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While twitching my thumbs in a meeting, something caught my attention. I heard the guy next to me say, “Libertarianism

Why might women be hesitant to openly identify as libertarian? Lily Goldberg at The Libertarian Republic believes she ha

Thank You Market by Creative Destruction is a music video celebrating liberty and freedom of exchange. Liberty.me Create

Whenever you see US citizens losing their minds over something as silly as a flag, I’ve learned to look at what

Join Gary Galles, the author of Lines of Liberty, to chat about some of the greatest libertarian quotes in history!

“Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck!” Yes, we’ve all heard, and cha

Have you heard of the Peacekeeper App? In a few words, it is to police what Bitcoin is to the Federal Reserve. That is,

Donald Trump announced on June 16th that he will be running for President of the United States. Trump is a billionaire w

Music video tribute to Edward Snowden. Liberty.me Create – where art and liberty collide. Free Privacy Guide available

Join Gary Galles, the author of Lines of Liberty, to chat about some of the greatest libertarian quotes in history!

The road to PorcFest is paved with State Troopers. I mean, jeez, no one really cares about some libertarians having a ca

I’m not talking about the bank holding the mortgage on your home. Even if you think you own your home free and cle

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    Join me for a chance to talk with Gary Galles, the author of Lines of Liberty, tonight, about the greatest libertarian quotations in history.

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    Nixon’s War on Drugs has failed. It has done nothing in the way of stopping drug use and overdose rates have only been curbed by knowledge and Good Samaritan laws. Furthermore this “war” has helped to give the [Read story]

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    So, this is making the rounds today…some say this is love v. hate. I say this is P2P, that is Propaganda versus Propaganda…I capitalize the two as branding mechanisms, not that there isn’t anything wrong w/ branding, but neither side is being honest about it. The girl here is simply a meet shield, and the two adults are targeting. This is a…[Read more]

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    As I do every Independence Day, I’ll be reading some Thomas Paine…

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    The 12th annual Porcupine Freedom Festival was recently held in the Great North Woods region of “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire. It brought together freedom lovers of all stripes for an opportunity to peaceably [Read story]

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  • ThumbnailSometimes you just get lucky.

    I was in Amsterdam when the Snowden story broke. CNN was non-stop asking politicians and pundits, “Is Edward Snowden a traitor?” Those who said he betrayed America also said [Read story]

  • Every once in a while, I happen upon the tired old argument that Australia is a prime example of the effectiveness of gun control. In 1996, Australia experienced a horrific mass shooting which left dozens dead and [Read story]

    • Great article. For the last few years I have been seeking out and listening to my favorite libertarians such as Tom Woods. In that time, I never heard anything on guns. It was probably because the position on guns was so obvious, though spreading this information is always valuable. Self defense is essential to private property. Republicans on…[Read more]

    • Good one.

  • Martin Brock‘s article Sit right back and hear a tale has a new comment 2 hours, 27 minutes ago

    Bootstrap reveals his dream of developing a tiny island in the Fiji archipelago in the comments section here. The Liberal Archipelago seems a good place to continue our conversation. This article makes little [Read story]

    • I hope Bootstrap succeeds with his project. It is interesting, but as I see it is a retirement plan. That’s of course fine, if you’re into that particular vision, but it doesn’t really forward liberty in the world. So from a perspective of promoting liberty it doesn’t really seem to be much progress, but then again if all you want to do is retire…[Read more]

    • I won’t work for the rentier class for less than it’s paying me now, so if a retirement spot or vacation resort for the uber-wealthy is the outcome, I’m not interested, but Bootstrap doesn’t really seem interested in this outcome either. He wants a return on the purchase, beyond his own consumption of the island, but he seems primarily interested…[Read more]

    • This article is worth noting. Kadomo is the name of Bootstrap’s island. I assume it’s the same island.


      “Goats and rats have been removed from two Fijian islands in a joint operation conducted by BirdLife International’s Fiji Programme and the National Trust of Fiji aimed at…[Read more]

    • Bootstrap is having trouble posting a comment on this article, so I’m posting it for him. If anyone else is having this problem, let me know by email.

      Martin: Thanks very much for posting this article. I’ll try to answer various comments to the best of my ability.

      Weather: FIJI is within cyclone zone, which means cyclones can pass over FIJI from…[Read more]

    • Thanks for starting this page, Martin.

      I have funds available would be most interested in buying a share of any island which offered a modicum of freedom. But I’ve had various ambitions thwarted by officialdom enough times that I’ve become quite cynical about these things. I would really like to be wrong though.

      The development potential of…[Read more]

    • I love Richard Sowa. He goes off the rails briefly about flying his island under an artificial tornado, but his kind of craziness I like.

