If today’s feminists stood for anything at all, they ought to support a woman’s basic right to own her body.

Why even Hollywood villains have become politically correct: According to the “nothing about us without us”

I’ve been trying to think of something constructive to say about the whole “Catholic schoolboy vs. Native-Am

How cultural Marxism ruins everything: Perhaps the most popular and well-produced technology commentary site on the Inte

Children should not be forced to memorize anything that does not serve a practical purpose. Education beyond basic socia

In The Death of Politics, Karl Hess lays out a systematic case for anarchy. True liberty tends to be hated by political

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The Scott Horton Show – Daniel McAdams on the Death of Congressman Walter Jones

Daniel McAdams remembers Congressman Walter Jones, who passed away last week. Jones initially supported the War in Iraq, but after realizing his mistake began trying everything in his power to atone f…Read more

The Jason Stapleton Program – Democratic Socialism and Its Connection to the Early Marxism

The Green New Deal is being attacked by virtually all free-market-loving people and defended by the rising tide of Social Democrats. Are the concerns justified? Would a green new deal outlaw cow owner…Read more

Essential Libertarianism – Highway Tax vs. Poll Tax – Some Thoreau Tax Trivia

Highway Tax vs. Poll Tax: Some Thoreau Tax Trivia by Carl Watner