As the regular reader of this blog (Hi Sarah) knows, I’m not an American. When it came to the 2016 election I was

[OK this is long. TL;DR – The FBI actions described in the Nunes memo are symptomatic of a much deeper problem] Th

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for Herr Hitler. The Fuhrer got a terrible rep as a genocidal tyrant but in terms of 20

In Virginia it would seem a legislator has inhaled some of the noxious fumes from some bansturbation factory in DC and p

One of the things that even fairly small government sorts think is a reasonable government job is building roads, railwa

I’ve heard an assumption that because many alt-coins do “more” than Bitcoin and have a higher combined

This parrot what I bought not half an hour ago… I trust all my readers are familiar with the classic example of cu

Since shortly after its invention, cryptocurrency has had the attention of central bankers and government regulators all

Various places have reported that close examination of Strava’s heat map identifies locations and routes that mili

Dear Subscribers, I wanted to share a valuable experience with you that occurred to me yesterday at a prominent bank tha

In recent times, there is a burgeoning industry in popular books on academic subjects aimed at the layperson or the educ

For instance, in the last year the VIX has soared over $15 on five separate occasions.

That’s roughly once every

Hey guys, Sorry I haven’t published anything in a few months. I have been busy ramping up our projects at Palisade

Reactionary Liberty is a book about libertarian philosophy by Robert Taylor that approaches this and related subjects fr

By Insula Qui Libertarianism and Neoreaction The political theory of neoreaction is largely built on the concepts of for


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