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Most amateur investors who pick stocks significantly underperform the market. 90% of people who pick "winning" stocks d

Many years ago when my son was about three I was chatting about plans for his schooling.  I planned to send my son to p

It’s customary in politics to tout a candidate’s experience in government. As a bystander, I’ve never been impress

Here’s my latest animation: How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis. If you enjoy it, social media sharing i

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  • The LAVA Flow posted an update 23 minutes ago

    The price of the EpiPen has skyrocketed. Is the free market to blame? Also in this fortnight’s episode, The EpiPen Government Monopoly Edition, What’s in the News with articles on poop, Pokemon Go, tickets for laws that don’t exist, and hemp legalization, and yet another Statists Gonna State on Gary Johnson.

    [Read more]

  • Michael Bryce just joined Liberty.me 1 hour, 56 minutes ago

  • Yani Kuhn replied to the topic Cost of Capital in the forum Natural Resource Company Studies and Valuation 2 hours, 8 minutes ago

    Gentlemen, again any corrections, suggestions and comments are welcomed.

    Mines are made not found, it takes people to find the ore, lift it and make it into money. If I am not mistaken, other critical questions Rick has generously taught us to consider to ask the CEO of a junior mining company in this context are:

    Tell me about your management…[Read more]

  • Evin Shad published a new article, Prismata: The Perfect Game, on the site The Uncontainable 4 hours, 3 minutes ago

    So a while back I found out about this game, called Prismata, and I’ve got to say it’s the best game I’ve ever played. That’s not an exaggeration. Not even a little bit. The game is simply amazing. Prismata is [Read story]
  • Clifton Knox published a new article, Hillary Clinton Is A Symptom Of America’s Low Moral Standards, on the site The Brutal Truth 5 hours, 19 minutes ago

    Hillary Clinton shaking hands with Chinese minister.“In the present case, it is a little inaccurate to say I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible to any public office of t [Read story]
  • Kent McManigal‘s article I’m nice, but I won’t lie to you has a new comment 5 hours, 22 minutes ago

    People who know me consider me a nice guy, so it shocks them when I refuse to lie and say cops are OK people. (And actually, the same goes for all politicians and bureaucrats- they are not OK. Not ever!) I will [Read story]
    • just curious, how would you maintain the peace and keep the criminal element from exploiting the weak and vulnerable?

    • You mean, besides abolishing police?

      Cops don’t maintain the peace, nor do they do anything to keep freelance criminals from violating anyone. They work for the state and they do only what helps the state.

      So, how would I do what cops don’t do and can’t do?
      Stop punishing self defense and defense of property, for starters.
      That would also help keep freelance criminals from “exploiting the weak and vulnerable”- if people start taking responsibility again for protecting those around them who aren’t as capable of taking care of themselves.

      As it is, too many people think “it’s not my job”, and government tools constantly harp “leave it to the professionals”.

      How would I…? Personally. It is my duty to do what I can to protect others I see being violated. It is only my duty because I willingly accept it. I don’t speak for you. I don’t demand you pay me for taking on this duty, and I won’t impose myself on anyone who doesn’t want my help. I don’t pretend I have rights over and above those rights of any other person, nor do I claim exemption from consequences if I do the wrong thing. Even if I believed at the time it was the right thing.

      Voluntary is always better than coerced- and government police are a coercive gang. The Blue Line Gang; as bad as any other nasty gang of violators.

    • @dullhawk
      It’s literally impossible to stop a crime. You can’t even use self defense until you’ve been attacked, i.e. until after the crime has been committed. Besides in Libertopia everyone is enlightened to the point that there just won’t be any crime.

    • Well, that’s just silly.

      You can use self defense once someone has made a credible threat to attack (or violate your property). You don’t actually have to wait until their punch strikes home. You can also use many means of prevention. Probably, just like you already do.

      And, obviously, there will always be bad guys. In every society. Even “Libertopia”. It’s just a really dumb idea to establish a gang for them to flock to; membership in which allows them to get away with archation that others would face consequences for. Don’t you think?

