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I ride a bike to work almost every morning.   Occasionally my wife or a coworker will give me a ride, but this is actu

I’m fairly certain that everyone, regardless of political affiliation, can agree that there is a problem with policing

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  • @libertas143‘s article When the State comes for your kids: Fight! has a new comment 42 minutes ago

      Going out with my three kids during a morning on a regular week day could get me into trouble, annoying questions guaranteed. My 8 year old daughter doesn’t go to school. This wouldn’t be much of a problem [Read story]
    • You are an inspiration Lucia, let me know what I can do to help. 😉

    • Child services do crazy things in America as well, just for different reasons. http://www.zerothposition.com/2015/01/20/a-case-for-self-defense-against-child-protective-services/

    • Lucia, you are an inspiration.

    • Keep it up!

    • Heroic! Sharing this…

    • I have a question that I have thought to ask other German families in this situation: Why are you staying in the country and spending so much time and energy fighting the system? Moving to most of your neighboring countries would solve the problem right? France, Denmark, Belgium all allow home schooling? Spain largely ignores it wrt. foreigners, but we would leave if we were to have problems. I would never risk having the state steal my children from me, and I think voting with my feet is the most efficient thing I can do. Why do you choose to stay?

    • Dear Dawn, thanks for your question. Yes, leaving the country would be a good way to escape the system, and before they take my kids, I’ll be gone for sure. Leaving is not that easy though. In the worst case scenario I’d have to leave without my husband for someone has to be earning some money. Being a German medical doctor makes it hard to work in other countries. Most countries, like the US, England and Australia, to name some places i’d love to move to, require for my husband to study all over. Also, i have family and friends here. As I said, i will leave when real danger strikes.

    • This is a sobering thought for all libertarian parents. How do I protect my kids from the state? I have a lot of respect for you in standing up for your kids. Stay strong, but leave if you have to.

    • @libertas143
      Thank you for your answer. State licencing laws keep people bound to the country they finished their education in, just like under feudal reign… Sad sad sad… In case you need somewhere to stay on a short notice we are in the South of Spain. I do know Doctors here from other countries – practicing privately, contracting with private insurance companies.

    • Not going to lie, but I think co-sleeping with a 9 year old and breastfeeding a 4 year old as you have admitted to probably isn’t all that healthy, but I would defend your right to do so. I would try to reason with you and help you to stop, same as I attempt for religious people indoctrinating their children before they’ve had a chance to develop an intellect capable of defending itself with rigor. Should they? NO. But is it better to take the children and give them to an even more violent and oppressive religion and its enforcers? ie. the state? HELL NO. So, while I commend you for taking a hard stance against the religious enforcers of the state, I would hope you would look into less attachment smothering, as I call it, and find a better way forward in your parenting practices that encourages courage and growth. Again, the choice is yours, but there is evidence if you look outside of the typical leftist parenting drivel that espouses attachment parenting, and the evidence that it can be harmful shouldn’t be ignored. Individuality cannot be gained when there is no chance for individuation, emotions of the mother aside.

    • Rob Petersen, if I’m a neo nazi and a devout Hare Krishna follower I want to influence my children to take what I consider the right path in life and I hope you help me defend my right to do so.
      Freedom is not only to let other people stray into the pahtless land but also let yourself go of the control of others. Take a step back and wonder at the miracle what we call a Human Being!
      The only governing entity, the only arbitrer and source of value, is Man.

    • Rob Petersen, thanks for your comment. Even though you try to attempt sounding liberty minded your comment is full of arrogance towards the parenting approach of others. Instead of claiming you know better, you could maybe try and mind your own business. After being an atheist for a long time, I converted to Christianity. Does this mean I try to encourage other atheists to do so, too? No. Do I have the right to raise my children as Christians? Yes. My children, my decision. And if they choose to opt out of Chrisitianity like I did 20 years ago, they will be free to do so. Actually Attachment Parenting has nothing, I mean, nothing to do with Leftism. It’s like saying Homeschooling would be a leftist thing. LOL for that! It means to provide a healthy bond between parents and children. It’s indeed Leftist to impose one’s own views on others and try to change/control someone else’s behaviour. Keep in mind: The only individual you can control is yourself. Have a good day.

