Back in the 1960s Malcolm Muggeridge, after publishing what he thought was a ridiculous joke and then discovering that i

Every marketing professional knows you sell the sizzle. The smell of the bacon. The sound of the onions frying. The drea

Note: There’s an update at the end stolen from someone who nicked it from someone on the book of faces President T

One of the big disappointments to me of Theresa May’s handling of Brexit is how conventional she (and many of her

Not too long ago, judge Aaron Persky was recalled by voters, a feat not accomplished in California for 86 years. At issu

Reposted from Quora: I would argue the USA desperately needs open borders to avoid economic disaster. Consider that: 1:

President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh as the next SCOTUS justice and, entirely predictably, the screeching left went

Congress has given up the effort to reform health care for now, but in the meantime Senator Rand Paul and the Trump admi

Contrary to the bromides, immigrants cause less crime than natives. How does this study account for “sanctuary” poli

How many times throughout history have bullies sought to humiliate and dehumanize their victims by forcing them to grow

Since the beginning of recorded history, a teleological element has been present in historical narratives. The precise f

On the June 19 episode of Fox News Channel’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum”, substitute host Sandra Smith h

The fundamental concern of libertarianism is the question of what constitutes the acceptable use of force. The primary o

Reposted from Quora: The best way to estimate how many cryptocurrencies will survive the infancy period is to look at ot

On this day in 1804, Vice President Aaron Burr put Alexander Hamilton, aka “Publius,” a principle author and Articles

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