      I also love the idea of building an island community with freedom loving people, but I wouldn’t jump into a project requiring most of my savings without a whole lot of due diligence, so grabbing the island…[Read more]

    • The couple in your article paid over $2 million for Wadigi Island which isn’t very far from Kadomo, It is close to a much larger island with existing development though. Kadomo looks more like 50 acres, so the $1.5 million price tag definitely raises a red flag. There’s a reason for it.

    • @rogerribuck: Thanks for your ideas and comments. I’ll try to answer what I can.

      Let’s start with what you consider your main concern… will you be more or less free living and/or vacationing on our island compared to wherever you live now (where is that?).


      ##### Life on our island… more or less freedom than home or elsewhere …[Read more]

    • @bootstrap I’m glad to see that you’re able to post now.

      If you are someone who feels compelled to ask permission …

      My motto is: It’s easier to get forgiveness than to get permission. If we obtained this lease, I’d want to start on the development immediately, actually building stuff. Politics and legalism give me indigestion, so I definitely…[Read more]

    • So here’s what I’d like to do with the island, given that I know next to nothing about it and can only be talking out of my ass at this point. Bootstrap and I seem very close. I’m starting to use “we” here, but I’m very much in fantasy mode. I would only get involved in this sort of project after a lot more research and only if we had enough…[Read more]

    • I concur with Martin’s assessment of a million dollars for the shared structure. Add another million for island infrastructure (jetty, paths, water distribution, sewage collection, internet, power distribution). Add $1.5 million for the lease, or probably more like $2 million after all the costs are included. So four million all-up, before any…[Read more]

    • We might as well assume four million, because I don’t have a clue in reality. That means more equity partners or some larger partners. If one partner contributes half, I’m not so interested, because this partner effectively rules the roost unilaterally. On the other hand, if we have a firm agreement on the development plan, maybe that’s not a…[Read more]

    • I totally agree on your last point. Everything degrades anyway, unless it is being constantly maintained. Everything movable can be removed before the lease expires too.

      “I suppose all the lots are beachfront unless someone wants to live on the ridge.”
      Oh, I would choose to live on the ridge. Cooling breezes, better views, more interesting…[Read more]

    • To each his own. I’m trying to discover the maximum elevation but haven’t succeeded. Here’s a feasibility study for the goat eradication effort on the island. It has some nice pictures of the interior. I love being in the woods, and the shade is also cool. I’ll hike up to your place for a…[Read more]

    • The maximum elevation is 62 meters according to google-earth. Quite a long stretch (~350 meters) of the ridge is between 56~60 meters, which is why the effort to flatten that portion to be a walkway/cartway/truckway/runway/water-collection surface is fairly easy and practical.

      Great find (the PDF document). Note: the PDF claims the island is…[Read more]

    • I could not post again yesterday. Bummer. I will post the text I could not post yesterday, and hopefully the fact messages are not in correct or optimal order won’t be too confusing. Therefore some of the following comments seem out of place since they follow rather than lead your most recent comments. I’ll respond to some of your latest…[Read more]

    • Restrictions: These restrictions are based upon the assumption the island will be developed, not left as an empty ecological preserve for endangered species or similar. So expect most or all restrictions to not be annoying to us, given we have less massive plans than most people/businesses would.

      Except for underground pipes and perhaps…[Read more]

    • Water: Average rainfall on the large Fiji islands varies from 6″ to 14″ per month (depending on month). These islands out west have as little as half as much rainfall, which puts our worst-case month at 3″ per month. Unless someone has a better idea, my intention is to collect rainwater up on the ridge, and store it up on the ridge. The 50+…[Read more]

    • Note: It appears part of my problem may be due to the fact that some of my messages are long. However, the error messages never say anything about length, and sometimes short messages don’t work either. So who knows.

    • Maybe I’m just a cheapskate and frugal, but some of the cost estimates above seem extremely pessimistic to me. For example, the ASKING price is $1,200,000… and yet some of the messages above merely wave their hands and presto-chango — we spend $2M to lease the island. I don’t know how rich you guys are, but I don’t consider $800,000 a minor…[Read more]

    • 200 feet is not very high. Walking up and down the hill frequently won’t be an obstacle for most people. If I walk up the hill for a shower, I need much less hot water in my hut near the beach. I’m assuming a small gas water heater at the hut.

      The document is discussing Yanuya island immediately before the pictures, but the pictures are of…[Read more]

    • Lots of good stuff here.

