Technology (“Hey Google, what’s the news?”) and the wildly entertaining events in the Beltway have turned me into

For 100 years, the US government has tracked the birth rate. It is now at historic lows. There are many reasons, but one

I wanted to avail myself to beautiful bird song such as that which inspired the great composers. Vivaldi! Messiaen! What

The new and fabulous re-telling of the medieval King Arthur legend – King Arthur Legend of the Sword – is faithful

This frenzy even has a name: Trump Derangement Syndrome. Has the center-left ever been more apoplectic about a presiden

Bit by Bit: How Peer-to-Peer Technology Is Freeing the World argues that today’s emergent technology is about more

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The Resistance Podcast – The Way I See It #5 (Feat. The Tim Preuss Podcast)

Featuring two of Wisconsin’s prominent podcast personalities, Tim Preuss (The Tim Preuss Podcast) and Josh Carter (The Resistance Podcast) discuss recent Syrian action, the war between mainstream and …Read more

Proven & Probable – DNI Metals – Size Matters, When It Comes To Graphite

Dan Weir, the Executive Chairman for DNI Metals sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the latest updates on the their flagship project called Vohitsara. This interview is ba…Read more

The LAVA Flow – I Am Not At War in Syria

It looks like the US is going to be more involved in Syria under Trump. I am not at war. What's in the News with stories on government indoctrination centers, government ignoring the Constitution, clo…Read more