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In March of 2015, Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed into a mountain, killing all 150 people on board. This was the first a

I was out shopping for a sweater this weekend and I ran into Donald Trump, who told me that I should stop outsourcing my

Whether you’ve decided that you don’t need credit cards in your life, or stick to a single card you got in college,

The apologists for centralized regulation of economic life sometimes seem to be engaged in a kind of self parody. For ex

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  • Tatiana Moroz posted an update 5 minutes ago

    Hey everyone, I don’t know if you caught the on Sunday, but we had a lot of great guests. It will be posted soon, and here is an episode of the Tatiana Show where I interview Lyn Ulbricht (mother of Ross Ulbricht alleged founder of the Silk Road) about all the recent new corruption revelations and checking in to see how she…[Read more]

    • I heard, that’s awesome. Free ross! I hear Roger Vere matched the total amount, is that right?

  • Matthew Barnes‘s article California Loves Johnson has a new comment 9 minutes ago

    Volunteer orientations for the Gary Johnson 2016 campaign were held all over California. This one was at the trendy Rock & Brews in El Segundo which is owned by 70s KISS-rocker Gene Simmons.California Volunteers for Johnson Weld 2016 have quite a story to tell. Join me in talking to two of the hardest working Libertarian Party’s field organizers in the country as they share with us the secrets of ru [Read story]
    • I would say the high percentage of voter interest in the LP was due to market demand for an alternative, because of the two other awful choices. Not for any other reason, and not due to Johnson/Weld.

    • @waronthesystem, when are the “other two” choices not awful?

      Do you expect them to get better from the Democrats and Republicans?

      I would say that it is going to be the market forces that drive voter decisions every time. Sometimes it will be a Ross Perot they choose. Sometimes it will be a Ralph Nader. When the freedom movement is on the ball, the market will choose the Libertarian. The elections are a bellwether of the people and their social trajectory.

      The above article isn’t about Gary Johnson or anything he did. It is about the volunteers on the street that did a lot for freedom. People who engage the public are extremely valuable to the advancement of our social mores. Unfortunately, our movement suffers from a plethora of witless armchair generals. You know, the sort that do little to represent freedom to the public except to engage in social media, and there primarily in the form of pissing in people’s Cheerios. People doing positive and productive work have been rare and valuable.

      This story is about people who went out and engaged the public, made phone calls, waved signs on street corners, engaged people on the street with an Operation Politically Homeless kits and they educated people. They did something useful for the advancement of Liberty and I, personally, was thankful for their hard work regardless of my hopes, doubts, dreams and cynicism of Gary Johnson and his chances at winning.

      In the end, the wins from that campaign, because of a myriad of causes both lucky and earned, are huge for the LP and for the Freedom movement at large. The people who organized in the field and engaged the public are heroes for all of us.

    • @alivefreehappy but to what end? We’ve drawn more people to the message of the Johnson/Weld message of “we’re centrists and endorse hillary clinton “? My point being, at a time when the hate and disgust for the two major candidates is at an all time high, (not to mention, record numbers of people not voting, which is another great sign), a principled message may have drawn a great deal more, to the principles of libertarianism. Not all energy and resources spent, is a good thing. Bastiat said, the good economist, can see the seen and the unseen effects of his choices. (Paraphrase ). Yes, engaging in direct action in your community to achieve a free society, is a plus. Rallying people towards an alternative that is not much different from the other two choices, isn’t necessarily a positive impact.

    • @waronthesystem “Shoulda, coulda, woulda?” Really?

      My turn for a bastardized Bastiat allusion: Suppose that it will take 6 paragraphs of empty criticism to discourage one activist. If you mean that the discouragement gives 6 paragraphs of encouragement to the aforesaid agorist, I agree. I do not contest in any way; your reasoning is correct. The agorist will happily come and berate the activist for engaging the system, apply his personal viewpoint in criticism of the another in 6 paragraphs of naive bias and congratulate himself for warring against the state. This is what is seen.

      But if, by way of deduction, you conclude that the activist is statist for his engagement, as too often happens, that it helps discourage elections to whack on your friends and allies, I am obliged to cry out: That will never do! Your theory stops at what you falsely and conceitedly imagine.