      I don’t think the group needs to obtain a catamaran. The market already provides a huge range of transport services around Fiji’s islands. A 30-person catamaran will not be the right vessel for some of the needs. Besides, we want to keep the costs down. If someone wants to start up a catamaran-transport business, they…[Read more]

    • Restrictions: If we’re entitled to develop the island for human habitation, on the order of 50-100 people, at all, then I don’t see why your phase one would concern anyone, except possibly for the runway. I know the runway is dear to you, and I love the idea of flying to the island too, but the runway doesn’t seem essential, and bulldozing…[Read more]

    • @Roger Brown

      I’m agnostic on the catamaran. We’ll be shipping a lot of stuff to the island during phase one. We may need daily trips to and from the mainland in the short run, and we’ll need weekly trips at least in the long run. I’m willing to look at a financial case for the association owning a boat. I don’t know about the size, and I agree…[Read more]

    • @Bootstrap

      I’d much rather have too much capital than too little. If we have $2 million and ultimately need three, the investors with the third million won’t own a third of the profits. They’ll own half or more with much less personal time and energy invested.

      A million dollars is not the cost of a 2000 square foot house next to my house in…[Read more]

    • This message contains responses to both of you guys. Looks like I’m gonna have to post this message in 2 or 3 smaller pieces.


      The PDF file: My mistake… because I had my google-earth set to “degrees-minutes-seconds” instead of “decimal degrees”, those coordinates looked a long ways south of our island. Thanks for setting me…[Read more]

    • —– begin part two

      Water and runway: If we scratch the airplane, we still need something very similar to the “landing strip”, and in the exact same place. Why so? Because we need an area even larger than the “landing strip” to collect rainwater. BTW, I suggest the term “landing strip” because the term “runway” gives a GROSSLY exaggerated…[Read more]

    • testing, testing, testing… can’t post any more… this is getting extremely annoying.

    • —– begin part three

      More about water: For 7 years I lived alone at a remote mountaintop research station. The place was entirely self-sufficient… except for growing food. It was powered by wind-turbine, solar-panels, battery-banks, DC-to-AC generators. Water was collected off the roof and stored in a 3000 gallon tank. In this…[Read more]

    • testing, testing, testing… 90% of post attempts fail… testing, testing, testing…

    • —– begin part four

      HOA fees: Hahaha! After my rant above, I feel guilty charging HOA fees to those who buy one of our 15 one-acre lots! Hahaha. What kind of predator am I, anyway? Hahaha. We’ll have to talk about this. I really don’t like to be evil. Can you at least consider something that in only half as evil? Like a minimum…[Read more]

    • —– begin part five

      Timing: If we lease this island, I will be moving to the island immediately, and never leaving again (except to fetch supplies, ferry people around in our catamaran and/or airplane, and take short vacations every few years — maybe).


      Bulldozer: Do you not like bulldozing because you want to keep everything…[Read more]

    • @restonthewind (Martin): Yes, I’d love to have far more funding than we need. However, in practice what I prefer we do is to figure out what is the easiest, smallest, cheapest set of activities that we would be minimally satisfied with.

      For example, in my case, I’d be satisfied if 5 partners have 5 identical huts built somewhere (anywhere)…[Read more]

    • Minimalist Implementation: I’ve been thinking a bit more about what might constitute a “minimalist implementation” that we could all accept as a satisfactory minimum achievement.

      I guess I’d want a 50~80 square meter hut (500~800 square foot) hut to live in. I could be simple and square or rectangular. If there are any annoying ground…[Read more]

    • At this time, I think we should confirm that the island’s leasehold is actually on the market. The fact that the island is not on the TLTB list suggests that it may have been leased. That would also account for why it is not on the main “private islands” websites.

      Thanks Martin for finding the iTaukei Land Trust Board website, by the way. It…[Read more]

    • I started reading the rules for investing money in a self-directed IRA last night, and I don’t have the option of investing these resources in the project. I could probably invest, but then I couldn’t live on the island. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am disappointed. It’s a great dream, and I hope you guys can realize it.

    • I hope you will come out to visit, Martin!

    • Ha! I don’t like this:

      You pay for the lease in Step 8, then in Step 9 the terms of the lease agreement are negotiated. And then you can apply to the Town & Country Planning agency “and others”.

    • That’s definitely bass ackwards! Is there a refund if the negotiators don’t agree? The process as described takes a year, so grabbing the lease and moving to the island pronto doesn’t seem to be an option.

    • I’m just leaving a comment here so I get updates on this thread. I love love love seeing these kinds of proposals get tried and examined. Carry on, capitalists!

    • Sorry to hear the predators-DBA-government managed to invest IRA funds. I too am not surprised. Fortunately for me, I never trusted those predators [enough] to “invest” in IRA, 401K or any other predator-designed scam. I hope you realize those funds will be stolen sooner or later, so you either need to convert them into something physical that…[Read more]

    • Living on the island without telling anyone is definitely an option, but I’ve thought of other “creative accounting” strategies. We’re pooling our funds, so there’s some sort of corporation. My IRA invests in this corporation to finance the lease and stage one development. Immediately after the lease purchase, the corporation sells me a beachfront…[Read more]

    • Good to hear you’ve figured out some alternatives. I’m sure that’s possible if you’re willing to take advantage of whatever so-called “loopholes” exist.

