This is a guest post by ‘Jason Garik‘. I don’t particularly disagree with what he writes, and in fact

Last season one player in the NFL decided to not follow tradition (and the NFL handbook) when it came to the pregame pla

Some twenty plus years ago when I first passed my driving test in California the lady at DMV in San Jose pointed out tha

As anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock knows we’ve recently had confirmation that Hollywood is a pit

Update: TimN has a post on the same subject that is well worth reading Way back in the early days of the internet, John

What does it mean to be a voluntaryist? How does voluntaryism differ from little ‘l’ libertarianism and the

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  • It seems almost nothing gets statists as stirred up these days as declining to participate in their religious rituals. Isn’t that just the silliest thing?! It’s not even as though I am wanting to f [Read story]
  • “One who uses coercion is guilty of deliberate violence. Coercion is inhuman.” – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi; per Kumar, Anuradha; Mahatma & the Monkeys; 2009

  • As anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock knows we’ve recently had confirmation that Hollywood is a pit of sexism, where the borders between consensual sex and non-consensual sexual predation have been [Read story]
    • I’ve been watching this story since it was hinted at a month or so ago. I was expecting to see more and more women coming forward to try to top each other in the victimhood sweepstakes. But “the four Yorkshirewomyn?” That is pure genius.

      With Donna Karan, Meryl Streep and Judi Dench, one wonders: are they a bit angry because Harvey didn’t hit on them?

  • I think I am automation, A self-driving car, A collision occurs, Future sales could mar.
  • The big industry player Sprott Inc company deserves the fullest praise as they acted swiftly and decisively when faced with the fact that Mr. Faber who was on their board of directors made quite unsuitable comments. There was no hesitation and the tone was set immediately

  • #MeToo stop the abuse!

  • “Most Western historians believe that Stalin’s terror took place against political opponents. But the great purges were really an assault on the ordinary people. More than half of all executions took place in rural areas. The liquidation of independent farmers sent 10 million (including three million children) to Siberia, where most of them d…[Read more]

  • ***** RATIONAL REVIEW NEWS DIGEST The Freedom Movement’s Daily Newspaper Volume XV, Issue #3,824 Thursday, October 19th, 2017 455 email subscribers Please forward this email to your friends so they can [Read story]
  • So, as you may have heard, Richard Spencer (one of the architects of the Charlottesville white nationalist riot) is coming to the University of Florida to tomorrow.Who else is going to be there? Well, me. But I [Read story]
  • Who among denizens would be opposed to the federal government paying reparations to individual African-American descendants of slaves–IF the funds were to be paid from the proceeds of liquidating federally owned assets? A token reparation of say, $50,000 per descendant, would only cost the federal government $2 trillion to recompense…[Read more]

  • Despite looming deadline, Catalonia won’t renounce independence :: Settlement reached in North Carolina’s transgender bathroom lawsuit :: Iraqi Kurds withdraw to June 2014 boundaries as offensive continues


  • It feels strange writing about this topic, some 25 years after I had it completely settled in my mind. But nothing is ever really settled, I suppose. The claim that I had long ago concluded was a basic historical [Read story]
    • Look at milk: Before it was homogenized the cream separated and floated to the top. If you wanted a little of that luscious cream you could just dip a spoon in the top of the container and have some. If you wanted butter or ice cream or whipped cream or coffee cream or half and half you could, with some knowledge of those products, make all from the cream that was on top and some or none of the skim milk that remained below the cream. If you had no appreciation for the delicious fat in the cream, or wanted less fat in your diet, though I cannot imagine why you would, you could drink the remaining skim milk after making those other products. Homogenizing milk all but ruined it.

      The final blow, that turned milk into that tasteless product on grocery shelves today, was struck by governments and their laws–state and federal–requiring milk be pasteurized to save us from contaminated milk from dirty dairies. Instead of insisting on clean, pure milk, governments required dairies to bail their milk to kill bacteria. In the process, boiling robs milk of its flavor and any healthy bacteria that would be found in pure, fresh milk.

      Today the negative consequences of pasteurizing laws can be overcome by small dairies using what is called small-batch, low temperature pasteurization. It is a more-expensive, time-consuming process that doesn’t ruin the flavor. Large commercial dairies must think they cannot afford to adopt the process as long as milk consumers are willing to accept the flavorless milk they currently get away with selling. Homogenizing, however, could easily be overcome by the big guys and lower production costs by skipping it. Of course American consumers may be too lazy to shake up their milk container to mix the skim milk with the cream.


    • Homogeneity is a purely aesthetic concern. By including ethics and principles of justice into the mix you are essentially denying the existence of the individual and taking away his freedom of association which is at the root of all collectivist and tribalistic thinking.

      The only way any sort of social order can claim to use homogeneity as a main characteristic is by using force; and as we all know this has been manifested through the State.

    • @nednetterville ha ha good points raw milk is healthy, over regulated, natural health may end up becoming black market,goodness, Homogeneity is as homosapiens specie s as archaic as Darwinian a process of selection as the annunaki and promotes forms of segregation and separates humanity from human consciousness with underlying closet forms of prejudice. I prefer to drink plant based and nut milks and avoid the cowspiracy. 🙂

  • After three exhausting days of non-stop conferencing and over 24 hours of traveling by bus, I’m back in San Antonio now. (And after two days of break, I’m back working 6 days a week.)

    To be honest, a couple of weeks before this conference, I was wondering if it was really worth going – I was thinking about it financially. Then I had to think…[Read more]

  • By Benjamin Welton The modern penal state is geared towards keeping its prisoners institutionalized, which is to say totally conditioned to the rhythms, desires, and goals of the penal state itself. This [Read story]

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