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  • Clifton Knox‘s article Feminism Is No Substitute For Chivalry has a new comment 5 hours, 42 minutes ago

    Man Helping Woman with Seat --- Image by © Ken Seet/CorbisI spent the better part of my childhood around women. I must admit that I am grateful for the experience because what I learned has served me well as a person throughout my life. One might ask why it would be any [Read story]
    • Feminism is it’s basic form is the manipulation of female nature for the porpoise of control.
      Feminism has done nothing but erect barriers in society that unfairly advantage women at the expense of merit. Men being chivalries in nature and encouraged by feminist to ignore meritocracy in favor of geocentricism have basically built a culture that fucking hates men.
      The suffragettes opposed the the abolitionists, are responsible for probation, abortion was originally devised as a feminist plan to eradicate niggers. .. was that chivalry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg2-_nkFhe4
      P.S. since your in AK and a feminist if you ever meet a cute blond feminist girl that worked at a kindergarten named Krista Milburn. Shot the genocidal bitch before she manages to drastically reduce the population of your sons by 90%

    • I am not sure I know what the hell you are talking about. I am not a feminist, at least not by todys standards. I do not have a problem with women doing any job as long as she is able to do it as well as is expected. Feminism is not manipulation for the purpose of control. It is the idea that men and women are equal as human beings. Second and third wave feminism is that.
      The suffragettes were not after abortion. Nor were they against abolition. At least not at the beginning of the twentieth century since abolition had happened a full 50 years prior. If they were trying to eradicate niggers it appears they missed one because you are still here. I would say giving women (who by the way are human beings) equality under the law is a good idea. Now if I were a backwards, inbred hillbilly acting cunt like you I might not see it as agood thing. I might tack a bunch of nonsensical shit to it. So yes, generally speaking it was chivalrous.
      The other thing I would like to ask is what the fuck is an AK. Would you mind speaking English? I am neither Jewish or Black. I am 95 percent northern European and a smidgeon (around 5 percent) American Indian. At least that is what my DNA shows. Primarily Swedish and German with some Scotch/English/Irish, Spanish, and French. No Jew, no African.

      You need to read a few more books but I know that is indoctrination right? Fuck that reading shit.

    • @razedbywolvs
      God damn I hate the porpoise of control! I’d kill that bastard if I could! They look like they are smiling but they are just waiting to tear your throat out.

    • It is in your best interest to fight the porpoise of control. (whatever the fuck that is). Apparently, it is like the god of the feminists. Oh, Look the Porpoise of Control has blessed all feminists.

    • Martin, you have taken one section out of context. If you had read the article and paid attention to what I said then you would know that I made the point that people do things for each other sometimes out of kindness. Now… What you are talking about I have no fucking idea.
      Services? What the fuck are you talking about? Are you saying you don’t open doors for women who are not having sex with you or cleaning your house or something? What the fuck is this? Attack of the Migtows? If you think that your six year old needs to be earning a living then you are autistic. I don’t disagree that 18 years old is a little rediculous to qualify to sign contracts etc. But six years old? really? Either I have completely misunderstood you here, or you are definitely autistic.

    • Opening the door for a woman who does not open doors for me, or serve me reciprocally otherwise, is not treating the woman as my equal. It is treating myself as her servant. If she is pregnant or has an infant in arms, opening a door for her treats myself as the child’s servant, sharing this servitude with the woman. I do the same for a man with infant in arms, because I am necessarily and properly the servant of dependent children among others.

      A woman apart from a child ordinarily receives my services in exchange for her services, because I treat her as my equal. Human beings naturally have a long period of childhood dependency, but we serve children too much these days. Ordinarily, children should start earning their keep by six, in addition to their education, and they should owe a supportive parent reciprocal support, in the parent’s period of aged dependency, which ideally is little more than six years.

      Coddling women and children was never chivalrous in the sense of your definition. What you do for your wife and daughters, distinct from your sons, is your choice, but opening doors for your daughters and not your sons clearly does not treat them equally. Men have a right to submit to women slavishly, but calling this chosen role “equality” is an abuse of the language.

      If I like the look of a woman’s backside, inviting her to show it to me as she sits can be mutually rewarding. If she imagines me pulling her chair from a table only because I think persons of her gender privileged by their gender, she deludes herself.

    • @cliftonwknox Why would I open the door for a woman who does nothing for me in exchange? I feel no obligation of kindness toward women that I do not feel toward men.

      I don’t open the door for a woman in exchange for sex. I expect sex in exchange for sex; otherwise, the woman (or man) is a prostitute. I have no fundamental problem with prostitution, but calling a prostitute by name is not offensive.