      Okay, I’m back in touch with my contact, and I’ve exchanged a few more emails. Their response to our full-bore plans is positive, and they don’t see why anyone would object. I asked a few…[Read more]

    • I would definitely like to know your contact.

      $12,000/year for 100 years is not comparable to $1.2M now, so no credible seller would consider this offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if a seller wanted $1.2M now and also $12k/year.

      What I’ve read suggests that all native trust land is managed by the TLTB.

      1. Do you represent the iTaukei Land Trust…[Read more]

    • Good stuff.

      I would not mention the iTaukei Land Trust Board at this stage. I would ask something like “Do you directly represent the vendor, or are you an intermediary? How can we know that the island is offered for sale by its legitimate owner?”.

      > “Essentially, we’d pay them some markup for having gone through the TLTB process already.…[Read more]

    • I would not mention the iTaukei Land Trust Board at this stage.


      … significant difficulty with developing the island.

      We’d want to understand this difficulty before countering their offer, of course.

      I’m not Keiser’s biggest fan, but I’m inclined to trust Schiff. He’s a bit more of a corporatist than I like, but practically everyone in…[Read more]

    • My hope is that the current owner found something which made it uneconomic to develop as a 5-star resort, but not something which makes it impractical for our uses.

      I’d like to see the community fees be entirely market based. Parcel owners can pay the asking price for water and electricity, but they don’t have to pay it if they sort out their…[Read more]

    • However the corporation charges for its services, the price will be market based. My numbers are entirely hypothetical of course. I agree that private parcel holders should have the option of doing it all themselves, but your own solar panels may not be practical on a wooded lot for example, and if the corporation does its job well, they won’t be…[Read more]

    • With the service charges, I’m thinking of people who might buy a parcel but not use it at first. For example, someone who is planning to retire in five years. It will be easier to sell it to them if they don’t have to pay service charges of $60,000 during those five years.

      I’d love to find a way to sell the parcels to liberty-minded folks.…[Read more]

    • I agree that someone not consuming the services should not pay for them, but the corporation must recover the infrastructure costs, so it would favor a buyer intending to occupy immediately and consume the services, as opposed to someone intending to leave a parcel empty for years or to occupy it without consuming many services. We need a return…[Read more]

    • > “My preference is a community for freedom loving people of all ages who work in the virtual world and want to live remotely in the physical world.”

      Perfectly expressed.

      A lot of the younger people who might be interested, don’t have a lot of cash and may not want to live there all year. So if they don’t have to pay $1000 per month while…[Read more]

    • Before I reply to your several posts (since my last one), I will post the contents of my last few emails with my contact. However, first I must mention one possibly important fact. I was not able to locate my old emails from a few months ago, and so I sent a new email to the only place that seems to be advertising the island for sale now. I’m…[Read more]

    • Before I reply to several messages from you guys, I want to say that my [new] contact certainly conveys the attitude of a conventional real-estate agent. Unfortunately, this includes the sad tendency to provide as little information as possible… unless pressed. So I guess we’re just going to have to press, albeit always…[Read more]

    • @Roger Browne

      Association fee:

      A young person without a lot of cash must buy a parcel on credit, so he’ll pay monthly anyway. He won’t have the luxury of skipping a few payments because he loves his freedom. I love my freedom too, but years of my time, when I did not simply do as I please, will be invested in the island, and I need a return on…[Read more]

    • @Max

      We won’t bid against ourselves, so we don’t need to worry about confusing Carol on this score.

      Let’s not war over the name of our community at this point either. :) Most people are incredibly sensitive about their denominations. I’m not Ayn Rand’s biggest fan, but I’d be happy to live in Ft. Galt in Chile because of what I know about the…[Read more]

    • Let’s drop names occasionally for comment.

      “Walden 21, Kadomo” – 21 is the 21st century.

      Seriously, in the first months, even the first year, of this development, we’ll be much further from civilization than Thoreau at Walden Pond and living as simply, albeit with a little 21st technology to help out.

      When I was a teenager, sooo many years ago,…[Read more]

    • Oh, I’m with the aloha spirit, Bootstrap. The implication of “spies and guards” was Martin’s reasonable extrapolation from what I posted, but it wasn’t what I was intending to suggest. There were just too many discussion points of greater interest, and I didn’t correct it. My essential point is that we shouldn’t financially discourage people who…[Read more]

    • Martin, although I like the name “Walden 21″, I don’t think numbers really work as part of a project name. People either think they are part of the address and drop them, or they assume that Walden 1 to Walden 20 also exist, or they remember the name but get the number wrong.

      Are we seeking a name for the new community, or were you thinking…[Read more]

    • Martin, I share your belief that if we build a freedom-oriented island for visiting virtual workers, then they will come. But we do need to keep the costs under control, because most of today’s “mobile creatives” are not yet wealthy.

