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The 8th GOP debate for the 2016 Presidential race turned into a primetime Turing test whereby Marco Rubio failed to fool

How Dare You Disrespect My Captors by Dan Sanchez Libertarian stand-up comic Doug Stanhope has said: “Nationalism does

Birthright by A Peacock Named Walter

I knew it was going to be a good day when my coworker told me about the secret underground tunnel network that only the

My name is Bernie Sanders, To college kids I’ll pander. With less liberty In the economy We’ll make this country gra

How quickly the tide turns! Trump was the candidate who defied every dismissal, confounded every expert, stunned every p

If you’re a libertarian who considers them self ideologically sound, you’re probably tearing your hair out a

The State music video by Terminal Velocity

Oscar Wilde was rehearsing a play one year, keeping grueling hours, all the way up to Christmas Eve. He showed no signs

POITOU, France – Pessimism is a sin against God, said money manager Charles Gave. It suggests ingratitude. And a lack

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  • Katrina Haffner posted an update 1 hour, 43 minutes ago

    Wow, it’s been over 20 days since my last update. Blahhh, it’s the unmotivation, but it’s getting better – it’s not so much based on specific experiences of last quarter anymore, and just leaning more towards the regular burnout I experience. It’s not a good thing, but at least it’s not as bad as it could be.

    Anyways, it’s my birthday today! I’m…[Read more]

  • Long Lost Friend posted an update 1 hour, 49 minutes ago

    No, really: what kind of organization in 2016 gives an employee a choice to resign or face termination, and then neglects to turn off his access to employee email and online services?

  • Joey Clark‘s article Voting, Non-Voting, and the Science of Onanism has a new comment 2 hours, 5 minutes ago

    xinsrc_542010511133762520791Being one who usually finds it absurd to vote for the Presidency, election day often leaves me with a peculiar feeling I can only compare to a particular private art I hesitate to expound upon in great detail. I [Read story]
  • Johnathon Dunker posted an update 2 hours, 13 minutes ago

    It’s a little chilly out…

  • David Ottinger replied to the topic Idea Lab in the forum General 2 hours, 18 minutes ago

    I enjoyed it.  And, I think it was a great first show for people to learn how creative entrepreneurship can be.  I would not be surprised if many people still think “brick and mortar” when considering the entrepreneurship route.

  • Craig Spencer posted an update 2 hours, 40 minutes ago

    Yes, something has definitely changed in Peruvian opinion about the US economic situation. Today’s paper proclaims:

    Silence in the world: Yellen will speak.

    Scene. That which seemed sure in the middle of December no longer is. After weak growth in the US and a fragile international economy, analysts believe that the FED will not raise its…[Read more]

  • Colin Albea posted an update 3 hours, 18 minutes ago

    Worth a repost:

    • one part of the status quo is politicians seeking power by appealing to spenders rather than savers. Spenders being more numerous, and covetous, this technique often succeeds in a representative democracy. Sanders uses Wall Street as a proxy for people who save and invest. Sanders IS the status quo.

    • Not arguing with that

    • @cwalbea
      understood. It is worthwhile pointing our Sanders methodology. He is completely like his peers, a covetous swine, appealing to the mean instincts of his constituency, a coalition of losers.

    • Well, I will dispute your characterization of his constituency. They are wrong, deeply wrong, but intelligent, well-meaning people all the same

    • @cwalbea
      I hope what you say is true.
      It is difficult for me to understand the characterization of the followers of any of the candidates supporters as well meaning when they enthusiastically support the messages and themes promoted by the leaders.

    • Sanders is not nearly as “anti-establishment” as he pretends, but at least he’s an honest socialist, and more significantly, he’s not Hillary Clinton.

      In an election without a Democratic incumbent, I don’t understand why Clinton has only one challenger, but being Not Hillary Clinton could be “anti-establishment” enough for Sanders to get the…[Read more]

    • @restonthewind Sanders would actually make a fine president. 1) He would never find the votes in Congress to implement his outlandish ideas. 2) If he tries to do what he can with executive action, there is a possibility that the Supreme Court wakes up and start to use the 10th. 3) In foreign policy he is probably going to be more restrained than…[Read more]

    • @massimomazzone
      i get your point, but I’m not sure I agree. Certainly Carter was useful, BECAUSE he was useless. And Reagan was endearing because of his tendency to sleep through allegedly important meetings.
      It is Sanders success with a stridently anti achievers pitch that bothers me.

