In San Francisco there is general agreement that there is a lack of housing as well as an excess of feces, drug needles

I have some friends who are college lecturers. They are the unfortunates (of various titles and grades of professor R

I’m shocked, shocked, shocked. Also appalled. Amazed. Astounded and various other adjectives. No I’m not. I& Doing a Work It Out and Review.  I noticed Dennis Wilson’s tinyurl link gets straight

Here is the actual reason we grow old and die. Are you ready? It’s brutal: Let’s say there is a 2% chance th

1: Nations don’t have rights. Only people have rights. 2: People have a right to exclude others from their property fo

The Walking Dead comic series and the television show based on it contain many themes which are of interest to the stude

By Benjamin Welton Editor’s note: There is a faction of the contemporary left which denounces anyone who disagrees

As I predicted, Paul Manafort was not convicted on all charges in his tax evasion trial. In fact, the jury hung on more

I am not “pro-Trump”. I am not “anti-Trump”. I’m not impressed by anyone’s stance on

There is a certain species of political theory and public policy analysis which is marked by an inability to understand

On September 4–7, the United States Senate held hearings on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme C

If it seems I’ve been talking too much about socialism lately, there’s a reason. I’ve been listening t

According to the Cato Institute, I live in what is now the freest of the 50 states. I’ve lived most of my life (co

Just in case you ever wondered what kind of damaged person would ever want to become a cop, here is the answer in full c


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