      Children of my parents’ generation commonly worked on farms by the age of six and benefited from the experience. No one thought them abused by it. Children had summers off from school, because parents expected them to share in the harvest.

      Calling me names is not addressing any substantive issue.

    • I never used the term prostitute. We sometimes do things for other people without receiving anything substantial or intentional in exchange. Nobody ever said anything about an “obligation.” This is talking about being a good person and being kind to the people around you. There is nothing in this article which states that you are under any obligation.
      It does state that one form of behavior is superior to others. Now if you want to behave in an inferior manner be my guest but don’t cry when other people decide they want to disassociate with you. I suspect that your real problem is that you feel some irritation over the idea of a system of ethics which grades your behavior in much the same way as a credit report. I am always surprised when Libertarians are offended by the idea of charitable behavior. It would behoove many of my fellow libertarians to remember that just because you are an individualist does not mean you do not have an interest in the well-being of your neighbors.

      I am not against prostitution either, but I sometimes do things for people because I like them, or I want to and not because they perform “services” for me. I guess it is all about how we want to live and of what quality we wish our relationships to be.

    • @cliftonwknox You mentioned opening doors in exchange for sex. I named this exchange prostitution. Why did you ask if I employ prostitutes this way? I never suggested it.

      Kindness for its own sake is possible, but opening doors for women, out of kindness, without opening doors similarly for men is not treating men and women equally. Why would anyone call this custom “equality”. It is the opposite of equality.

      If black men systematically open doors for white men, no one suggests that black men treat white men as equals, quite the contrary. In your picture, if the person in the chair is a man, the man holding the chair is a waiter.

      Where do you read irritation in my words? Words like “hell” and “fuck” and “autistic” seem more to signal irritation.

      Charitable behavior does not offend me, but in my way of thinking, I owe charity to people unable to respect me with reciprocity. Women as a class are not disabled this way.

    • Why does it matter who you open a door for? Did you not read what I said? I said, “It goes far beyond opening doors for women or offering to help those who are struggling.” Somehow you have read into this that it is about the etiquette of how to treat women. I made a point to say several times that chivalry is not about the rules for dating or women in particular. It is about going out of your way to be kind, and that can include women. It is about how you treat people. This includes women, black people, white people, gay people, friends neighbors, etc. Somehow we have landed on women opening doors, equality, prejudice and all kinds of things. Please excuse me if I seem irritated. You have read all sorts of meanings into my article.

      I don’t really care if you help anybody else or not.

    • @cliftonwknox Kindness is good. I’m pro-kindness. If you hadn’t made a particular point of kindness toward women, we wouldn’t be discussing this point. If you intended primarily to say that chivalry is not particularly about men treating women kindly, I am agreeing with you.

      I don’t oppose helping others. I never suggest this opposition.

    • I mentioned women, LBGT people, friends, daughters, sons, etc., etc. I specifically said it is not about dating. I pointed out chivalry is not how you treat women though many people have taken it to mean this. It is how you act towards everybody including women. You guys keep singling women out because you are making the same mistake everybody does, that is, treating it as if it were a form of dating or relationship etiquette. It is about being a good person and good people often do things for others. Sometimes you do things for women that they find pleasing, but you can do nice things for men as well such as give them a cigar. Buy them a drink for no reason. It is about kindness and honor. That is all.

    • Feminism is not meant to be a replacement for chivalry. Historically, chivalry is associated with medieval knighthood etiquette, and today its use as an alternate term/expression for “human politeness” would be considered anachronistic at best.

    • Political feminism these days seeks to establish a system of even greater female privilege, and many feminists are happy enough to have doors opened for them too.

    • @dl1337 It is not historically associated with etiquette. It is associated with honor. This article is about being an honorable human being. Chivalry and Bushido are much the same.

    • @cliftonwknox
      Reread the first sentence of Robert’s post.

    • I was playing along with the joke. Lol. I thought it was hilarious that you caught that!

  • Tom Liberman‘s article Kaepernick, Solo, and How to be Consistent has a new comment 5 hours, 46 minutes ago

    solo-kaepernickThere are two interesting stories in the sports world these days. A soccer player named Hope Solo said some nasty things after losing a soccer game and a football player named Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand [Read story]
    • Absolutely, Tom, this is just a problem between employers and employees. Nobody else has any rights on deciding about this, short of using boycott in a voluntary market environment.

