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And I guess they're right. If you don't want to get beaten up or killed by big guys wearing uniforms, then you should ke

This is the first installment of a series I plan on writing about trying to live free in an unfree world. These articles

Fuck Democracy is a new song by Fatal Fiction.

The other day I bravely took on the might of the United Kingdom Libertarian Party in the comments on Facebook. They were

Director of Development of the International Society for Individual Liberty, Kenli is a globe-trotting ambassador for fr

Is it really that difficult to see what Donald Trump and his ilk are advocating, whether they realize it or not, is the

As Cold War tensions ratchet, the empire puts on an ICBM light show over its own most densely populated region by Dan Sa

Immigration controls are socialist policies— integral to the welfare-warfare state. Yet some libertarians have forgott

The State music video by Terminal Velocity

While Obama puts more boots on the ground and more drones in the air, you need an antidote to the daily beating of the w

I discovered The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy around the time that I was suspended from school for going to get my

In reading Charles Johnson’s oddly impactful 2008 essay Libertarianism Through Thick and Thin, I was perplexed by the

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  • D. A. Price‘s article The Milk Cows I’ve Been Hanging With has a new comment 43 minutes ago

    Jersey GirlsI have recently begun learning about cows – dairy cows. I’m learning about the mannerisms of Jersey’s and Holsteins; they are different animals in behaviour and physique. The Holstein is a large black and white [Read story]
    • I too enjoy raw milk from jersey cows. I presume they are primarily fed grass and hay?
      There are other reasons to purchase and consume raw milk besides health benefits.
      1. Healthier animals- a cow has a perfect digestive system for grass and corn and soy are like junk food. Just like us when a cow eats a good diet, she is less likely to get sick. Plus if Buttercup isn’t feeling good, it is easier to catch it in a smaller heard than in a large CAFO with potentially several thousand head.
      2. The “smell”- I used to live around conventional dairies and they smelled awful. I’ve been around cattle that have a grain based diet, and a grass based diet, and there is a significant difference in how bad their shit smells.

    • This dairy is very clean, I clean the parlor after each milking and try to let the cows handle their business in the holding area before I bring them to the waiting area. The lanes by their beds are scraped regularly by tractor and there is almost no smell. When the rain stops they will be let into more open space.

      Currently they eat silage, which is a ferment of field material that has been razed after harvest. The boss-man goes once a week to a plot he leases to pick it up, and it varies in type. The cows are fine with the glucose and there is very little actual corn left. There was a steady supply of non sprayed alfalfa but it is harder to come by. I’m thinking there will be some grass eating very soon on the daily, that will be some work rounding them up.
      Currently there are 12 Jerseys in this small market and 22 Holsteins I’m aware of. I helped the cheese guy, it was intense. I am learning some cool stuff and practicing my Español.

      I may be hauling some manure to my place for some spreading.

  • Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski‘s article Business Ethics: Ethics That Means Business has a new comment 54 minutes ago

    urlThere is a hackneyed anti-business cliché saying that business ethics is a contradiction in terms. In fact, however, it may well be the case that the opposite is true – that business ethics is not so much an ox [Read story]
    • I appreciate very much your insights Jakub.

      “That is what is so unifying about human virtues. They are both an ends and a means. And not only that, the source of all value is traced back to them! This potency – having supreme distinction as a means, as an ends, and as the source of all value – is unique and it merits further consideration.

      Human virtues ‘bring together as a whole’ the means, the ends, and economic value. Wow! And since there is nothing else that accomplishes this, another remarkable ‘unity’ distinction applies: single and alone it pulls together the ends (ethics), value, and the means (economics). Ethics and economics are brought together by human virtues!

      Consequently, when the entrepreneurial spirit focuses its alertness on the appearance and the acquisition of human virtues there is a completeness that is unparalleled by any other act. Those who are truly entrepreneurial will recognize the importance of this and put it into practice which will then begin to transform and spiritualize the whole process.”
      Excerpt from “The Human Essence of Economics”

  • Tom Wallace posted an update 56 minutes ago

    Any PC builders here? I’m building my own rig and would like any opinions!

  • Katrina Haffner‘s article Three Dollars Short – a 5-minute play has a new comment 59 minutes ago

    IMG_3991This original play has been submitted for research I am conducting. You can participate in the research by clicking here. Please fill out the form by Sunday, [Read story]
    • I liked reading your story! I wonder if the bus driver could have asked the passengers on the bus if anyone would like to donate to pay the old woman’s fare? Rules are rules, and shouldn’t change based on how you feel.

      As a woman who grew up in the 80’s, I get really tired of hearing my parent’s generation talk about how hard they worked and how they deserve to take a break. I fully understand that I will receive little to no social security, regardless of how much I paid in. I understand that I am paying so that my parents (and grandparents and aunts and uncles) can take vacations to Europe and Vegas and own new RV’s and travel the country.

