like a woman whose beloved husband has been scorned. In this case the woman is Her Imperial Majesty Bridget I, Empress o

Via Steve Hayward at Powerlineblog I see this article about Japan’s energy plans. The article is, IMHO, amusingly

may I have permission to do something that lets me pay you some taxes? Certainly, good slave. Please take a number and s

This is, in part, a follow up to yesterday’s post about Origins Game Fair ditching Larry Correia. However, while y

Today, my *web browser* is insisting that I “can help curb opioid abuse.” Here is my contribution: Stock pho

Better Off Free

By Isaac Morehouse

In this wide-ranging collection of entertaining and thought-provoking essays, Isaac Morehouse shares his original, lib

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The Power & Market Report – Joel Litman: Value and Volatility

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The Jason Stapleton Program – The Universal Basic Income

We’ve talked about the UBI several times over the past couple years, but there’s a great article about it today that ties in nicely with an article from Bloomberg about the social welfare system in Sw…Read more

The Tim Preuss Podcast – Gaza: Terrorists or Protestors?

We can all agree that Gaza is a mess, but how it all started, and what the mess is over, is up for debate. Israel recently shot more than fifty “protestors”, but some people claim that they were actua…Read more