      These people don’t want five star luxury, but they do need fast internet, which is going to be a challenge for…[Read more]

    • @rogerribuck For marketing reasons, if for no other, you might consider the name “Eris Island”.
      Eris, as many of you know, was the goddess was the goddess of discord and chaos, in Greek mythology, and she is the goddess today of an odd bunch of amiable freaks known as “discordians”.
      The Eris Society was an annual gathering, sponsored by Doug…[Read more]

    • @rrule It’s great that you are in this little island conversation.

      The Eris Society gatherings must have been wonderful, with you guys meeting so many fascinating people. A kind of “anti-Bilderberg”!

      “Eris Island”, or some other “Eris” name, sounds good. I wouldn’t want to dilute Doug’s brand though.

    • @rogerribuck
      The world needs a hundred of these competing visions. This one is not for me, personally, but it needs to succeed.

    • Walden 29 doesn’t roll off the tongue. I like Eris Island, but I prefer Erisia. “Luna” evokes The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. “Ghalas-at” is the island in one of my favorite books as a kid, Island of the Blue Dolphins, about a young indigenous woman who lives alone on an island after escaping a forced migration. I’m not sure how it’s pronounced.

    • About 90% of my attempts to post are still failing. Very frustrating! I have a queue of messages to post, and apparently no way to post them.

      I sent the contact information to Martin and Roger via private messages.

    • Though not consistent, it appears posting short messages is more likely to work. I also wonder whether cut and paste messages inherently fail (they seem to). This is very awkward, because after posting fails, what else can I do but cut the text from the liberty.me comment box and paste into a text editor and save as a text file?

      Maybe I…[Read more]

    • I’ll try a few shorter messages to see if they work.


    • Well, since it appears super-short messages work 90% of the time, while longer messages work “almost never”, I’ll annoy everyone with many very short messages.


      Crowdfunding: Perhaps this luxury tropical island solitude getaway idea has enough general appeal to draw a significant amount of crowdfunding. What we’re doing naturally…[Read more]

    • Identity: I prefer more generic names (or at least seemingly generic). Here are some ideas:

      Island One
      The Island
      No Mans Land
      Anarchy Island

      I prefer we avoid anything with “Galt”, just to be safe. Plus, that’s very specific… some might even think this is an island for…[Read more]

    • Consensus: I’d like to attempt to get a general consensus on our general approach. Actually, more like a general consensus on our set of set of general approaches. If our first/favored approach doesn’t pan out well (too few liberty-fans), we can blend/switch into plan B, C, D, E (tropical island lovers, vacation lovers, snorkel-freaks,…[Read more]

    • Saltwater Substitution: It is my understanding (from a couple yacht owners) that filtering out all particulates above a fairly small size is fairly easy and cheap. The water still contains salt, but not bits and pieces of nutrients and particulates to seed barnacles and other growth. If this is correct, I would be surprised to learn we can’t…[Read more]

    • Sorry about your frustrations with the forum software, Max. I feel your pain.

      Consensus: I’ll reiterate my personal preference first. [Yes, I know I’m long winded. Be thankful I’m not your minister. Skip to “Brief” below if you want.]

      My dream is a productive island community sustaining itself through commerce with the outside world, primarily…[Read more]

    • Martin, what you have said corresponds to my aspirations. My own work is internet-based, and I would anticipate living on the island for 3 to 4 months of each year.

      The maximum resident population of the island is interesting to consider. Assume the island is 70 acres. Suppose half of this is off-limits for building, due to the ground-nesting…[Read more]

    • Roger, I measured roughly 5000 feat of beach front with Google maps, so I imagined 25 one acre lots each with 200 feet of beach front plus another five lots somewhere along the ridge (plus the shared structure). 20 lots along the beach is a safer bet, but five along the ridge could be conservative. The ridge is nearly 5000 feet long.

      25-30 lots…[Read more]

    • I hate this website! AARG. Back to super-short messages it seems.

      First, let me describe my experiences living alone for 7 years at a remote, mountaintop research station (observatory) to explain where I get my ideas about “ongoing expenses” to live on the island. The living area was pretty close to a typical apartment with 2 bedrooms, 1…[Read more]

    • Visions: I’m okay with both your visions, but something about your descriptions seems different from how my brain tends to work. Let me try to expose the difference and see what you make of this difference.