      You obliquely mention seen and unseen effects, but I wonder whether you have really enumerated those effects and weighed them. You mention that another candidate with a stronger message might have made more of an impact. But you fail to mention where this magical candidate came from. You do not mention how he demonstrated his skill at addressing the public and convincing them of the correctness of his message. Your hypothetical vapor-candidate did not exist and does not exist. If he did the electoral system and media was his to engage just like John McAfee and Judd Weiss did through their considerable social media and video campaigns that continued well after Johnson won the LP’s nomination.

      Your assertion is not the weighing of unseen effect, this is the projection of imagination and it is about as opposite to an honest argument as you can get. For me it is indistinguishable from the tidal wave of fantastic hypotheticals that statists use to manipulate the public into bad decisions.

      Even if you had a AB choice to present here it would be fallacious use of Bastiat’s unseen effect to assert that the presence of one candidate abrogated another. In the marketplace of ideas, 2 candidates would have meant up to twice as much education. Maybe one of them would deliver messaging that was stronger than the other, but does that mean that the work of the “lesser” candidate was a negative impact? No. Clearly unless the message was anti-freedom (which it most certainly was not even in the sorry case of Bill “member berry” Weld) the messaging of the weaker candidate would have been parallel to the other at worst and, more likely, complimentary at best.

      What you miss, the real unseen, is that the rallying was already done. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld rallied a LOT of people to the defense of Liberty. More than anyone working in that arena has done before. That, with the sudden surge of people, there were also present some very hard working and principled people who engaged them, got them invested in the movement at large. You cannot demostrate that surge happening outside of the Johnson campaign. I can demonstrate, simply, that there WERE other candidates, and all the disgust at Hillary and Trump did NOT bring the numbers that Johnson did.

      It does not seem to me that you are making well considered rational arguments. Instead it feels like you are pushing your own personal bias draped poorly in allusions to economic Notables without fully comprehending the meaning of their teachings. What irks me most is not just the corrupt use of Bastiat’s wisdom for conceit, it is that your approach is specifically destructive, it is window breaking in itself and reviewing your posts, you seem to do it with regularity and ease. It takes a significant investment of resources to mobilize activists and much more to educate them in the full principle, and then get them on the street to continue the process.

      What exactly is your motivation here? I think I know. I think that it is not consciously destructive or conceited. I think that bias is easy and looking deeply into unseen effects is difficult and is often obscured by phantasm and prejudice. I think that it takes great patience, skill and restraint to be really good at that sort of prophetic divination, and that as a skill you may learn later in life, you are more often wrong or incomplete than you are omniscient. At that point in maturing your understanding of the interface between observation and divination, you may come to the wise conclusion that it is better to withhold criticism where your authority and purview is distant and difficult.

      It is almost always better to encourage weak effort to become stronger than it is to stop all effort until your subjective standards for strength are met.

    • @alivefreehappy My point being is, think of what could’ve been achieved if those resources of time, money, energy, were spent towards truly promoting and moving towards the philosophy of libertarianism and freedom. Not some half measure, watered down, “Bake gay cakes and we love hillary “, presidential ticket. Not all resources spent, are wisely spent. Now we have more people in LP. FOR WHAT??! To promote the messages of people like Weld, Johnson and Bob fucking Barr? The energy could’ve been more wisely spent at mises or antiwar. Or using freedoms, to promote more freedom. The philosophy, thru direct action.

    • @waronthesystem you said, “The energy could’ve been more wisely spent at mises or antiwar.”

      But you cannot demonstrate that Mises or Antiwar would have gotten any of that energy can you?

      No. On the other hand I could personally demonstrate literally hundreds of people who have now heard of Mises because of this campaign than did not before. Again, your emotional and prejudiced assumptions are patently wrong headed in the very same way that Bastiat was warning against. Worse than not seeing the unseen, you make up false scenarios to support your delusion and have projected them upon good works as if they were evil doing even more damage.