    • @libertas143 you’re patient L. 😉

    • Boy, do I understand you! We have the exact same situation here in Greece.
      No other such case has been presented before the law here, and so I am facing prosecution for “neglecting my child”. The fear of “more wanting the same” restricts objective judgment on the State’s part.
      I wonder what they would do if we all joined our causes and presented a unified voice… :)

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  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, The Pokey Pots, on the site dailyrhyme 1 hour, 14 minutes ago

    I think I am a party, Politically new, Pokemon Pot Party, Into then nation just blew. — I think I am a Pokey Potter, Inhale the weed, America great, All she does need.
  • Justin Hale posted an update 1 hour, 58 minutes ago

    Did anyone know that James Comey was on the board at HSBC right before becoming the head of the FBI?

  • Nicholas Sinard published a new article, Argumentation Ethics, Libertarianism, and Culture, on the site The Anarcho-Libertarian 3 hours, 4 minutes ago

    57395f7e451b8thumbnailThe Socratic Catholic has recently written posts about libertarianism, culture, and the incoherence of libertarianism. You can find them here, here, here, and here. I’ll be addressing the first two posts in or [Read story]
  • Nicholas Sinard published a new article, Possession vs. Ownership, on the site The Anarcho-Libertarian 3 hours, 14 minutes ago

    There is an important distinction between possession vs. ownership. If somebody possesses an apple, for example, then they simply have physical control over the apple. It’s not necessarily true that they own, ha [Read story]
  • Nicholas Sinard published a new article, Axiom vs. A Priori, on the site The Anarcho-Libertarian 3 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Many libertarians use the word axiom when they mean “a (synthetic) a priori statement.” Rothbard and Hoppe use “axiom” in their writings (though they do talk about “a priori” statements, e.g., when Hoppe discu [Read story]
  • Nicholas Sinard published a new article, The Double Meaning of “Cannot”, on the site The Anarcho-Libertarian 3 hours, 24 minutes ago

    doublemeaningSomething important I realized yesterday is the fact that “cannot” is used in two different ways when talking about what the a priori of argumentation1 is, “One cannot argue that one cannot argue,”and how this is [Read story]
  • Nicholas Sinard published a new article, Clarifying Further What The A Priori of Argumentation Is, on the site The Anarcho-Libertarian 3 hours, 28 minutes ago

    theaprioriofargumentationI was rereading a section of The Economics and Ethics of Private Property by Hans-Hermann Hoppe and found the correct definition of the a priori of argumentation. In the past I have simply said that the [Read story]
  • Nicholas Sinard published a new article, A Short Thought on Intellectual Property, on the site The Anarcho-Libertarian 3 hours, 32 minutes ago

    Here are 3 points that if they were understood widely in the libertarian community then we would have nearly 0 pro-Intellectual Property (IP) libertarians: (1) Property rights in resources must be property [Read story]
  • Nicholas Sinard published a new article, Replying to “Another Attack on Body-Ownership, on the site The Anarcho-Libertarian 3 hours, 36 minutes ago

    ChildrensrightsrevisitedThe author of the piece I responded to in “A Defense of Body-ownership and Parents” replied to my post, and I’ll be replying to his reply. First, however, I am going to write about a change of mind I had o [Read story]
  • Nicholas Sinard published a new article, A Defense of Body-ownership and Parents, on the site The Anarcho-Libertarian 3 hours, 43 minutes ago

    ChildrensrightsLibertarians have long had trouble with the question of “Who owns a child and when do they become full rights-bearing adults?” Hoppe hinted at the correct answer and Stephan Kinsella fleshed it out. The art [Read story]
  • Nicholas Sinard‘s article Logic, Existence, and Argumentation has a new comment 3 hours, 53 minutes ago

    pattersonlogicexistenceIn this article http://steve-patterson.com/everything-is-grounded-in-logic/, Steve Patterson points out that “logic and existence are inseparable,” and that he knows “no more fundamental truth…” While I agree it i [Read story]
    • Hi Nicholas,

      “logic and existence are inseparable”

      What do you mean by “existence?” Do you mean that which exists independently of anyone’s knowledge or awareness of it, that is, objective existence? Or do you mean something else.

      The word existence can also be used as an attribute meaning, “to be.” If that is what you mean, then the proposition above would have a different meaning.

      In either case the proposition is untrue. “Logic,” is just the formalization of reason. Reason can be about what exists, but what exists exists, whether anyone reasons about it or not.

      I think what you have actually described is, “subjectivism,” bordering on solipsism.

    • We can only truly understand existence via intuition. We all act and argue and thus intuitively know what it means to “exist.”

      I definitely do think that existence is objective, i.e., it is identical to itself with or without observation. Existence doesn’t simply stop from being itself just because we do not observe it.

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