The triumph of Trump has led to much wailing and whining in the global warming industry, as typified by a recent article

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From the foreword by Guido Hülsmann: Steeped in the tradition of the Austrian School, Dr Eduard Braun delivers a sweepi

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  • [Update: fun Milo photoshop at the bottom] As anyone who pays attention to the Social Media parts of the Intertubes is aware, Milo Yiannopoulos is in hot water for allegedly being in favor of Man Boy luurve. [Read story]
    • I think what you say makes a lot of sense.

      I would have been happier, however, if you showed any respect for Christians (“bansturbators”).

      The casual use of Jesus as if he would approve of sex outside of marriage is factually incorrect. The insults about the billion or so world Catholics and others who believe those tenets are disturbing.

      Yes, our beliefs are tough. Christianity is like that – read what Christ said. But the implication that this are a result of repressed desires and such is an example of the worst of what the left tends to belief – Freud uber alles.

      Believe me, many of us don’t like the religious rules. We’d love to be free to do whatever – wild sex, cheating people out of their money, or lots of other sins. We try not to do so. And those of us think about it do not randomly condemn people – we are sorry that their choices are bad for them, and too often, for others.

      Does that mean we want to burn homosexuals at the stake? No, we do not. They are humans like us, sinners like us, and deserve our respect.

      We also know that some of those beliefs are important to a successful society. All you have to do is look at the wreckage in the West as a result of abandoning the idea of marriage as a sacrament – divorces for little reason, children harmed by those breakups.

      You may not hold our beliefs. That’s fine. But please recognize that a whole lot of intelligent, well educated people hold them, and do not hold them lightly.

      Your attitude of mockery is inappropriate for any serious discussion, and detracts from what is otherwise a very nice post.

      As an aside, your views on global warming (also my own) will not save you from being branded a DENIER. Accept it, get a hat, and wear it proudly.

    • I don’t think I said Jesus would approve of sex outside marriage. If I implied it, then that was a mistake. The post was long enough without my trying to go into a whole list of reasons why I’m not happy with the lack of sexual morality on display today. I suspect we actually agree quite a lot here.

      I think Jesus would have shown compassion to teen sex and I’m sure would have wanted them not to sin again, but he would taught them why it was wrong and offered a chance for repentance.

      What I was trying to say was that in my readings of the gospels Jesus would have more exercised about the hypocrisy than the sex – “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone” etc. It comes across very clearly in the gospels is that Jesus hated the hypocrisy of the Pharisees who were the bansturbators of the time. They were the equivalent of the “Bertha hiloer than thou” church ladies and/or the tele-evangelists who castigate others for their sins and indulge in other sins themselves. “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye”

    • The thing is the bansturbators do invoke punishments that are wildly disproportionate for the crime in many cases. When you have teenagers who are put on the sex offender list for life for trafficking in child porn (aka sexting their BF/GF) then that’s excessive. Likewise any one of a dozen other borderline cases where the law is rigidly applied by some DA who wants to increase his conviction percentages and the defendant is bullied into a plea bargain instead of hoping for a jury trial that he (it’s almost always he) can’t afford.

  • Rick,

    When we assume that UEC can generate 4 million pounds per year, are we taking into account all their measured and indicated resources on their Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Paraguay projects?

    Also, do you believe their resourses at Palangana and Goliad, can grow with further drilling and exploration?

  • The triumph of Trump has led to much wailing and whining in the global warming industry, as typified by a recent article from The Atlantic ( link). Since the article is in the Atlantic there are no prizes [Read story]
    • Nice summary. But you are making the fundamental error that climate hysterics actually CARE about logic, numbers and facts. As you alluded, it’s actually a semi-religious, virtue-signalling exercise that has the side benefit of allowing them to control everyone else — in many ways like the Puritan society of settlers in Massachusetts. But it’s still a relief for people like me to read that someone else isn’t buying it either. Luckily for us, most average people don’t really either, especially when it comes down to what actually gets done about the “problem.” With any luck, the hysteria will blow over in another decade, and the controllers will move on to some new reason why they must control us. Thanks! -Beth

    • There’s actually a lot of us who think this way.

      Just about every mathematically literate person who has dug into the research thinks it is iffy as hell (with the notable exception of the BEST project that is being run by a physicist) and anyone who looks at the smug hypocrisy of most green campaigners quickly realizes they’re in it mostly for the bansturbation

    • “Yes, climate change is real, and yes, human activity is implicated,” generally by that part of the scientific community that is directly or indirectly funded by taxes. I’m not even aware that there is any climate research being performed that isn’t tainted by the self-interest of those involved in finding a problem that needs tax dollars to fix it. If Exxon’s research is tainted by self interest, the government-funded scientific community is more seriously compromised. Even if the climate is changing only as a result of human activity to an extent that is likely to bring about the end of human life on earth, the last institution a sane person would ask to fix it is the government, the number one cause of environmental degradation the world has ever known. (Do the names Hiroshima and Nagasaki ring a bell?) How about Rocky Flats? Three-Mile Island? Chernobyl? The former Glen Canyon? Pacific Proving Grounds. These places were all staffed primarily by military personnel and SCIENTISTS.