      Johnson, unlike Bob Fucking Barr, turned the field effort directly over to stalwart and radical Libertarians to run. I can testify that the people running the show were not milquetoast freedom fighters. Guys like Jonathan Jaech ran the entire state of California. His handle is “voluntary law guy” to give you a taste of that which you deign not to consider beyond your prejudice. Far from an armchair general, he regularly does outreach at events big and small, does media interviews and is working with developers to create games and amusements that introduce the public at large to the concepts of self-rule and voluntary law and other structures that communities might one day use to help them manage their non-geographical associations and rule based on trust networks.

      That is more of the unseen you have failed to predict though it was plainly under your nose the whole time.

      Then there is the matter of your expressing your self-assigned authority to tell other people where their time was better spent. Is there some physical ailment that you suffer that causes you to need to live life vicariously through other activists? Really, where in the world would anyone who respects individual self-determination come up with an assertion like that except from an extremely damaged capacity to do your own engagement?


      I will educate you on one more matter. The Libertarian Party is not in a position of power. It is not defined by its meager candidates. It is a collection of freedom fighters of many stripes and exists as a platform for them to network and to engage society with an economy of scale realized through voluntary association and on a platform that is uniquely suited to grabbing government by the short hairs and twisting.

      You externalize in your writing a view of a monolithic structure, a thing to take all blame for any unwanted part, and this is another instance of your failure to fully understand economic mechanics – assignation to the general from the specific is fallacious argument. It also exposes your blind and irrational criticism for things you do not fully understand using arguments you do not fully cognate.

      I suggest you take a step back and do some soul searching and then maybe a whole lot of practice with logic, reasoning, and basic rhetoric because hypocrisy of this level is difficult for me to be exposed to much less be the object of, and not go old-school forum warrior over.

    • @alivefreehappy Well, the LP had an opportunity based on market demand, to put forth a principled message, now they’ve rallied folks towards a watered down centrist. Waste of time, money, and opportunities. The LP IS most likely dead, and now maybe it can stay out of the way for real efforts towards furthering the cause of liberty. But you can continue the self back patting and delusions of grandeur. And if you knew as much as you claim about economics, you’d realize that market demand, brought people to the LP, not Gary Johnson or any “activism”, supporting him. And especially not Weld. If they’d put half that time, money an energy, towards a “better product”, they would’ve been selling ice in hell.

    • @waronthesystem Yes, people were not running toward libertarianism, they were running away from everything else. They did not understand the science behind being be a libertarian because johnson/weld are not libertarians. They were only holding its flag. Libertarianism is the last option on the table when all else fails, and mankind still has not learned, its the only option on the table to reach paradise.

    • @liberty56 I would agree. The only consistent, peaceful and free ideology. So, education and direct action, is the key to that problem.

  • Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to conducting a real options approach to valuing a development mining project. I am working on my first valuation, and have hit a dead end working on a project that requires a RO approach.

    Specifically, I am conducting a valuation on Bear Creek Mining. Seeing as their Corani project is…[Read more]

    • Hi MacGregor,

      I’m sure Rick or Jeff could better answer your questions but I’ll give it a shot from what little I know.

      First off, with commodity companies I believe we have to pay particular attention to commodity price assumptions and use a whole range of them in order to come up with different discounted cash flow scenarios. Some examples…[Read more]

  • Kent McManigal published a new article, “Helping”, on the site Kent For Liberty Blog 52 minutes ago

    If you helped government (the State), you probably didn’t do the right thing. No matter what you did. Yeah, it’s like this… only dumber:
  • Craig Spencer posted an update 59 minutes ago

    I am rather skeptical about the efficacy of “startup accelerators,” programs that are supposed to promote the creation and formation of new, innovative businesses by giving them support (money, facilities, advice, etc.). The idea that some ignorant panel with no personal financial interest can choose winners seems absurd to me. Nevertheless, busy…[Read more]

  • Frank Marcopolos posted an update 1 hour, 8 minutes ago

    ”Except in dreams, you’re never really free.” – Warren Zevon

  • Richard Masta posted an update 1 hour, 9 minutes ago

    there’s a MMMarket for that.

  • Ken Jons-un posted an update 1 hour, 29 minutes ago

  • Darryl W Perry posted an update 1 hour, 48 minutes ago

    Iraq prepares shift to ‘Post-Mosul’ in war against The Islamic State :: Study says ’American Dream’ faded by 42 percent since 1940s due to income inequality :: Wisconsin judge rejects bid to stop election recount
    #FPPradionews #FANSprogram Ad-Free version!

