There have been a flurry of articles and commentary recently about how Google recently evaluated the salaries of its emp

The news today and probably for the next few days will be filled with reports of the terrorist shootings in the Mosques

It turns out the Robert F O’Rourke, who raised zillions of dollars to run against Ted Cruz and lost and is now run

There’s a lot of talk about the toxicity of “Social Media” and Twitter, it seems to me, is the one wit

Many who come to this website are all too familiar with the work of promoting liberty, freedom, principles, and citing e

Bit by Bit: How Peer-to-Peer Technology Is Freeing the World argues that today’s emergent technology is about more

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You, Me, And BTC – Roots

This is episode 278 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast. In many ways, this one is a throwback to our roots. Tune in or miss out. Don't forget to visit so you can shar…Read more

Welcome To The Midside – The Justin Rants 2K19 Edition

Justin rants about backing into parking spots, the college admissions scandal, and gender/attraction myths.