      Global warming/climate change are the latest smoke screens to cover the maneuvering of the taxaholic folks abiding in The Swamp. Drain it. Abolish the federal personal income tax and withholding. Free the slaves.

    • Perhaps you’ll permit some elaboration, especially on the COST of warmist frauds:
      • Is there global warming?
      o Well, coming off an ice age, duh — some.
      • Is it man-made?
      o Some, not all.
      • What are our alternatives?
      o In part, slow or stop it.
      o In part, adapt to it.
      o In all cases, admit we don’t know nearly enough.
      o Understand that with chaotic systems, we are just as likely to exacerbate as to ameliorate. E.g. Are we trapping heat or in fact raising the albedo?! Backstops of solar panels are black…?!
      • What are costs and benefits? (This kills warmists. No price is too great for their crusade.)
      o FULL accounting of current costs, not just direct, but indirect and knock-on effects.
      o PLUS the deleterious social and psychological effects of ever-growing government intrusion. This is really bad but regrettably diffuse and under recognized.
      o SET appropriately high discount rates for highly uncertain future benefits.
      o As the math soon makes it clear, it’s far better to increase our wealth, and then fix any adverse results in future, rather than impoverish ourselves AND THE FUTURE, today.
      o Recognize the current poor in the world deserve to live better, and not be kept in squalor for the mere chance at improving the future.
      On that last point — if you’d read this far, invest another ten minutes in a terrific video by Hans Rosling:

    • Thanks Robert, I posted it on my FB page.

    • The washing machine video is a large reason why I fundamentally disagree with most of the proposed “solutions” for global warming. Like I say in the post it seems the activists “prefer that brown people continue to suffer in poverty rather than have access to things like washing machines, electric light and stoves that don’t cause lung damage from particulates.”

      If you are going to oppose that you’d better be absolutely sure that you are preventing a worse disaster, and if you are that sure then maybe you should act like it. I.e. no more flights to conferences in exotic locations, no more high energy consuming homes etc. Since they don’t do that or indeed take any other action that suggests there’s a real crisis I tend to think they don’t believe it is a problem themselves

  • Human Action Principles March 5th, 1995 Lecture Number Eight   I will begin this session with a question I posed earlier:  How can we build a science on the qualitative analysis of doctrines? I will a [Read story]
    • Thanks again to whomever is undertaking the massive job of transcribing these lectures. Hopefully they’re being widely read here.

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  • I wasn’t able to be there last year, but look forward to attending this year’s seminar.

    I’m especially keen to hear Jan Narveson’s presentation.

  • war-on-drugs“You can’t sue somebody for a drug debt. The only way to get your money is through strong-arm tactics, and violence tends to follow that.” That is the quote from the Attorney General of the United States in [Read story]
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  • Trump seeks massive 9% military spending hike :: Minnesota officer pleads not guilty in shooting death of Philando Castile :: Federal appeals court will not put Trump travel ban case on hold


  • Here (via the Libertarian Institute, btw).Like KN@PPSTER? Check out Tom Knapp’s work at the Garrison Center too!
  • Not that you haven’t heard me say this before, but it bears repeating given word that Trump plans to ask for a 10% boost to the already bloated US “defense” budget:If he’s not serious about cutting military [Read story]
  • The libertarian movement has a bad rap of only attracted white males. One, that doesn’t seem to be true, according to The Cato Institute. Two, there is no reason for it. Check out the BLM Guiding Principles as they compare to libertarian ideas.

    [Read more]

  • A start is a very good travel agent, to whom you pay a very small fee to shop for you. I recently traveled Vancouver -London ( first class), London- Cape Town ( first class) , Cape Town – Mopani (private) , Mopani – Lubumbashi ( private), Lubumbashi- Johannesburg ( private), Johannesburg – London ( first class), London – Zurich ( business),…[Read more]

  • Any expats or folks near/visiting Hong Kong lately?

    [Read more]

    • I visited for the first time about two years ago (so no, not recently), but loved it. Don’t know that I’d want to live there full time, what with the high cost of living, smog, etc., but a neat place to visit, and very efficient.

    • I’m excited to be visiting in a few weeks! Ever since I read the novel Tai-Pan, about the founding of Hong Kong, I’ve been fascinated with the place. Its sequel, Noble House, set in the ’60’s, is great too. The author, James Clavell, was known for his cultural accuracy.

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