      I just sometimes wish the older generation knew that the Social Security ‘trust fund’ is bankrupt and they are actually taking money from their children and grandchildren. That’s how a Ponzi scheme works.

  • Mark Tordai‘s article Why Marvel Movies Are Always Going To Be Better Than DC’s has a new comment 1 hour, 26 minutes ago

    marvelFor the record, there has always been a rivalry between Marvel and DC comics and I more than acknowledge that one can be a fan of both. However, I heavily favourite one of these two when it comes to film making. [Read story]
    • Right from childhood, I always preferred Marvel stories.
      The flagship DC products: Batman and Superman, are fundamentally solo acts. I just don’t find solo stories nearly as interesting as ensemble ones.
      The flagship Marvel products: X-Men and Avengers, have big ensemble casts with lots of room for infighting and romance and intrigue. I just love that kind of complexity in stories.
      So Marvel has my vote.

    • Couldn’t agree more. DC is ok if you like darker tones and while normally I do, I find Marvel stories more compelling.

    • Thanks Mark. I agree that Marvel’s movies will always be more entertaining and keep me more interested, I do appreciate DC more than Marvel. That may sound contradictory. :) For me, the premise behind both universes is what I like about DC. There is nothing “super” about Batman and most DC characters. Their “powers” can almost always be explained by science (or unknown alien technology – Green Lantern.. don’t go there lol). While in the Marvel universe, much of it is mystical. Batman is really just a gadget guy. A rich one, but it is his intelligence that is his weapon. And for me, I appreciate that. Also appreciate Marvel for the entertainment, I just appreciate the premise behind DC since it aligns more with my Ayn Randian side. :)

    • I don’t like DC because the heroes lack superpowers and I don’t find them easy to connect to, at least not as much as Marvel.

  • Mark Tordai‘s article Why I’m More Excited For Star Wars Ep. VII Than Star Trek Beyond has a new comment 1 hour, 29 minutes ago

    daniel-craig-stormtrooper-star-wars-force-awakensNext month, one of the most anticipated movies in film history (no exaggeration needed) will finally be released in cinemas. That movie is Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Already having made $50 million [Read story]
    • I’m not going to go see Star Wars, which I believe should be labeled “No Hope” for Abrams involvement. I have blacklisted Abrams and everyone involved in (mis-titled for marketing purposes only) “Star Trek”. It was a terrible film that transformed the entire crew of the Enterprise into sociopaths. I imagine he’ll only do the same for Luke, Leah, Han and the new cast he’s including.

    • JJ is actually a massive fan of Star Wars and not of Star Trek. I also hated the Star Trek movie but think he’ll do a much better job with Star Wars.

    • I loved the original Star Wars, because … you know … I was 15. I eagerly awaited The Empire Strikes Back and wasn’t disappointed at 18 but didn’t love the movie either. By Return of the Jedi, I was 21, but 12 would have been too old to love it. The FX continued to improve, but the last story in the trilogy was terribly disappointing, so I never expected much from the the reboot, and it met my low expectations.

      I’ll see The Force Awakens, because … you know … hope springs eternal. The FX are still 90% of the show, so if the story exceeds my low expectations, maybe I’ll get my money’s worth. From the previews, Han could easily be a terrible disappointment if the aging Harrison Ford gives one of the sickenly self-important performances I’ve come to expect. That Han Solo never took himself very seriously was the greatest thing about him.

    • The only Star Wars move I like is Empire Strikes back. The rest are fine but not great.

  • James L. Walpole posted an update in the group College Drop Outs 1 hour, 47 minutes ago

    I wanted to drop a line to let some of my fellow college opt-outs/dropouts know that I’ve created a LinkedIn group for people like us. If your decision to take your own route in your education is an important part of what you want to broadcast to the professional world (or if you’re looking for advice on how to succeed without college), I’d love…[Read more]

  • Evaldas Miliauskas replied to the topic CYCLE 2015 Discussion in the forum General 3 hours, 9 minutes ago

    I ordered as well, lets use our power of voluntary exchange, because I really feel that I get so much more than the actual price is.

  • Evaldas Miliauskas replied to the topic CYCLE 2015 Discussion in the forum General 3 hours, 11 minutes ago

    Mary’s talk was really I opener seeing the data behind the difference of over-regulation vs free market. At least 3 times more earning? Where do I sign up :)

  • Lobo Tiggre replied to the topic CYCLE 2015 Discussion in the forum General 3 hours, 11 minutes ago

    NOTE: Roslyn’s talk was about much more than parenting — core philosophical and psychological questions every person should consider. If you didn’t watch it, I strongly encourage you to do so.

