Anyone who has been paying attention to European politics might detect a certain soupçon of nervousness amongst the EU

In the UK there was Brexit, in the US there was Trump’s election. Both these events were a big shock the establish

Trump’s ban of Huawei is much more serious than you think. American technology and intellectual property played a

Freedom is the ability to make choices without coercion, not putting your name on meaningless pieces of paper.
In seve

As society and technology progress so do the ways we voluntarily interact with each other. We once sought protections fr

The Clearest Explanation of Bitcoin Everybody is talking about Bitcoin, but most people have no idea what the fuss is ab

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The Scott Horton Show – Tom Eddlem on the Anti-Muslim Propaganda Used to Promote America’s Wars

Scott talks to Tom Eddlem about the late Will Griggs’ new book, No Quarter, now out on paperback and Kindle. Eddlem also discusses the anti-Muslim propaganda spread by those who want to make war in th…Read more