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Liberty.me is the global liberty community. We bring together freedom-loving people from around the world. You get your own blog, hundreds of books, useful guides, live events, and tons more great stuff!

Now Liberty.me has teamed up with Free the People Foundation, a community with a broad libertarian mission, an ethos open to the liberty-curious on the left, right, and center, and a vast network and expertise in outreach. Together, we represent a powerhouse of inspired resistance.

The new Liberty.me, in partnership with Free the People, is rooted in a simple conviction: the way to change the world is to change our own lives first!

Message from our CLO

Welcome to the global liberty community!

jeffrey-tucker For all of us here, this is a dream come true. We can do things that change the world. The future can be better than the past. We only need to believe and act.

Liberty is not just an abstraction. It is not only for the realm of thinking. Liberty can be lived. It must be present in our own lives in order to have a fighting chance in the world.

That means practical ideas: using new technologies, pursuing alternative education and health care, innovating new systems of money and transportation, staying away from oppressors and escaping them when necessary.

No single idea is the magic bullet. But liberty can be built through a thousand marginal steps forward. The benefits are personal and real. The social results are highly promising.

Liberty.me believes in inspiring these practical ideas toward building freer lives. This approach is both a challenge and an inspiration. We are especially interested in your ideas of how to make our home better. Building Liberty.me will take all of us.

This is your community. Together we can do wonderful things!

Jeffrey Tucker
Chief Liberty Officer, Liberty.me

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You'll find helpful articles on many of the features of Liberty.me and a button to contact us. We're here to answer any questions or help out with any problems. If you have any issues with content or other users, please let us know!

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Props & Shoutouts

I've long dreamt about a very cool, liberty oriented coffee shop, where I could go, visit, learn, debate, and just hang out, and here it is, in my own home, on my laptop. This "coffee shop" is brand new and is already my favorite place online. But it will be even better when you join in.

You can expect me to teach at Liberty.me. I know a lot about investing and speculating, knowledge I will share in Liberty.me Live events and in our forum discussions. Rick Rule, Legendary Investor
Liberty.Me has become an invaluable resource to me and my growth as a free and liberty-minded individual. I have learned more here through exposure to those more and/or differently involved in the liberty movement, some new and some people I have already known, like Walter Block, Mises, etc. I have also gained a fantastic group of friends and fellow liberty lovers who never cease to amaze and educate me. I spent nearly a decade in the war and was truly saddened when I returned and woke up, but found much of America still asleep and apathetic to everything going on. This platform gives me hope, and a place to voice my opinions, knowledge, and grievances with others and develop those ideas among the community. Jesse Lohse
I'm a believer in freedom. That's why I'm a member of Liberty.me. It's a website started by my friend Jeffrey Tucker to make your life better. It's about innovating, being more productive, and making new friends. The result is a global network totally dedicated to freeing our lives and the world from oligarchy and control by elites. It would be great to see you there. Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com
Liberty.me has become my favorite social media platform. Every person I have interacted with has been respectful and offered so much advice, by choice! I’ve been able to learn about bitcoin and even connected with other parents who unschool. It truly is the home of everything liberty minded. Mandie Koeckes
I joined Liberty.me about a year ago or so, or maybe less than that. I always liked Jeffrey Tucker’s style and depth, and I had the feeling it was going to be an interesting community of like-minded people, where I could participate and whom I could share views with. Well, actually, Liberty.me has totally exceeded my expectations. Not only do I find it absolutely interesting but I almost ceased using Facebook!

I do feel I’ve already made new true friends at Liberty.me, plus the amount, quality, and depth of the information and knowledge I now have access to, by being a member of Liberty.me is just mind-blowing! I am not exaggerating, it is phenomenal!

The site is very well set up: there are discussions, blogs, articles, groups, news, links, etc.! Plus I can download tons of priceless books and guides. And also the members writing articles are brilliant, as are their articles! It is an ongoing source of priceless information and knowledge!

I am amazed. I’m amazed at the fact that something like Liberty.me has come to exist… and at the incredible speed it is growing! We’re welcoming new members all the time… more and more each day!

It is very pleasing and encouraging to see all this actually happening! Really! I’m so pleased to be a part of Liberty.me!

Let’s continue growing! We will win!

Cheers! Jorge Trucco
We had this guy, Specialist Babwaller, who was always next to me in the chalk on the flight line down at Bragg. He always used to pester me about these “liberty ideas” and about books he was reading that made him think our military service wasn’t all it was cracked up to be while we were getting our chutes and waiting for interminable amounts of time. He said that what we were doing didn’t make the world a safer place at all, but actually made it more dangerous. I didn’t take him too seriously back then, but I always wondered what it would be like to have a community of philosophers and political theorists and economists and writers and artists so that high-minded ideas like that could be debated and scrutinized in a way that led, somehow, to enlightenment. Well, it took a while, but there finally is such a place, and it lives and breathes on the Internet -- Liberty.me. My buddy Babwaller would have been proud to be a member had he survived our infiltration mission in the mid-90s. Luck would have it that I did survive, though, and I guess I'll just have to be proud enough for two that this amazing digital city exists and continues to evolve in inspiring ways. Frank Zeus Marcopolos, FrankMarcopolos.com
Liberty.me is a social community with more focus than Facebook, broader than Twitter, good for learning, sharing and expanding your mind. Discussions, live sessions with subject experts, books and more. If you have an open mind it will be an asylum on the Internet. Ken Jons-Un
Compared to Facebook, Liberty.me is kind of like being in the airport and then making your way into the private lounge: You had no idea how mind-numbing CNN was in the background until you were in a quiet spot and could actually *think*. Robert Murphy, PhD
Liberty.me has provided me with the hope and resource I have been looking for to keep me going in liberty thought. It provides the atmosphere and community I need. I'm just speechless. It's like it's a godsend. Zachary Slayback
Liberty.me is the coziest place on the internet. It’s populated with extremely interesting, thoughtful and well mannered people. This city is alive and is constantly expanding and being built by us, its inhabitants, as much as it is by its creators. Ady Sheerer