      One way might be to emphasize the fact that some aspects of this endeavor are fixed and [close-to] immutable, while other aspects are…[Read more]

    • Reality TV: As for “reality TV”, let’s hope we have so much harmony on the island that potential viewers would be too bored to watch. Hahaha. PS: I’ve never owned a TV, so I really don’t know what people watch these days. All I know is, I hate soap opera, endless conflicts and complete morons. Which I have to guess is what “reality TV”…[Read more]

    • Founders: I don’t understand what you mean by “founders buy lots”. To me, that makes no sense. For practical purposes, the founders OWN the entire island (for the term of the lease). Why should any founder pay more for what he already owns? To me, the founders get dibs on whatever part of the island they want to be their private areas. Then,…[Read more]

    • Own vs. Lease: We understand the distinction, so let’s stick with “ownership” talk for the sake of simplicity here. Certainly, we will carefully explain the lease to all investors and buyers of “private property” on the island.

      Founders: Founders do not pay twice for their lots, but we carefully distinguish “private property” from “community…[Read more]

    • I don’t think we can restrict buyers only to those who are freedom-minded, or even to those who are “honest, gentle, friendly people” as bootstrap puts it. It’s not practical (because you can’t judge a person’s character from an interview), and it’s not useful (because even if you could choose the “perfect people”, you couldn’t control who they…[Read more]

    • When I first looked at satellite views of the island, it was quite blurry. But today I’m getting nice high-resolution images from Google. The island looks even better than my first impressions. Four distinct beaches (including the little one near the southwest tip). An interesting topography giving the island various different niches with…[Read more]

    • (Martin, you can disregard my earlier request for more details about your proposed business structure. You answered that in a post you made while I was composing mine.)

      I think the financial model needs a tweak, because it does not account for the costs of getting to the point where we can offer parcels. Before we can get any subdivision…[Read more]

    • More on founders’ lots: I wrote this comment as Roger was editing his.:) I’ll repeat myself here, but the joint ownership model is critical, so we need to discuss it thoroughly.

      Founders will own parts of the island individually rather than jointly. I’ll have my private lot, and you’ll have yours. I suppose we all agree on this point.

      We’ll pool…[Read more]

    • … we will be paying large amounts of money to lawyers, in addition to helicoptering over various surveyors and other professionals such as water supply experts, and paying for their reports.

      I hope that much of this work has already been done by Kadomo Island Limited, particularly the lawyering (and other payola). If not, my cost estimates are…[Read more]

    • Thanks Martin, all of that makes sense and is acceptable to me.

    • Correction: I need not wait until I’m 65 to consume my tax-deferred assets, only 59 and a half. [Why the half? Ask Congress.] I won’t withdraw the funds all at once though. When I begin consuming these assets, I want my income to be very low, so I’ll owe very little income tax. I want to minimize a homeowner’s cost of living on the island for this…[Read more]

    • > “I believe we can do the technical work, like deciding the best approach to supplying water, ourselves.”

      I agree with you. There is nothing I would enjoy more than designing our own infrastructure solutions and implementing them. But I really don’t think it is possible. When we apply for subdivision, the powers that be will want to know our…[Read more]

    • Tokoriki probably uses a generator for power, like most resorts. I can’t see what they do for water, although there seems to be a round water tank at the end of the road that zig-zags up the hill. In the clearing to the north of that is probably the telecommunications tower. I don’t see any sign of a jetty – maybe it’s a helicopter-only resort.

    • As for BirdLife International, I don’t suspect them of being rent seekers.

      Oh. They’re rent seekers. We’re all rent seekers. I call that “original sin”. They aren’t the most effective rent seekers by a long shot.

      I noticed this quote in an article on the goat and rat eradication program.

      BirdLife is now developing a bio-security programme that…

      [Read more]

    • Perhaps a hostel with a dozen rooms …

      The more I think of this idea, the better I like it. It’s an ideal dual use for the shared structure. I imagine a large, partitioned space that could be opened up for banquets, conferences or other uses. The shared structure is not a castle on the hill overlooking the serfs. It serves the islanders with…[Read more]

    • @Bootstrap

      Visions: I don’t consider myself an individualist, but I understand what you mean. I have no ideological test for people on the island, but I do imagine other tests. It’s important to me that we don’t sell land to someone expecting to bulldoze an acre along the beach to build a conventional home consuming 20kwh of energy and 100…[Read more]

    • KISS + liberty: We all have different life experiences, and it shows. When I read these complex descriptions of how the island and business is structured, I feel like I’m dealing with “liberty advocates in theory”… but who have not [been able to] apply those ideas in practice, and so naturally fall into every conventional trap (“way of doing…[Read more]

    • —–

      Martin: If the corporation owns and operates the island, the corporation can rent [or lease] you a portion of the island [with or without dwelling] for anywhere between $1 per year and $1000 per day (whatever is most advantageous to you). We can make sure this is not considered “a scam” by any taxing “authority” by adding various…[Read more]

    • Commercial Disadvantage: Does our endeavor suffer a “commercial disadvantage” and have “low prospects for success”? My opinion is… that depends on what we consider “success”.

