There have been a flurry of articles and commentary recently about how Google recently evaluated the salaries of its emp

The news today and probably for the next few days will be filled with reports of the terrorist shootings in the Mosques

So it looks like Brexit is going to be the glorious cockup of a thing that people feared. Maybe not quite as hard as I p

It turns out the Robert F O’Rourke, who raised zillions of dollars to run against Ted Cruz and lost and is now run

There’s a lot of talk about the toxicity of “Social Media” and Twitter, it seems to me, is the one wit

The Clearest Explanation of Bitcoin Everybody is talking about Bitcoin, but most people have no idea what the fuss is ab

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  • Το κράτος θεωρείται σχεδόν καθολικά ως θεσμός κοινωνικών υπηρεσιών. Ορισμένοι θεωρητικοί δοξάζουν το κράτος ως την αποθέωση της κοινων [Read story]
  • Η lex mercatoria ή Law Merchant αναπτύχθηκε κατά τον μεσαίωνα από τους ευρωπαίους εμπόρους και αποτελούσε ένα κοινά αποδεκτό πλαίσιο εθιμικών κανόν [Read story]
  • Perdiris published a new article, Free Private Cities, on the site Lockechain 14 hours, 33 minutes ago

    Φανταστείτε ένα σύστημα στο οποίο μια ιδιωτική εταιρεία ως «κυβερνητικός φορέας παροχής υπηρεσιών» σας προσφέρει προστασία ζωής, ελ [Read story]
  • HERE IS MY DEFINITION OF CAPITALISM. Can anyone offer a better one or improve on this one??????

    CAPITALISM (NOUN): An economic system of free markets, which results when and where there is freedom from any forcible or coercive (viz., government) intervention in markets. No other economic system can possibly evolve from such freedom.

  • It feels strange writing about this topic, some 25 years after I had it completely settled in my mind. But nothing is ever really settled, I suppose. The claim that I had long ago concluded was a basic historical [Read story]
    • Look at milk: Before it was homogenized the cream separated and floated to the top. If you wanted a little of that luscious cream you could just dip a spoon in the top of the container and have some. If you wanted butter or ice cream or whipped cream or coffee cream or half and half you could, with some knowledge of those products, make all from the cream that was on top and some or none of the skim milk that remained below the cream. If you had no appreciation for the delicious fat in the cream, or wanted less fat in your diet, though I cannot imagine why you would, you could drink the remaining skim milk after making those other products. Homogenizing milk all but ruined it.

      The final blow, that turned milk into that tasteless product on grocery shelves today, was struck by governments and their laws–state and federal–requiring milk be pasteurized to save us from contaminated milk from dirty dairies. Instead of insisting on clean, pure milk, governments required dairies to bail their milk to kill bacteria. In the process, boiling robs milk of its flavor and any healthy bacteria that would be found in pure, fresh milk.

      Today the negative consequences of pasteurizing laws can be overcome by small dairies using what is called small-batch, low temperature pasteurization. It is a more-expensive, time-consuming process that doesn’t ruin the flavor. Large commercial dairies must think they cannot afford to adopt the process as long as milk consumers are willing to accept the flavorless milk they currently get away with selling. Homogenizing, however, could easily be overcome by the big guys and lower production costs by skipping it. Of course American consumers may be too lazy to shake up their milk container to mix the skim milk with the cream.


    • Homogeneity is a purely aesthetic concern. By including ethics and principles of justice into the mix you are essentially denying the existence of the individual and taking away his freedom of association which is at the root of all collectivist and tribalistic thinking.

      The only way any sort of social order can claim to use homogeneity as a main characteristic is by using force; and as we all know this has been manifested through the State.

    • @nednetterville ha ha good points raw milk is healthy, over regulated, natural health may end up becoming black market,goodness, Homogeneity is as homosapiens specie s as archaic as Darwinian a process of selection as the annunaki and promotes forms of segregation and separates humanity from human consciousness with underlying closet forms of prejudice. I prefer to drink plant based and nut milks and avoid the cowspiracy. 🙂

    • To me, these ads speak to the decline of popular government by displaying the majority as the yelling nonsensical horde that they seem to be. Any individual who might drink Bud Light rather than spiced mead has a place in the Pit of Misery. Also, in the event that you need something that won’t thump you out of activity the following day, there are a lot of good session lagers that can fill your needs.


