like a woman whose beloved husband has been scorned. In this case the woman is Her Imperial Majesty Bridget I, Empress o

Some more on the Origins saga. First, it seems that a number of big name authors are unimpressed with the disinvitation

Via Steve Hayward at Powerlineblog I see this article about Japan’s energy plans. The article is, IMHO, amusingly

may I have permission to do something that lets me pay you some taxes? Certainly, good slave. Please take a number and s

This is, in part, a follow up to yesterday’s post about Origins Game Fair ditching Larry Correia. However, while y

Today, my *web browser* is insisting that I “can help curb opioid abuse.” Here is my contribution: Stock pho

“Violence”- when I use the word I am referring to the ethically neutral use of physical force. As opposed

There is a widespread believe that we are currently witnessing the start of an electric driving revolution. Wherever I l

    I say cops are bad guys, but that is not a popular observation. Many people desperately want to cling

By Insula Qui Author’s note: The main themes of this series are further expounded upon in my book Anarcho-Monarchism,

Verse 1: Hey there Mr. Politician Man Tell me my favorite lies About how we’re all gonna be OK If we just let you

By Benjamin Welton Many doomsayers wrote President Donald Trump’s political epitaph on April 14, when a coalition

The latest prescription drug to get used as an “abuse/addiction” fetish by the drug warriors is gabapentin.

The practice of capital punishment has long been controversial, as it is an ultimate expression of collective power over

One might think, from the news reports, that all she did was make Sarah Huckabee Sanders feel bad. That was about one mi


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