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In the last week or two the question of immigration has come to the attention of the chattering classes again. Said chat

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One of the big disappointments to me of Theresa May’s handling of Brexit is how conventional she (and many of her

Note: There’s an update at the end stolen from someone who nicked it from someone on the book of faces President T

Better Off Free

By Isaac Morehouse

In this wide-ranging collection of entertaining and thought-provoking essays, Isaac Morehouse shares his original, lib

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  • Finding pure gymnastic shoes can be a daunting task because of the dizzying array of gymnastic shoes feasible. However, its every share of important to pick the right shoes for the government, walking, and tally [Read story]
  • A few months ago, The Price of Liberty publisher and frequent [email protected] commenter MamaLiberty privately informed me that she was ill. Dying, in fact. Cancer, aggressive and diagnosed too late to do anything about. [Read story]
  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, “…other people also”?, on the site dailyrhyme 7 hours ago

    I think I am a walk back, President misspoke, “Would” should be “wouldn’t,” Someone has awoke?
  • New video: Pew has a political quiz. After taking it, I believe this quiz is very flawed and doesn’t account for people that are genuinely rather centrist. It can’t differentiate between center-right and far left. Same goes for the left.

  • Chris Spangle, Harry Price, and Paul Copeland recap Spangle’s first time shooting a gun and what perceptions changed towards firearms. We also examine the gotcha journalism of Sacha Baron Cohen. Listen [Read story]
  • Note: There’s an update at the end stolen from someone who nicked it from someone on the book of faces President Trump met President Putin in Helsinki and they had a press conference. Then, as Baldilocks put it [Read story]
    • I believe your “Fact” number 1 is not consistent with other known. facts. The Wikileaks metadata shows timestamps that are not consistent with an off-site hack (from the Russians or anyone else), but rather could only have been produced by transfer to a portable storage device (e.g. USB stick) attached to the DNC server. Unless the DNC has been employing Russian spies on-site, this points elsewhere — like to a disgruntled staffer (e.g. Bernie supporter) for instance.

    • You are simplifying dangerously.

      The crowdstrike report (see and links from it), which I believe to be accurate as far as it goes, identified known Russian state actor malware on the network. That malware can only have got there because the Russians hacked the network somehow – spear phishing being the most likely method, but many other options are possible.

      There is no reason at all to assume that this was the only way Russia had access to the contents of the DNC’s servers. In fact having found interesting data and having detected Crowdstrike and others trying to clean things up, it is entirely plausible that the Russians also subborned a disaffected staffer (e.g. your suggestion of a Bernie bro) to get out even more data that they had been unable to extract via network means

      The fact remains that the Russians were on the network and that somehow Guccifer2 – subsequently identified as a Russian intelligence agent – had data from the DNC which he(they) then passed on to WikiLeaks and others. These two things are likely connected but that doesn’t mean that the only way the Russians could get data from the DNC was via the malware it put on their network

    • Francis, I enjoyed your article and agree with most of your points.
      On one point do I disagree, and it is with regard to your wide-brush characterization of the MAGA crowd:

      > “It is worth noting there is almost certainly a similar but reverse argument to be made for the MAGA faithful who appear to be in denial that Russia did anything in the election and believe that President Trump is fact perfect in all his utterances and policies. What will it take for you to admit that your man is not perfect? or that he may have benefited from illicit actions that were done by third parties (e.g. Russians) to weaken his opponents?”

      I can’t speak for every MAGA supporter, but I also can’t imagine I’m the only one who looks at the situation the way I do.

      And that is this: Donald Trump is not perfect — in fact, far from it. His judgment on matters of state appears to be decent, I think, but is by no means infallible. If I, or people like me, seem a bit too giddy over his success, bear in mind it may be because he’s so much better than we, even we who voted for him, expected.

      We forgive his missteps.

      Why? Because we believe he is on our side. He has convinced us of that. He has convinced us that he is willing to enforce the law and defend the Constitution and doesn’t mind getting blood on his knuckles, or taking a few punches himself. We are seeing something sorely lacking since Reagan: a Republican president with courage, and one who didn’t get elected by playing the conservative base for a bunch of suckers.

      The Left is apoplectic. Why? They’re so used to winning. They’re so used to always getting their way. They don’t like it when others push back. They really don’t like it when they do so effectively.

      If it starts to look like Trump has played me for a sucker, just like the other Republicans have always done, why, I’ll quit supporting him. But I’m reminded of the famous quote by Abe Lincoln, when his other generals complained about General Grant’s drunkenness and conduct unbecoming. “I can’t spare this man. He fights.”

      Trump is polarizing, granted, but he’s polarizing because the Left hates to lose. He hasn’t caused the Left’s hatred. He has revealed it.

  • Religious prejudice is a hindrance to appreciation of classical liberalism of the past, present, and future. For example, those who deny the magnificent effect of religion on the originators of economic concepts are hindered from fully appreciating classical liberalism.

  • (My Eastern New Mexico News column for July 18, 2018) It’s more important to do the right thing than to obey laws, and it’s wrong to obey laws which violate life, liberty, or property. Even if you agree with [Read story]
  • ***** RATIONAL REVIEW NEWS DIGEST The Freedom Movement’s Daily Newspaper Volume XVI, Issue #4,016 Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 445 email subscribers Please forward this email to your friends so they can s [Read story]
  • Edward, some interesting points but I am not sure why dealing with free speech shouldn’t be debated here. And that was the central point. These attempts to shut down free speech are growing and the people doing have been called ‘snowflakes’. My argument is stop calling them that and call them what they are. Trying to belittle them, as you say, is wrong.

  • On this day in 1804, Vice President Aaron Burr put Alexander Hamilton, aka “Publius,” a principle author and advocate of the American Counter-Revolution, down like a rabid dog.Too bad he didn’t do it in 1786.Like [Read story]
    • Hamilton and Burr had been adversaries for quite a while, and had tested each other to duels previously, in spite of the fact that this was the first occasion when they had exchanged shots. The deadly 1804 duel came about because of Burr’s misfortune in the New York race for representative. Top Essay Writers

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  • See for where the freedom of movement and the surveillance state has been and is now, and see for where the things may be headed.

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