Update: I have added/corrected some details about the particular regulations in question I mentioned India’s Permi

Note: There’s an update at the end stolen from someone who nicked it from someone on the book of faces President T

Update: See the bottom for something else FB disapproves of that needs to be watched (and which – second update &#

Seven reasons why Facebook is wrong and dishonest in their censorship of Code Is Free Speech dot com:   1: Code Is Free

Update: Large portions of the book appear to be plagiarized. My respect for the author has, as a result dwindled drastic

The following hierarchy attempts to classify different levels of content moderation (or censorship, depending on the con

Parents have a responsibility to teach their children gender-normative behavior for the same reasons that they ought to

By Benjamin Welton As some American eggheads say, there could not have been 1787 without 1215. The legacy of Philadelphi

By Insula Qui Producerism is a unique view of political and social philosophy. To completely understand this theory, we

Libertarianism within a leviathan state functions not as a governing philosophy, but as a critique of excesses, i.e. the

Originally published on International Man Welcome to Brainwash University by John Hunt, MD Welcome to all you first-ye

Tor and VPN Should I use a VPN with Tor? Yes! Using Tor and VPN together provides maximum security. Should I use a VPN t

By Darien Sumner On July 23, Social Matter published an article by Mark Christensen titled “We Need Tremendous Governm

The New Wealth of Nations is a book about the decline of world poverty by Indian economist Surjit S. Bhalla. The book ex

There was a recent shooting, which is being promoted as a”stand your ground” incident, in Florida. It has t

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