“Listen: Fuck it. What, are you gonna take away my birthday? My life is over and I don’t give a shit.”

Though the specific demarcation of the passage from one year into another is a rather arbitrary social construct, it doe

Anarcho-Monarchism is a collection of 30 essays by libertarian author Insula Qui. The book explores various issues from

What is the real market value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? The numbers used to explain the performance of Bitcoin a

Cyber Smart is a book about protecting money and information from cyber criminals by cybersecurity expert Bart R. McDono

Better Off Free

By Isaac Morehouse

In this wide-ranging collection of entertaining and thought-provoking essays, Isaac Morehouse shares his original, lib

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The Justin Mohr Show – The fed raises rates 4th time in 2018

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This is episode 271 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast. Join us for an iconic episode. Don’t forget to visit ymb.tc/e271 so you can share your thoughts in the comments! Every cl…Read more

The Joey Clark Radio Hour – Is Traditional Masculinity Really Toxic?

Joey and Clay "Southern Wood" Sharpe discuss the American Psychological Association's latest report on men and boys. There are some problems with what they deem toxic masculine behavior (and they also…Read more