      First of all, this island is NOT competition for what I have been calling “a resort” (which is a large-scale 5-star development with enormous overhead). We (and most…[Read more]

    • Subdivision: PLEASE reconsider “legal subdivision”. See my previous message on this topic.


      Parcels for Sale: I disagree with the assumption that we must spend a lot of money before we can “sell parcels”. When we “sell a parcel” we MUST provide infrastructure to that parcel by the time they erect a dwelling. Not before. As a…[Read more]

    • Rent-Seekers: I had to look up this term. My usual synonym appears to be “human predator”. Frankly, my attitude is this. If we are FORCED to deal with ANY rent-seeker concerning more than a few bucks, then I AM OUT. I refuse to support human predators… on practical as well as philosophical grounds.

      There. That’s pretty simple,…[Read more]

    • Bootstrap, I would love to avoid official subdivision. Private peer-to-peer agreements are always the best. But I don’t know a way to avoid being forcefully evicted from the island as soon as anyone starts living there. There are few enough islands in Fiji that no development or habitation will go unnoticed.

      Even if the lessor would like to let…[Read more]

    • Resort Power: Large resorts generally operate off a conventional power grid, another reason they locate on relatively large islands (even if they are much smaller islands than the largest two Fiji islands). Many small/niche resorts like ours tend to operate off generators, because they are short-term thinkers who almost always borrow to build…[Read more]

    • Canned-Businesses: Here is a wacky idea. As soon as we start operations, we place adds that entice talented individuals to start up obviously desirable and complementary operations like the “scuba training academy”. If that works, fine.

      But if we don’t entice enough talented individuals to start up their own businesses on our island this…[Read more]

    • @Roger:

      Roger said: I would love to avoid official subdivision. Private peer-to-peer agreements are always the best. But I don’t know a way to avoid being forcefully evicted from the island as soon as anyone starts living there. There are few enough islands in Fiji that no development or habitation will go unnoticed. Even if the lessor would…[Read more]

    • ##### FREEDOM #####

      One of you said you can find LOTS of founders if those founders knew they could live substantially freer lives on our island than in their current police-state nations. We can! But not every reason we can enjoy more freedom is because the “official law books of Fiji” say so. In fact, the most important reasons have…[Read more]

    • > “Seriously! If the FourSeasons was to lease this island and build 80 buildings for tourists to say, and shop-owners to rent, and so forth… would the FourSeasons be evicted from the island?”

      You can be sure that FourSeasons sought detailed approval for every one of those 80 buildings. Furthermore they probably had to revise their application…[Read more]


      This stipulation rules me out, because I may not invest my tax-deferred assets in my personal residence. Private agreements between gentlemen suit me, but I have this legal obstacle. I’m not even sure that I can overcome the obstacle with the financial structure I’ve described, but it seems possible.

      Let’s face it. We’re…[Read more]

    • Funds invested productively for 50 years might yield 4% per annum, compounded, after tax and inflation (the long-term average in the UK is 5.1% per annum after inflation but before tax). In the course of 50 years, $600K could be expected to turn into $4.2M plus inflation.

      So if I were a landowner, I would either want $600K now, or $4.2M (plus…[Read more]

    • I agree. If we make the 50-50 offer, the sellers will never take us seriously.

    • Unless my fingers slipped, the 50:50 offer was:
      $600K now.
      $600K in 10 years (not 50 years).

    • OK. $600K now is comparable to $890K in ten years.

      Anyway, suppose they accepted your offer. If we can’t find $600K in 10 years we lose the island. It would be much better to start the project with a secure 99-year lease.

    • Actually (hopefully anyway), I thought my original proposal was that we have the option to pay another $600K in 10 years to extend the lease another 50 years. And so, if we didn’t pay, we still have a 50 year lease.

      If we can’t find another $600K after 10 years, I think we all agree our revenue assumptions were grossly optimistic. But we can…[Read more]

    • Eco-tourism: Developing the island this way can be less costly and also distinguish us from other resorts. Natural is less costly to develop, but we aren’t creating a less luxurious resort. They have big screen TVs and the power behind them. We don’t have smaller TVs. We have no TVs. You don’t come to our island to watch TV. They have pools. You…[Read more]

    • Roger said: Bootstrap, I would love to avoid official subdivision. Private peer-to-peer agreements are always the best. But I don’t know a way to avoid being forcefully evicted from the island as soon as anyone starts living there. There are few enough islands in Fiji that no development or habitation will go unnoticed.

      Even if the lessor…[Read more]

    • Proposal for Utopia Island

      ##### SUMMARY #####
      #1: our name for island: Utopia.
      #2: island owners : some native trust.
      #3: island lease: $1.2M for 99 years by a Singapore corporation formed by founders.
      #4: total number of island lessees: one (corporation owned by founders).
      #5: development plan
      —– 5A: standard underground…[Read more]

    • Rent vs Lease vs Own: Just in case my proposal isn’t clear, let me address the practical difference between “ownership” versus “leasing” versus “renting”. This is strictly from the perspective of our customers/clients/guests.

