Reading “How I Left the Left” is a solid reminder that there’s not much intellectual heft remaining on that side o

It’s now clear where this “repeal and replace” thing is headed. A small cadre of the GOP House leadership hammered

The Democratic leadership, and its leftwing intellectual base, are feeling implausibly smug these days. They figure it t

Last night, a man I admire asked me what I would have to drink. I said a martini and it was served. On my way out, I gav

This essay is an in-depth critique of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. I show that Piketty

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  • Questa settimana Trame d’oro presenta le sintesi di due libri che affrontano da posizioni diametralmente opposte la disputa sulla superiorità del libero mercato o della pianificazione centralizzata.

    Ludwig von Mises, strenuo difensore del capitalismo, svolge nel libro Socialismo, uscito nel 1922, la più potente critica teorica che sia mai stata s…[Read more]

  • Devo ancora prendere le misure a questo social, ma mi piace…

  • Last night, a man I admire asked me what I would have to drink. I said a martini and it was served. On my way out, I gave him a $10 bill. He said, “thank you; never turn down money.” We both got a laugh out of [Read story]
    • This very simple advice can save a person a lot of confusion, and even anger. In my life, I have frequently complicated things by not ‘taking the money’, I have to admit that sometimes, even if offered money, which I refused, I have been a bit annoyed that I was not paid for something I did, while I was the one confusing everything by not taking the money. I have learned now to usually take the money, but this article quickly sums up why you should ALWAYS take it.

      When you take the money, both sides are happy. Thank you!

    • $10 for a martini? Or was it for two? Martinis were under $1 when I started drinking and still under $2 when I quit. Wouldn’t pay $10 if my life depended on it. Oh, and the perfect martini is 3 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth, 1 green olive. Martinis are best with lunch. Three of them and you needn’t go back to the office. If you find yourself drinking too many martinis, switch to gimlets.

    • That was a really great article, Jeffery! It made me think of how stupid I’ve been in the past by “treating” others and overpaying my part. I wanted other people to see me as generous; even if I couldn’t afford to be the one paying. At the same time, it also denies others the opportunity to be giving. Your article really brings clarity to what could potentially be uncomfortable situations. If we all implemented such a plan, I think people would not only be more appreciate, but more generous.

    • My friends and I always go Dutch Treat. If you can’t pay, you can’t play. However I feel that if offer is made there’s no obligation to pay. If I offer someone a shot, I’m paying. On dates the guy should always pay unless you’re a couple then you can switch back and forth. He pays then she pays, etc. The payer picks the activity.

    • Sure, offering to pay the restaurant bill or reimburse someone for certain things is fine, but as a universal teaching to offer or accept payment for simple, everyday things like exchanging a plane seat? No way. That just teaches everyone that they shouldn’t do anything unless it’s paid for. How is that good?

      As someone in the tech field, I won’t do computer support for anyone other than my mother, household, and occasionally a very close friend because I know what is involved and what my time is worth. But if a friend or neighbor asks for help moving a piece of furniture to another room, I’m not accepting money for kindness and giving help where it’s needed. Sometimes I’m repaid with a beer or such anyway, which is a simple, friendly, and inexpensive gesture, but money?

      It just simple feels dirty taking money for simple acts.

    • @omnifice
      pay it forward, or pay it back, like Jeffery said, never turn down money.

    • @omnifice I hear you:

      Marshall Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication and Money

      Marshall Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication and Money


      PS I also Don’t Do Anything That Isn’t Play!
      By Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

    • Blake, I read the story very differently than you did. I didn’t see, “pay me” anywhere, and certainly not, “pay me or I won’t do anything”.

      The underlying idea is to avoid regrets by avoiding superficial rituals that mask subconscious (yet real) feelings.

  • Nuova pagina sul sito che ha lo scopo di raccogliere articoli, video, interviste, siti che spieghino bitcoin e le sue problematiche in modo efficace e comprensibile anche a chi si avvicina a bitcoin per la prima volta e/o non è un…[Read more]

    • E’ vero che il bitcoin è la criptovaluta con la maggior capitalizzazione, ma cercherei però di allargare il discorso alle criptovalute in generale. Nessuno sa come evolveranno questi nuovi strumenti. Ed anche per questi strumenti, come per qualunque altro, la concorrenza sarà l’unico vero giudice imparziale in grado di eliminare i meno ef…[Read more]

  • One of the greatest errors made by opponents of free economies is to disparage and attack the idea of private capital. Without capital, production is only about immediate consumption, not about building for the [Read story]
  • Sarei interessato a discussioni o informazioni circa l’acquisto di proprietà, terreni ed attività correlate in Stati esteri, meglio se con iniziative indipendentistiche o di carattere libertario, grazie 🙂

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  • yes, too ,late.

  • by Ginger Marin – Journalist, Actress, Author

    A home building company constructed hundreds of homes on a large tract of land that bordered a senior citizen community. Some of the people closest to the construction complained that their lives were being disrupted; their physical health severely compromised by the toxic diesel fumes they were being…[Read more]

  • FINALLY those Soviet cars are good for something!

    [Read more]

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