If today’s feminists stood for anything at all, they ought to support a woman’s basic right to own her body.

Why even Hollywood villains have become politically correct: According to the “nothing about us without us”

I’ve been trying to think of something constructive to say about the whole “Catholic schoolboy vs. Native-Am

Children should not be forced to memorize anything that does not serve a practical purpose. Education beyond basic socia

I love the awesome stuff you can get these days. I was born in Soviet Ukraine and grew up before the internet, before ce

What is life like away from the powers of the State? Only a handful of people have sought to answer this question as ful

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The Freedom Report – Amazon Pulls Out of New York and Democrats Pounce

The media has been fixated on Republican responses to ridiculous Democratic behavior, causing one to question whether or not the media is in fact, fake news. Ben Shapiro writes at the Daily Wire about…Read more

The Gold Newsletter Podcast – Dark Financial Clouds Forming in 2019

Doomsayers have for decades claimed that the collapse of the global financial system is just around the corner, yet here we are in 2019 with a strong US dollar and a ballooning public debt. Chris M…Read more

One Free Family – Helping Our Kids Try New Things Without Pressuring Them

Some kids love it when their parents come around and offer new ideas for activities. They love to go out spontaneously, are happy to drop everything for an impromptu art project, and feel a sense of t…Read more