      Cheer up, we might still make an anarchist out of you, you are learning fast. 🙂

    • A more convincing argument if the NFL wasn’t a private/public enterprise and wasn’t broadcasting pro-military propaganda PSAs all the time.

  • Ken Jons-un posted an update in the group Liberty.Meme 5 hours, 51 minutes ago

    “But but … hmmm.”
    The individual thinks, the individual acts, the collective reacts.

  • JOHN CLARK published a new article, Liberty’s Blueprint, on the site Liberty's Blueprint 7 hours, 44 minutes ago

  • Mango Thunderslice posted an update 8 hours ago

    Mango reviews the Shenanigans on Planet Earth for the current week, including Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson’s vaccine comments, Hillary taking on InfoWars, the Federal Reserve meeting in Jackson Hole, Native American insurrection against an oil pipeline project, Turkey invading Syria, and the latest ‘Science’ regarding…[Read more]

  • Darryl W Perry‘s article Standing with those who remain seated has a new comment 9 hours, 19 minutes ago

    14192771_10207526462863888_7095685952031011935_nIt’s not uncommon for a professional athlete to say or do something that puts them in the national spotlight. Recently during a pre-season football game between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, 4 [Read story]
    • Heck ya! I’m a Kaepernick fan already and this is icing on the cake. I remember not standing for the anthem at many red sox games and man does it make people tense. I think this case is highly interesting to keep an eye on because the nfl loves to stuff the USA! USA! Thing down people’s throats. Good for Kaepernick — there are plenty of nfl players who harbor freedom oriented ideas and i’d love to see more activism within the league.

    • i’m no fan of big government or the police state or the military complex, etc. Nationalism when you blindly support The State- especially in an ethnic or religious tribe- is bad. And our current “leaders” suck badly! Yeah, i get all that. But the American ideal is praisworthy, if not in its current crappy state, at least in its potential- in its ideal form.

      But watching a rich black athelete worth $120 Million sitting in protest against the oppression of blacks is grotesque; and by kid adopted by a caring white couple. OH, THE HORROR, THE OPPRESSION! And for whom does he stand? Black Lives Matter- a beacon of Freedom and Liberty BLM is NOT!

      Kaepernick is an ignorant moron unworthy of respect or praise. Sit if you want, it’s your right; your welcome.

    • What I don’t like is that he didn’t talk about what really is oppressing blacks, the War on Drugs.

    • @richardmasta
      Why? He sucks. He was ranked 33rd last year.

  • BCL‘s article The Young Turks “debunk” libertarianism by citing a fictional scifi movie. has a new comment 9 hours, 21 minutes ago

    america-needs-a-return-to-good-ol_-japanimation-perhapsThis week, the Young Turks, a popular left of center Youtube channel, released video that is making its rounds on social media titled, “Libertarianism debunked.” The script was written and narrated by one Has [Read story]
    • If you want to see the progressive movie, just look outside your window(the real world)…

      Generally speaking, it is counter-productive to go into the laundry list defense of free trade, etc. It is a red herring that only diverts the argument into point-counterpoint against the items in a list. Quite simply, if you ascribe to humans as being Hobbesian maximizers, you do succeed in taking out the liberal social theory of trade, but liberal democracy gets taken out too as collateral damage. Simply put, the Hobbesian narrative extends the “war of all against all” into the legislature as well(calling something democracy does not sprinkle magic fairy dust onto it). This is why Hobbes’ book was entitled “Leviathan” and not “Parliamentarian Democracy.”

      Given that The Young Turks these days are still in mourning over the DNC engineered hostile put down of the Bernie Sanders campaign, you would think The YT would be concerned about the Hobbesian maximizers gallivanting around the Democratic party. Taking time off the regular scheduled broadcast to offer a special PSA–yes, we are ruled by plutocrats but there is NO possible alternative–smacks more of desperation than a “debunking.”

    • well said, the video was a poor attempt at “debunking.”

  • Fidelius Kazam replied to the topic Austrian economics for Anesthesiologists in the forum Public Speaking 9 hours, 37 minutes ago

    reminds me of Milton at the Mayo clinic…

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