      What’s the difference between owning, leasing for 100 years, or renting for 100 years?

      ANSWER == very little.

      If…[Read more]

    • @restonthewind (Martin): Your description of eco-resort seems right to me. And if we decide to go “rent only” as I suggest (to KISS and evade all sorts of regulations and rent-seeking), the nature of everything is entirely up to us. We design everything, we build everything (or have it built), we leave nothing up to [potential] jerks we don’t…[Read more]

    • #1: Of the names discussed thus far, I prefer Erisia. I also like Solitude. There’s always Kadomo, of course. “Utopia” seems too political.
      #2-4: Agreed.
      5A: Agreed.
      5B: I’m unsure about the sewage issue. I can imagine a composting toilet in my hut, but others may prefer a different solution.
      5C: Agreed.
      5D-E: 40 huts seems too many on one side…[Read more]

    • @restonthewind (Martin): Darn, I was getting to live Utopia. I’m not sure how “utopia” is political (seems more like a slightly silly albeit descriptive name). But “Solitude” isn’t bad, though that name lacks any sense of class/spiffy.

      Purpose: The reason I made the proposal was KISS. Also, the idea was, to formulate a plan that can be…[Read more]

    • “Utopia” has 65 million results on Google. “Erisia” has less than 65 thousand. I think that’s a strong argument in favor of “Erisia”. Also, a search for “Utopia resort” shows many resorts using that name; “erisia resort” returns no actual resorts on the first few pages of search results.

      I see no point deciding the detailed style and layout of…[Read more]

    • Two votes for Erisia then. Thanks for the pronunciation guide.

      If the lease only permits a “trophy” island, I can’t afford it. I wish I could, and my goal for any development is the next, best thing. The island is a living thing of wondrous beauty, and we shed a tear every time we dig a hole in it.

      We’re only dreaming at this point, which is…[Read more]

    • concrete slabs: Understood. I don’t object to post holes filled with concrete. We use technology where it adds something, like structural integrity, without destroying the sense of being on a frontier in a wilderness.

      unique huts: We should avoid the “resort” look. We want a primitive, island village, not a resort. It’s a primitive, island…[Read more]

    • Native Fijian clientelle: I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re presumably right. The “barracks” analogy is also apt. Maybe a hostel is not a great application of the shared structure. If we’re discussing 40-50 huts, we don’t need the extra people either.

    • Okay, folks, I want to attempt a “pull together” message here. I am not “playing games”, I am willing to invest our $400K in late September if we can agree on enough details, we visit the island in early September, native restrictions don’t screw us up, and all else goes well.

      So, let’s pull this together if we can!

      PS: I can only post…[Read more]

    • ignore: testing, testing, testing… trying to break problems with super-short message.

    • I keep typing “Elisia” (now corrected above), but the name is “Erisia”. Rick Rule suggests “Eris Island” above. Eris is the Greek goddess of discord and chaos, and the Eris Society was a libertarian group founded by Doug Casey. Members of the group called themselves “Erisians”.

      Serious: On a three month time scale, I can’t say I’m serious, but I…[Read more]

    • @restonthewind (Martin): Thanks for the specifics.

      Your timeframe means we (and Jeff) have to give up on this island, unless we pick up another founder or two with $400K. I suppose that could happen if someone promotes this. I found one or two people wanting to “buy” (long-term rent) a hut for $150K or so, but they wouldn’t be founders, and…[Read more]

    • I’m serious, and have the funds available. My prerequisite is that there is strong evidence that the island can be developed. So far I have not seen any evidence at all.

      I’m happy to be the one to research that, but I have already exhausted the meagre sources available online. Now I only know one way to do it – by engaging local Fiji lawyers to…[Read more]

    • By the way, I love Martin’s idea of letting buyers “homestead” a location of their choice. I think that would be a very popular selling point in our target market, and would also be very satisfying for me personally.

    • I’m not an investor in September, but I could travel to Fiji in September, and I’m still interested.

      Before pooling resources to employ counsel in Fiji, we might as well form a corporation; however, we have many options to pursue first. We can directly contact the iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB), BirdLife International (BI), the National Trust of…[Read more]

    • I also like the homesteading approach, and it creates a new business opportunity for the corporation. We’ll need a general store on the island, and we’ll be limiting the options for building huts somewhat. I don’t want strict limits, but builders must respect our eco-village theme. We can stock many building materials and tools and retail them to…[Read more]

  • Ryan McCormick posted an update 2 hours, 30 minutes ago

    When it comes to the economy and the job market, government only possesses the power to prevent job creation and growth.

  • Winter Trabex posted an update 2 hours, 45 minutes ago

    There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. -Sam Walton

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