The United States engaged in the War on Drugs for the same reason it passed Alcohol Prohibition—to save people from th

It is not generally very useful in philosophy to address every wrong or mistaken view of various philosophers that have

Do you remember when you were first eligible to vote? An adult, a citizen, at last! Finally the power to exercise influe

In short, here is why I won't vote: it is a waste of time, it will have no meaningful impact on the outcome even if my c

Hello, comrade. Are you a millenial? Are you a former or current democrat that is fed up with the two primary parties?

What does it mean to be a voluntaryist? How does voluntaryism differ from little ‘l’ libertarianism and the

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The Tim Preuss Podcast – The Media is Failing

With new leaks coming out everyday, one would think that the mainstream media wouldn’t try so hard to avoid telling the truth, but since they do, Tim, Brian, and Meghan do the job. The podcast starts …Read more

Free Cities Podcast – Lichtenstein

Andreas Kohl Martinez is on the show to discuss Lichtenstein. This tiny country strongly follows Austrian Economics Policies.

The Jason Stapleton Program – Are The Polls Really Rigged

I’m seeing stories and social media posts coming out of Texas talking about voter machines changing votes from Trump to Hillary. My initial reaction was, “Of course they are!” but the skeptic in me sa…Read more