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[Cross-posted at wallyconger.com] I’ve just gotta share this. Three summers ago, I unloaded a raggedy-ass copy of Amaz

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A response to Jeffrey Tucker’s “Open the Damn Door.”  See here Jeffrey, I’m a fan. And despite the abov

Get ready to rock and roll this Sunday with Jeffrey Tucker! He’ll be on Liberty.me LIVE to chat all about Étienne

Abuses of personal liberty have become commonplace in America, a country once known as the “land of the free.”

It has now been over a generation since Murray N Rothbard left us. It’s a surprise to see kids who were born after

Ron Paul started a revolution, a mass movement of Americans fed up with politics as usual. That movement survived both o

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Governments are made up of three kinds of people: sociopaths, crooks, and those who are after an easy life. Once in a wh

Despite warnings of its existence and imminent expansion, the military-industrial complex (or military-industrial-congre

Voters frequently support measures that sound noble and beneficial but end up causing serious mischief — and often hur

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  • Jesse Hayes just joined Liberty.me 27 minutes ago

  • Edward Perry posted an update 49 minutes ago

    Regarding the Lion thing, I understand people feel bad that the Lion was killed. But I do not understand the magnitude of the vitriol. Do people not know about hunting?
    I mean, I get it that the lion was rare and endangered, and I agree that it should have been let alone, I guess. But the level of sheer rage out there is a little scary.

  • Douglas French published a new article, Bankrupt Candidate for a Bankrupt Nation, on the site French Quarter 3 hours, 28 minutes ago

    Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.25.50 PM“Voters vote on how they feel and what their instinct is,” Howard Dean said on Morning Joe, explaining Donald Trump’s popularity in the polls and in particular with the New Hampshire focus group that John [Read story]
  • B.K. Marcus‘s article County Clerk Claims Constitution Guarantees Her a Job has a new comment 3 hours, 43 minutes ago

    CountyClerkThe bakeries in the news this summer are the ones refusing to make wedding cakes for gay couples, but imagine for a moment a different scenario: suppose a large chain bakery corporation — let’s call them The [Read story]
    • It seems so, so hard for people to understand these days that your freedom doesn’t compel others to subsidize your choices.

      I look forward to a world where people of differing beliefs can live together in the same society without constantly trying to compel one another to conform to either vision of the good life.

    • @mikereid I wish I had said that!

    • Once again someone in society can’t distinguish between a state statute and a religious doctrine. This is the problem caused by those who want to achieve their religious goals by partnering with the state. They’ve intentionally blurred their own lines and thus lessened any attribution of good deeds to their spiritual being.

  • Ken Jons-un posted an update 4 hours, 1 minute ago

    In 1899 Detroit looked like this even though only 4 paved roads existed. Some would think this impossible.

  • Julian Roô posted an update 4 hours, 20 minutes ago

    How to Take Criticism Rationally
    by Dr. Michael Hurd Ph.D

    After the release of my third book, “Bad Therapy, Good Therapy (and How to Tell the Difference),” I took particular interest in columnist Robert Fulford’s article in Canada’s Globe and Mail, where he coined the phrase, “To kill a Critic: the Fantasies of Authors.” Though most critics are…[Read more]

  • Lucy Steigerwald posted an update 4 hours, 49 minutes ago

    One thing I feel confident about: Radley Balko, IJ, and even Rand Paul will never get their historical credit for pushing on criminal justice.

  • Chris Weber‘s article Memories of My Dear Friends Murray and Joey Rothbard has a new comment 7 hours, 19 minutes ago

    Murray and JoeyIt has now been over a generation since Murray N Rothbard left us. It’s a surprise to see kids who were born after he died so excited when discovering his work. But it is not Rothbard the thinker I want to write [Read story]
  • Jeffrey Tucker‘s article Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? The Sorry State of Race Relations has a new comment 7 hours, 28 minutes ago

    628x471The headline story last week was as disturbing as it was ironic. The Gallup poll reveals that both blacks and whites think race relations are generally bad, and by wide margins. In general, two thirds of survey [Read story]
    • Thanks for mentioning the prison system. While we are bombarded with requests to grant special privileges to vociferous minorities, hardly anyone spends words about the non-persons among us, inmates, children in foster care, psychiatric patients.

    • What an elegant approach to this ugly situation!
      I suspect that an extra layer of racial unhappiness occurs because various government policies require you to identify as being a member of this or that group. So we get locked in to whatever racial categories the bureaucrats define for us, and we feel unable to transcend or transform them.

    • Some people benefit immensely from Top-Down rule. This is why they perpetuate it, and have for thousands of years.

      Over the last few years I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that I can no longer just be a Person. The President defines me as white. My employer defines me as white, my schools defined me as white, and the EEO police definitely define me as white.