    • @massimomazzone the president is powerful only as commander in chief (if he’s willing to use the power) and insofar as he wields some influence over the deep state (the regulatory bureaucracy in the executive branch). despite the conventional wisdom, he’s not the commander in chief of the economy and couldn’t be if he tried. he can do some harm to…[Read more]

    • Just to plug my article a bit, what I’ve written is less about Bernie than it is about his movement and why people I otherwise like and respect respond to his brand of progressive demagoguery. Hint: it’s for very similar reasons that we have embraced libertarianism

  • James Guzman published a new article, Estonia E-residency Live Q&A, on the site borderlessblog.com 3 hours, 38 minutes ago

    estoniaAre we in the midst of a giant shift in the way we think of residency and citizenship? The Republic of Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency — a transnational digital identity available to a [Read story]
  • Maurice Jackson (a.k.a.) Sofeé replied to the topic Beginners guide to fundamental analysis in the forum General 3 hours, 41 minutes ago

    We are all most appreciative.  This is a new endeavor for me.  I’m sure everyone involved in this discussion thread is deploying capital to DDC at this very moment.

  • Sheldon Richman published a new article, End, Don’t Extend, Draft Registration, on the site Free Association on Liberty.me 3 hours, 56 minutes ago

    draftforwomenThis past week demonstrated with blinding clarity that 1) Republicans, contrary to their rhetoric, oppose individual liberty, and 2) the establishment news media really couldn’t care less about the presidential [Read story]
  • Jimmy Riedelsperger posted an update 4 hours, 12 minutes ago

  • Jeffrey Tucker‘s article What Does the Sanders and Trump Victory Mean? has a new comment 4 hours, 56 minutes ago

    Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.02.06 PMA defeat of the establishment! Surely that is wonderful news. The prevailing political (and government in general) system has indeed failed, and that failure is more obvious than ever. The system is run for them [Read story]
    • Trump vs Sanders may well allow for Gary Johnson to be up on stage for the presidential debates. Sure he will only get 15% of the speaking time, but he will sound like the wise and caring and peace loving guy that he is and will stand out well against the clowns. The possibility of these two winning their respective nominations is disgusting, yet gives us this small chance for politics to be useful to us..

      But it’s getting to be time to buy a boat.

    • “And yet the masses still march to the polls and punch their tickets for candidates that want to take it away from us. What are people thinking? Well, consider: what are the options? They are not viable. ”
      @jeffreytucker Which options do you claim to be inviable?

    • Awesome. Pretty much everything that needs to be said about every single election ever.

    • At the beginning of the Republic, everyday people seem to have been much more knowlegeble than today of history, basic economics and a minimum of political science. For almost all the XIX century, the Democratic Party, based on small government, hard-money and non-interventionism, was the default party of “little people”. How come that they were smarter than today hyper-schooled masses?
      I have a few suspicions. The first, of course, is the public schooling itself with its statist curriculum. The second might be that it makes more sense to get informed and involved if the Republic has only a few millons of persons and furthermore it is actually decentralized, versus today centralized juggernaut.
      But maybe the most important reason is that almost all Americans were small enterpreneurs, they were independent farmers, artisans, traders. To make a life, they had to compete, and could rely only on themselves, they could not blame foreigners or the rich. The market was the Great Judge, giving to each one what they actually deserved. But when the large corporations started to appear after the Reconstruction due to changes in technology, more and more became wage employees. At the beginning, this trend was actually resisted, and working for a wage was seen just as a stepping stone to what was considered the natural occupation for a citizen, being an independent small enterpreneur. But with time, people got used to work for a wage, and started to count on the company to take care of their needs. I suspect that this brought complacency and a lack of interest in the Res Publica. They stopped learning and reasoning, and, among other things, let the predatory State grow. It reminds me of the H.G. Wells novel in which people of the far future are raised in an idillic world as cattle to be eaten by other guys living in caves.
      The good news is that the trends are now reversing. Homeschooling, private education and self-learning with the Web are booming, the nation-states are fragmenting in a desperate competition, and even the boundaries of the corporations are going down, forcing people to become again enterpreneurs, even if what they market is their skills, instead of a finished product.
      If I am right, the future is brighter than how it appears watching these two dangerous clowns get voted.

  • Jimmy Riedelsperger posted an update 5 hours, 10 minutes ago

  • Ken Jons-un posted an update in the group Alternative Homes and Construction for Liberty 5 hours, 20 minutes ago

  • Bretigne Shaffer published a new article, What Twitter Should Do, on the site Bretigne Shaffer's Truth and Fiction 6 hours, 11 minutes ago

    Extinctbirds1907-Didus_solitariusFull disclosure: My husband works for Twitter, although not in a department that deals with this kind of thing. I know this because whenever I come to him with something I’d like him to “tell his friends at Twi [Read story]
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