and thereby separate one from one’s Bottom Up Self Responsible Strategy Driven Values
      To Shoe-Horn:
      One size fits all Scarcity Strategies that place Politicians in charge of their Top Down choreographed 4 Part: Crisis, Solutions, Response and “self congratulatory” Results. 
      They reap the reputation and sometimes the metaphysical whirlwind that becomes “Teflon prophets” and “mistaken messiahs” whilst buttressed by a class of adoring Stockholm patients enamored by the false alternatives of nice dead person Passivity Vs the enlivening adrenaline of Punching oneself and one’s friends senseless. See The Fight Club by Jeffrey Tucker for a Third Alternative.
      As I have learned from reading Thomas Sowell, their are no categorical solutions, just incremental trade offs. Central planners don’t understand that the more incremental decisions they take away from individuals, and make them categorical decisions for everybody, {except for themselves} the more STRIFE they create between us and them. [And destructive unneccessary Terror, Politicians Create…
      I do not agree with the conclusion by K. Silber that Solwell’s Vision is also Blurred. Perhaps I’ll come back and address that author’s lament and or my assessment, however the following briefly introduces Thomas Solwell’s wide covering insight and adds additional clarity to these issues.
      Blurred Vision
      How I freed myself (ver 2) 1st Aid Emergency and Gift Package

      How I freed myself (ver 2) 1st Aid Emergency and Gift Package

    • Marxism is envy-driven.
      Statism is the use of envy to gain more control and power.

    • Good article. But what caused our culture to normalise envy? It was political altruism and the consequent ‘sanction of the victim’ that was to blame. Marx in his day would have been way less credible than most of today’s socialists in terms of intellectual influence on society

    • Progressivism in politics and public schooling.

      As its root, Progressivism motivates the people to ignore the 10th Commandment as a means to getting them to use government to break the 7th…

    • I had pro-socialist ideas in my youth. Not out of envy, but in the hope that socialism would bring about progress in the third world. I come from parents who were traders and held vast amount of coffee and tea platantions in central Africa.

      Fidel Castro came from a fortunate background too. He thought socialism would end up poverty and unjustice in Cuba. That too was not out of envy.

      However, that does not mean I condone socialism. I visited socialist countries and was quite upset. I then began to be sceptic about that system. Thanks to Mises literature, I came to understand why socialism failed and free market system prospered.

      But, some doubts have recently creeped into my mind concerning capitalist system too.
      According to reports from certain influential pro-market circles and other extremely rich elites, human population is too big and has to be reduced from about 7 billion to 1 or more billion people to pave way for a new society, a new world order!

      What then is the rationale that has arisen out of that free market system? I think if people have a say, most will choose to be part of the 1 or so billion and not of the 6 billion to be eliminated!

      It seems therefore capitalism cannot sustain the whole of humanity, but only a portion of it. If so, that is quite worrying indeed. And that will imply that the law of jungle will still persist even within the frame-work of a free market system!

      Mohamed SALEM Switzerland

    • Hate kills, greed kills, anger kills, guns kill, envy kills – I think NOT, because each of the forgoing are just WORDS and words don’t kill. Individual human-beings (monsters) kill (take a life) deprive another living-breathing-thinking-being of their life. There may have been many or all of those “emotions” present in the individual that pulled the trigger that threatened to take a life at the baseball field, but it required research and planning to get to the point of acting on those emotions to carry out the threat. There is a saying that 3% lead and 97% follow. I don’t know why, but is seems to be fairly accurate throughout history. A part of what keeps the statistic going is that the 3% know how to manipulate the 97% with the structure of the language. When you can convince the world that “envy” kills, the 97% don’t believe that they have to be responsible for the way they conduct themselves. They were just possessed by a green eyed monster.

  • I’m responsible for myself.

  • It’s been 4 years since he passed and 9 since he stopped writing but every generation can learn from him. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/os-ed-charley-reese-545-people-1984-073111-story.html

  • You might find a cheaper place outside downtown. Just look for a place that is close to a skytrain station. Commute by the skytrain is easy and cheap.

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