    Here are the bibliographical links people asked for re Roslyn’s…[Read more]

  • Lobo Tiggre replied to the topic CYCLE 2015 Discussion in the forum General 3 hours, 16 minutes ago

    Here’s the John Stossel work Mary mentioned in her talk today:


    And the project to foster property rights in India:


    (We had some technical…[Read more]

  • Evaldas Miliauskas replied to the topic CYCLE 2015 Discussion in the forum General 3 hours, 17 minutes ago

    I think this is the blog post Roslyn was referring to for argument nature vs nurture:

    the talked really clicked something in me, I’m sure I’ll get dopamine rush by reading hear book :)

  • Lobo Tiggre replied to the topic CYCLE 2015 Discussion in the forum General 3 hours, 18 minutes ago

    Here’s the movie Yuri mentioned in his 10% talk:



  • Katrina Haffner posted an update 4 hours ago

    Please share! I’m trying to get top article three weeks in a row

  • James Smith‘s article Face it minarchists, anarchism is here to stay has a new comment 5 hours, 7 minutes ago

    2000px-Anarchist_Flag.svgThe other day I bravely took on the might of the United Kingdom Libertarian Party in the comments on Facebook. They were sharing their manifesto for 2015, that I was keenly interested in, but something about their [Read story]
    • You were kinder than I would have been. Had I been in that discussion, I would have called them a bunch of fake libertarians, as that is what anyone who claims to be libertarian and explicitly rejects anarchism is.

    • @reece
      Mathew, in sales parlance they are prospects, not adversaries. Don’t try to win near term battles of wits, win the war of ideas.

    • @rrule When I think of prospects, I think of people who are anti-political but are not pro-anything in particular, people who are disaffected by the political establishment, people who are looking for answers, and people who are part of the system without having thought about what it really means to be part of the system.

      When I think of adversaries, I think in general of people who are advocating for acts of aggression, and in particular of those who do so while claiming to be libertarians. The people who wrote that UKLP statement are this particular sort of adversary. If their message resonates, then people will gain a fundamental misunderstanding of libertarianism, and this we must not abide.

    • @rrule, you can be so eloquent.

    • Rick, with all due respect, I truly admire Mathew, I have even quoted him, there are those people that have to give up straight-up truth, regardless of the consequences, with the only currency being truth. I might not agree always with Mr. Reece, however I know his response comes from a well thought-out place. @rrule

    • @marchella
      I too admire Mathew, I’m a very busy man. Mathew is intelligent, honest and tenacious, sort of like you Marchella. If neither of you were worthy of convincing, believe me, I wouldn’t fuck with either of you.
      How is that for eloquent, David?

    • @reece
      I hope you up your game my friend. Anyone whom you you have a faint chance of influencing is worthy, and that , I think, is a broader universe of ” prospects” than you are currently prepared to acknowledge.
      There are far too few of us, and far too many who could be among us, but are not.
      Sorry to sound like some tired old sage, but my “OLD” friend Ron Paul told me today, post interview, to ” double up” my efforts, and you are the most immediate target.

    • Classy! @rrule

    • @marchella
      flattery will get you everywhere, Marchella. Dr. Paul truly put the fight back in me today.

    • Wonderful! You’re a fighter and this is a fight. It would be nice if it were all tea and crumpets, however, this is an intellectual battle and we need you in the trenches. 😉 @rrule

    • @marchella
      like some old rapper said ” too legit to quit”. It’s great to have a great stalwart like Ron Paul telling you to get back in the game. He has never been absent, he has always been generous, and effective, if we are for real, how can we say no?

    • We can’t say no. You’re a dutiful fellow. There are not many I’m inspired by, there is still time to turn this ship around. I’m encouraged by the commitment and passion by the liberty propagandists. We got this. @rrule

    • @marchella
      ” either we hang together, or they hang us separately”

    • A large percentage of us who now identify as anarchists probably started off as minarchists. I know i did anyway. Some will follow reason and logic to the conclusion we have reached, some will not and some take a long piss break on the journey.

    • When I find an anarchist who doesn’t hide a minimal state behind his ideological curtain, we’ll talk.

    • With everything that’s going on with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party at the moment, based on the premise that “leading an opposition is different to leading The Opposition” do you think James (and I’m sorry if this is a bit long) that neither a left-wing or libertarian political party can lead the opposition because to lead the opposition is to no longer lead an opposition because they are two different things; an opposition is to be a group of people who are out of power or who have been ejected from power, whereas to be the opposition is to be a group of people who are in power or who have been entered into power. Therefore any left-wing or libertarian administration which is in power would be unacceptable to left-wingers or libertarians because since their position is more of a principled philosophy rather than a political position, they can never accept that any left-wing or libertarian administration which is in power is left-wing or libertarian because the administration (composed of left-wingers or libertarians) would be seen to be compromising with the establishment as soon as they are in power.

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