One of the things that most marks out the SJW sort is their utter inability to tolerate an argument. If they say somethi

One of the big things in Computer Science is “scalability”. Scalability is how we get something that works q

Diworsification is now reaching the parts other SJW trends do not reach: Engineering, Science and Technology. As proof I

One of Mahatma Gandhi’s tricks used against the British Empire in India was to get himself arrested for reasons th

In the last week or two the question of immigration has come to the attention of the chattering classes again. Said chat

Has a book ever changed your life? These books can be few and far between. You could spend years reading, searching for

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  • Ken Jons-un posted an update in the group Liberty.Meme 1 hour ago

    Trending today, an adult entrepreneur sics the authorities on a child entrepreneur for not having the king’s permission to sell bottled water

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  • I don’t mean I have problems with “authority, I mean there are problems with the concept of “authority”. Besides it being the most dangerous superstition. Obviously, I’m speaking of political “authority”, [Read story]
  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, My Prayer, on the site dailyrhyme 2 hours, 17 minutes ago

    I think I am an image, To start a new day, All people at peace, Be so, let it stay.
  • Ego-driven interventionists surrounding themselves with ego-driven interpreters is how to describe political leaders in this, the Dark Ages of economics.

  • One of the big disappointments to me of Theresa May’s handling of Brexit is how conventional she (and many of her ministers) have been regarding Brexit. Rather than treat Brexit as an opportunity to try something [Read story]
    • What we’re seeing from Miss May is the original meaning of “conservative:” One who staunchly resists all but the most minuscule changes to the status quo. We have them in the U.S., too (e.g., the NeverTrumpers who call themselves Republicans or conservatives). It’s characteristic of a ruling elite more concerned with its power, prestige, and perquisites than with any notion about responsibility to the governed.

    • Naah she’sjust timid. Talks like she’s an elephant, acts like she’s a mouse

  • A fantastic book on political persuasion by Scott Adams.

  • In the last week or two the question of immigration has come to the attention of the chattering classes again. Said chattering classes are shocked, shocked that other people in developed nations are not enthralled [Read story]
    • So, I try to summarize. I cannot recruit my baby-sitter from Honduras because:

      1) my need of baby-sitting services is “owned” collectively by a group of strangers that happen to have a similar passport.

      2) I was extorted and I had to pay for some strangers welfare, and although she lives in my place, eats my food and receives private health care I pay for her, there is a risk that she might decide to renounce to all this and become another parasite along the original parasites feeding on the money I was extorted of.

      Am I correct?

    • Not at all. I’m just pointing out that there are losers from mass immigration and that those losers have voting power.

      When you import your baby-sitter from Honduras you do not hire one from Houston (say). The reason why you want a baby-sitter from honduras is probably because you are not willing to pay as much as the baby-sitter from Houston would like to be paid. The baby-sitter in Houston is likely to feel annoyed that you are not paying her.

      Also as someone at Samizdata(?) said recently paraphrasing Milton Friedman: you can have either open borders or a welfare state, you cannot have both

      The voters in the developed world want the welfare state, therefore they do not want to have open borders. You can disagree with that, but you will need to convince over 50% of the electorate in the country where you live that open borders are superior or you will have to move somewhere that has open borders

    • “The baby-sitter in Houston is likely to feel annoyed that you are not paying her.”

      Probably not, as unless you are pornographically wealthy like me, typically the option is a nanny from Honduras or no nanny at all, rather than a nanny from Houston. Of course, if there were no minimum wage laws in Houston…

    • Francis, do you think you’d be more comfortable writing for a Pro-Trump forum rather than a Libertarian website?

    • Perhaps you’ll like my latest post then? not a word on Trump and plenty of ideas about taxation, tariffs and the like

    • @masgramondou
      I agree with what you say here. I misundenderstood what you wrote in your article, it looked like you gave an ethical pass to the forms of violence that you were describing.

      Unfortunately, liberty is not an option, and convincing the 50%+1 to vote in a way you like is not only very difficult, it is also profoundly unethical, because you would coerce other people. Therefore in my opinion the only option is simply to disregard the statists: recruit the Hondurenan nanny, evade taxes, refuse to follow rules that do not have a natural right base, etc. In the longer term secede and create a sovereign propietary community with a few simple rules grounded in common sense, and invite anybody that like them to come, paying a rent. No elections, no politics.

  • My website’s new Home page:
    Learn about economics that is not politicized.

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  • Today’s guest is Thibault Schrepel of the University of Utrecht. We discuss his work on the relationship between blockchain technology, which allows for the decentralization of firms and organizations, and a [Read story]
  • Contrary to the bromides, immigrants cause less crime than natives. How does this study account for “sanctuary” policies that reduce the number of laws that are enforced, the reduced presence of Law Enf [Read story]
    • How do you reconcile your self-identification as an “anarcho-capitalist” or your reference to statism as “a disease” with encouraging the Feds to resort to brutal force to maintain an artificial line in the desert? Defense of liberty is not a piecemeal conviction, and Tucker’s arguments are internally consistent.

    • I recognize when building a house, many materials and functions are involved that do not appear in the finished house. Perhaps you have seen how many powertools and scaffolds and scab braces are used during the construction of a house. Using your standard of excluding any materials not in the finished product precludes the assembly of the house.

      I also recognized that a house must be built in order otherwise it will collapse. Your desire for open borders before the protection of my income and property rights is like adding a roof to a house that has no foundation or walls.

    • How do you reconcile your defense of freedom while driving on roads on land taken by force of imminent domain, and paid for by tax dollars taken by force. Defense of liberty is not a piecemeal conviction.

    • And yes, statism is a disease, have you ever treated diseases? Do you understand the concept of Triage? Do you recognize that diseases must be treated in specific orders?

    • Do you mean “artificial” line, or do you mean “arbitrary” ?
      If you mean artificial, well, words are artificial. Artificial does not mean meaningless.
      Money is artificial, culture is artificial, clothing is artificial, even contracts are artificial.
      Perhaps you can see that artificiality is not a characteristic that discriminates between liberty and non-liberty.

  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, A Gain, Actually, on the site dailyrhyme 1 day, 2 hours ago

    I think I am weight, It was no loss, Directors’ decision, To get a new boss.
  • This recent focus on “human trafficking” is ignoring the biggest offender: government. This means the activists aren’t serious. Who can possibly “traffic” even a tiny fraction of the humans that government [Read story]
  • “A Widening Embrace” (a film that can be viewed online) has been produced through a creative, grassroots process in which teams of often young people have documented the efforts of their own communities around the world to effect social change.

    Drawing on footage taken by those teams over the course of a year, the film tells a story of…[Read more]

  • Actually, one thing the eyes don’t have, yet, is glaucoma.The initial “puff of air” test apparently gave an even higher than usual result than usual (it’s usually “high normal”), into the glaucoma range, so I had [ [Read story]
  • … I’m hateful.Like [email protected]? Check out Tom Knapp’s work at the Garrison Center too!

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