      Society has identified me (straight white American male) as the enemy. They have made this division. I am not a Person to them, just “white.”

      My days of innocence and naivety are gone because it’s become painfully apparent that there is no point at which they will be satisfied — there is no neutral ground, there are no boundaries, there are no lines that won’t be crossed. It is war against who I am; it won’t stop until one of us is dead.

    • Whatever else I may think or believe about President Barack Obama, he had an opportunity that no other president before him ever had. He could have acted to bring true hope & positive change to America, especially when it comes to relations between Black & White Americans. He could have initiated a National Conversation on Race, addressing many of the issues that have recently arisen long before they came to national attention through violence…along with many issues that have been too long ignored.
      Instead, he chose a different course, a racist and reactionary course, that has left a greater racial divide than we have seen in decades. Its almost as if he wanted to strike back at America rather than healing our nation.
      The results of this will take years, if not decades, to heal!

    • An elegant explanation of how government, despite good intentions, ends up making problems worse.

      And thank you for commending President Obama for what is commendable. It is so popular to rail against the system (as we should against evil systems), that we often hear little praise for when they do something right. Regardless of his intentions (and thank you for allowing even our crooks in office to possibly have good intentions), Obama’s work to bring peace to the Iranian situation and to reform the prison system are steps in the right direction. He maybe totally wrong concerning China and Ukraine, and a host of other situations, but we should praise the work towards peace and justice, always.

    • The actions Obama has taken to redirect the power and authority of the congress and supreme court to himself is one of his more worrisome traits to me. Ever since his reelection, which I found surprising and disheartening, I’ve had this thought that he might try to gain a third term, perhaps on his way toward becoming president for life. That truly would end this grand experimental idea called the United States of America. But regardless, I think most of us on liberty.me are aiming for the elimination of statism in favor of a truly free society, i.e. every individual sovereign, all interactions mutually agreeable and contractual, and zero plunder. We have a long way to go and ideas like those promoted by Obama are a major barrier.

      Jeffrey, your talk at a Libertopia luncheon a couple of years ago in which you likened the state to a huge mountain that we cannot move or remove, but, I paraphrase here, with our emerging technologies in social media, et. al. we can go around the mountain, over the mountain, under the mountain, until, finally, the mountain is behind us. I love that imagery and hold it dear. Thank you.

    • While I enjoyed the article I have to say – about the charts: At best, they’re misleading as presented. The main, fundamental problem is that there’s no control whatsoever, and not even mention of the need for a control, for the fact that most police are white. Less important, but still distorting, is the lack of any control for the fact that blacks are disproportionately involved in activities – crime – that cause them to encounter police, or to feel uncomfortable when confronted by police. A third distorting factor: Even a totally innocent black, confident of his innocence, but knowing that blacks are more likely to be involved in crime, and that the officer – white or black – is doubtless well aware of that, is more likely to be anxious than an innocent white.

      While it is possible for a person being stopped by an officer of the same race to feel the stop was racial, it certainly isn’t likely. Since the vast majority of officers are white, it is perfectly predictable and to be expected that fewer whites than blacks will feel a racial discomfort in their encounter with officers.

      I will add that my personal belief is that police are far more likely to tread carefully in treatment of blacks than whites. The “racist!” gun that is aimed at all our heads all the time is especially prominent in police work. Abuse a white, that’s bad. Abuse a black, that’s bad, that’s racist, and there’s a huge hair-trigger movement all geared up and ready to pounce.

  • Antiwar.com published a new article, Defense Secretary: Deal Imposes No Limits on US Attacking Iran, on the site antiwardotcom 7 hours, 40 minutes ago

    capitolJoint Chiefs Chairman: Attacking Iran Still a Act of War by Jason Ditz, July 29, 2015 Once again seeking to reassure the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Iran deal won’t get in the way of a [Read story]
  • Peter Lothian Nelson posted an update 8 hours, 10 minutes ago

  • Adam Michael Wood published a new article, White Privilege Mostly Isn’t, on the site Libertarian Theology 8 hours, 22 minutes ago

    privilegePhoto Credit When the concept white privilege first started to become a part of the national conversation, I felt myself bristling just a little bit. I didn’t like the idea, but I couldn’t put my finger on [Read story]
  • Scott Horton posted an update 8 hours, 50 minutes ago

    Today’s show: I don’t know. Maybe some interviews. 12-2 eastern time @LRN_FM http://libertyradionetwork.com http://scotthorton.org/chat

  • Manuel Lora posted an update 9 hours, 9 minutes ago

    The inimitable @joeyclark shares a story on finding joy in a world of folly. Listen to this week’s “The Bunbury Report” at Liberty.me/Studio.

    [Read more]

  • Antiwar.com posted an update 9 hours, 16 minutes ago

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