What is Kratom Kratom is a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia, largely Malaysia and Thailand, but for some time it’

Both are ongoing, but the Kavanaugh confirmation process both highlighted the damage and added to it. Thing One: “

One Nation Under Gold is a book about the role of gold in American economic history by James Ledbetter. The book details

The chord progression is the same for all parts: C, Amsus4, G7, C7, C, Dm, Em, C. The acoustic guitar solo also follows

Since the reports made by Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald in the 1950s[1], it has been known that the Catholic Church has a proble

Has a book ever changed your life? These books can be few and far between. You could spend years reading, searching for

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Another Podcast – Dragon Energy, Nanny State, and can Phil Bredesen be the hero TN needs?

Dragon Energy, Nanny State, and can Phil Bredesen be the hero TN needs?

Proven & Probable – ANDY SCHECTMAN | Time to Rebalance Your Precious Metals Portfolio

Watch the video and visit our website for more details provenandprobable.com/. For more info on Miles Franklin: www.milesfranklin.com Please share this video: youtu.be/xknA647LF8o Andy Schectma…Read more

The LAVA Flow – End the Fed

The national Libertarian Party has screwed up yet again, tweeting nonsense about the Federal Reserve. Why should we End the Fed? What's in the News with stories on trick or treating is a crime, Florid…Read more