  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, Ripe, Too, on the site dailyrhyme 22 hours, 29 minutes ago

    I think I am a tomato, Color red, Not to slice, While in bed.
  • I read this years ago. It still resonates with my impulse towards inner freedom of mind and its natural expression of living as free a life as possible.

    [Read more]

  • Francis Turner‘s article Christchurch has a new comment 1 day, 18 hours ago

    The news today and probably for the next few days will be filled with reports of the terrorist shootings in the Mosques of Christchurch, New Zealand and their aftermath. As with any other such event there is no [Read story]
    • As you noted, the early reports of an armed response were not really accurate: the worshipper was armed with a credit card machine and eventually recovered the gun thrown down by the attacker:
      CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — Abdul Aziz was praying with his four sons in the Linwood Mosque when he heard the gunshots. Rather than run from the noise, he ran toward it, grabbed the first thing he could find — a credit card machine — and flung it at the attacker.

      The man dropped a shotgun, and Mr. Aziz picked it up. “I pulled the trigger, and there was nothing,” he recalled. The gunman ran to his car, where he had other weapons, and Mr. Aziz followed, throwing the shotgun at the vehicle and shattering a window.

      Mr. Aziz’s actions, which he and others described in interviews, may have prompted the gunman to speed away rather than return to kill more people. Minutes later, two police officers from another town who were in the area rammed the suspect’s car into a curb and took him into custody, ending the worst mass murder in New Zealand’s modern history.


      Apparently the police were at the first mosque pretty quickly (6 minutes after the first call) with a lot of them pretty well gunned up since they were coming from a training exercise. However, the attackers had left for the second mosque by then (6 minutes after the first shot, based on the video).

      SO your advice to attack by throwing something paid off. Sadly, per the video, a man died while rushing the shooter at the first mosque. He died a hero, which at some point will be a point of
      comfort to his loved ones, I hope.

    • Mr Aziz was definitely a hero.

      “Sadly, per the video, a man died while rushing the shooter at the first mosque. He died a hero, which at some point will be a point of comfort to his loved ones, I hope.”

      I haven’t seen the video. But I have seen people say that he did not actually attack the shooter, he just ran into him while trying to escape. I have no idea whether this is true or not, I hope he was trying to attack but unsuccessful, but if it is it shows that you really must actually attack the shooter not try and run.

    • Brenton Tarrant, an Aussie, was the shooter. I mention his name because Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern, the PM of NZ refuses to do so. I am using his name here to offset her dictatorial inclination to control and impede the freedom and human rights of her fellow New Zealanders on the pretext of keeping NZ citizens safe from terrorists. (A little late for that, isn’t Ms. PM?)

      Like that thug Duterte, president of the Philippines, cracking down on drug users and dealers, and killing many o f them in the process, Ms. PM thinks “getting tough on terrorists” means taking away rights from her own citizens by banning and confiscating their guns, which will negatively impact their ability to defend themselves against NZ’s next terrorist attack, which her pompous edicts invites. Watch out New Zealnders, with that woman in charge NZ may become the next PH or worse.

  • … you would know what I know. So you should really sign up for that.Note to Doug: I got married at that very hotel once. Hopefully things will work out better for you.Second note to Doug: Stop being a primitive [Read story]
  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, Socialism, on the site dailyrhyme 1 day, 22 hours ago

    I think I am dreamland, Where everyone eats, Helping each other, The means of competes.
  • Francis Turner‘s article Gold Plated Brexit has a new comment 2 days, 1 hour ago

    So it looks like Brexit is going to be the glorious cockup of a thing that people feared. Maybe not quite as hard as I predicted a few months back, but I’m guessing it will be close. Anyway the prospect of no [Read story]
    • Up until the day of Brexit, pro-EU civil servants have a fig leaf that they are supporting an institution that the UK is a member of. After Brexit, they will not. Will they reform then? Or will they be agitators within Her Majesty’s government dedicated to supporting an antipathetic foreign power?

  • Earl Zarbin published a new article, Jobs, Too, on the site dailyrhyme 2 days, 22 hours ago

    I think I am wealth, Will accumulate, To share with others, As goods create.
  • Innovated IT Support Van LondonAfter an exciting and exhilarating start to Innovated IT Matthew Hind, Owner / director gives us a break down on what he has achieved so far. Achieving excellence with small business IT support London. What [Read story]
  • The Liberty First Network Florida legislative ticker has been updated. Find the bills important to you and take action

  • The Liberty First Network Florida legislative ticker has been updated. Find the bills important to you and take action

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