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Meet the Team

Jeffrey Tucker is Chief Liberty Officer and founder of Liberty.me. He is also Director of Digital Development for the Foundation for Economic Education, executive editor of Laissez-Faire Books, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, an advisor to the blockchant application builder Factom, and author of five books. He has written 150 introductions to books and many thousands of articles appearing in the scholarly and popular press. His new book is Bit by Bit: How P2P Is Freeing the World , with an introduction by Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com and a foreword by investor Roger Ver.

He created the first commercial service of online book distribution that published entirely in the commons (The Laissez Faire Club) and he was an early innovator in online distribution of literature during his tenure as builder and editor of Mises.org. He created the the first live classroom in the liberty-oriented ideological space and assembled the official bibliography of famed economic writer Henry Hazlitt, a project that included more than 10,000 entries. Early in his career, following his degree in economics and journalism, he served as research assistant to Ron Paul at his private foundation. Read Less

Matt Kibbe is a leading advocate for personal, civil and economic liberties. An economist by training, Kibbe is a public policy expert, bestselling author and political commentator. He served as Senior Advisor to Concerned American Voters, a Rand Paul Super PAC. He is also Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Austrian Economic Center in Vienna, Austria.

In 2004 Kibbe founded FreedomWorks, a national grassroots advocacy organization, and served as President until his departure in July 2015. Steve Forbes said “Kibbe has been to FreedomWorks what Steve Jobs was to Apple.” Newsweek pronounced Kibbe “one of the masterminds” of tea party politics. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann called Kibbe “the second worst person in the world.”

Dubbed “the scribe” by the New York Daily News, Kibbe is the author of the #2 New York Times bestseller Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto (HarperCollins 2014), Hostile Takeover: Resisting Centralized Government's Stranglehold on America (HarperCollins 2012) and coauthor of Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto (HarperCollins 2010). Kibbe appears frequently on national television including FOX News, HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, The Blaze TV and CSPAN.

Before joining FreedomWorks, Kibbe served as a congressional Chief of Staff and House Budget Committee Associate. He was also Budget Director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Senior Economist for the RNC under Lee Atwater.

Kibbe did graduate work in economics at George Mason University and received his B.A. in Economics from Grove City College. He lives in Washington, DC with his unspeakably awesome wife of 29 years, Terry, and their three liberty-minded cats, Roark, Ragnar and Iko. A noted scholarly expert on The Big Lebowski, Kibbe is also an avid DeadHead, drinker of beer and whisky, and collector of obscure books on libertarian philosophy. Read Less

Terry is a fundraiser and venture philanthropist focused on investments in medical innovation and the liberty movement. In addition to supporting Free the People, she is the President of Curated Innovation, a 501c(3). Based in Cambridge MA, Curated Innovation is focused on delivering breakthrough products that save or greatly improve lives. In 2015-16, she was a fundraiser for Concerned American Voters, a SuperPAC supporting Rand Paul for President. Terry served as Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Rising Tide Foundation in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and as an Advisor to the Global Philanthropic Trust in the Cayman Islands.

She brings 18 years of experience as a fundraiser, having raised millions in operating capital for various nonprofit and political causes, including FreedomWorks, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Cato Institute. She spent the first decade of her career as an engineer working on defense technology. She also worked on Capitol Hill as a top aide to Congressman Christopher Cox. In early 2007, Terry formed Dagny, LLC, offering strategic management services to philanthropic charities and non-profit organizations. Terry is a graduate of Grove City College, where she received her B.S. in Industrial Engineering. Read Less

Grant likes to think of himself as a sort of spiritual medium between our members and our development team. He heads up the Liberty Pals group and works closely with our developers organizing, prioritizing, testing, and creating tasks tailored to improve every aspect of the site.

Contact Grant if you need help figuring out how to do something on Liberty.me or have a suggestion for how we can improve.

Email: [email protected] Read Less

David is the technical architect of Liberty.me. As “Chief Wizard”, he is responsible for constantly innovating and improving the technology that goes into Liberty.me, as well as making sure the Liberty.me website keeps working great!

Contact David if you have any ideas for new Liberty.me features.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @HeroicLife Read Less

After going on a conference binge last summer, Liz is doing it all over again to highlight the wonderful experiences that libertarian organizations across North America have to offer. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, and intends to specialize in nanotechnology in graduate school. Liz is currently on the Executive Board of Students For Liberty, and is a Campus Coordinator for the Canadian Taxpayer Federation's Generation Screwed initiative, as well as a running candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @existentializm
Twitter: @lizAEJ Read Less

Manuel Lora is a computer and photography geek, an amateur tinkerer and aspiring rock star.

He works with Liberty.me Studio and Liberty.me Live and helps orchestrate our social media presence. Read Less

Andrew has written for Bitcoin Magazine and the Worcester Telegram and Gazette on the subject of economics. He runs the Boston Austrian Economics Group, the New Hampshire Austrian Economics Group, is interim director of the Bastiat Institute, and has spoken at Liberty Forum and Porcfest on the topics of homesteading, Lockean vs. Occupancy-and-Use property rights, and the difference between feudal and market societies. Read Less

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