One of the things that most marks out the SJW sort is their utter inability to tolerate an argument. If they say somethi

One of the big things in Computer Science is “scalability”. Scalability is how we get something that works q

Diworsification is now reaching the parts other SJW trends do not reach: Engineering, Science and Technology. As proof I

One of Mahatma Gandhi’s tricks used against the British Empire in India was to get himself arrested for reasons th

In the last week or two the question of immigration has come to the attention of the chattering classes again. Said chat

The Clearest Explanation of Bitcoin Everybody is talking about Bitcoin, but most people have no idea what the fuss is ab

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The Tim Preuss Podcast – Love Trumps Hate

The left is actively going against their own message of “love trumps hate”. Look at the left – it is filled with hate, anger, and emotionally ugly behavior. Peter Fonda is a perfect depiction of what …Read more

The Jason Stapleton Program – The Balls on the TSA

Yeah, normally I’m more reserved but arrogance and total disregard for the traveling public by the TSA just gets my Irish up. According to Bart Johnson, who leads security for the TSA, travelers sh…Read more

The Scott Horton Show – Sheldon Richman on Trump, North Korea and Iran

Sheldon Richman, Executive Editor of the Libertarian Institute and author of TGIF “The Goal Is Freedom” every Friday on the Institute’s site, is interviewed on his new article “Trump, North Korea, and…Read more