  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, At the Circus, on the site dailyrhyme 2 hours, 26 minutes ago

    I think I am so far, To now, as yet, What comes next, To watch, you bet.
  • Ken Jons-un posted an update 3 hours, 7 minutes ago

  • Marchella posted an update 3 hours, 15 minutes ago

    Ok, I cannot post, my “post” option is shaded out, and if it isn’t then I get “try again” after my reply was rejected. This is very sad to me, I was one of the first people to pay for this service and to see it being so regulated and not allow people to comment is pretty telling on how sites are now clamping down, even those with…[Read more]

    • @waronthesystem I can’t even reply to you on my status no less. If you’re on twitter I’m @1marchella and we can continue over there.

    • I don’t think there is any intention of clamping down. I simply think that the site is being abandoned by maintenance. I also experience strange things like weird formatting. The move from a profit to a charity business model is likely at the root of this.

    • @marchella This place is so buggy now….it has always been slow….but now its just a horrible experience to browse

    • @marchella yea, I’m new here, but I don’t think they’d intentionally censor. This is Jeffrey Tucker ‘s thing.

    • @marchella I am not on twitter, by the way.

    • @marchella I do have “line app”, so if you or anyone would like to message me for intellectual discussion, my user ID is sek3agora.

    • did you check with Mr @grantbrown ?

    • Definitely no intention of clamping down. Whenever you run into something like this please send a screenshot to we’ll do our best to get it fixed.

    • Ok, well my “post” option is shaded out, so it’s really frustrating when I’ve written a reply and it’s gone. At that point there’s no way for me to even copy and paste. I have to figure out another way to reply. @grantbrown

    • I’m confused. You obviously posted here…

    • Hi Marchella,

      “I was one of the first people to pay for this service”

      Me too, and I’ve had the same experience, but I found some ways around it. I always copy what I post before I send it now, because I’ve had replies simply disappear when I hit post.

      Sometimes I’ve had to log out, and refresh and log in again before I could post…[Read more]

    • @saunders Yeh, I was vexed the other night, after writing several responses only to have them disappear after hitting “post” , I’ve only experienced that once before here, but it seemed like even on different threads I tried to post it wasn’t allowed as well. Hahah. Glad I’m not the only one that’s experiencing this. Didn’t mean to be such a whiner. 😉

    • @marchella Hi… I’m on Mac but might be for PC too, and installed a small extension called “Flycut”. It extends your “clipboard” on your computer to more then one clipping, so when you “copy” something it saves it in memory, and you can set it to save the last 10 clippings or 50. When writing, i often “select all/copy” and continue on writing…[Read more]

    • They’ve added a bunch of third-party JavaScript. For those of us who are cautious enough to filter third-party code, this sometimes breaks the site. I don’t know why they consider it necessary.

  • Gunnar Kaiser posted an update 4 hours, 26 minutes ago

    Der US-amerikanische Ökonom Thomas DiLorenzo erklärt in seinem neuen Buch „The Problem with Socialism“, warum der Sozialismus scheitern muss.
    Warum hat der Sozialismus so eine große Attraktivität? Welche Strategien wendet er an, um seine Ziele zu erreichen? Was ist das Problem mit dem Mindestlohn oder mit Preiskontrollen?
    Und viele weitere…[Read more]

  • spells-of-genesis-soft-launch-pairs-enhanced-gameplay-with-advantages-of-blockchain-techThe world of gaming is changing, with many games now integrating digital currencies into their platforms using the blockchain. One example is Spells of Genesis (SoG), a blockchain-based mobile card trading game, [Read story]
  • Gunnar Kaiser posted an update 6 hours, 42 minutes ago

    Vor kurzem sah ich eine Grafik, in dem ein Leben von neunzig Jahren in Monaten auf einem einzigen DINA4-Blatt dargestellt wurde. Jedes Kästchen steht für einen Monat. Es gibt auch ein Blatt, in dem alle Wochen aneinandergereiht sind. Meine Reaktion: Erschrecken!
    Wenn man veranschaulicht bekommt, wie kurz, wie endlich das Leben ist und wie groß de…[Read more]

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