Here’s the rub, even if libertarians were to do nothing more than think this idea true and say it to their fellows on occasion, that the State can be resisted as an unnecessary evil, just this thought is already a dangerous form of rebellion that undermines the culture of State power, for,  the authority of the State does not rest in its uses of aggressive force but in the people’s acceptance of that force as legitimate. The most effective tools at your disposal for delegitimizing the  State are not only your ideas but your example of living a life of liberty. Be the freedom you wish for the world.

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  • Curious as to everyone’s favorite charity? Personally, I prefer to support organizations that don’t ask the government for money (as I’m sure most on this site would agree). Any charities out there that you’ve researched that are worth the money?

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  • I only just joined and in order to populate my friends list, I have sent friend requests to all my fellow Canadians in the group, The Canadians. I live in Abbotsford, BC and am particularly interested in contacting fellow British Columbians, maybe to get a discussion group started or organize social get togethers in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

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  • I find it odd that the Libertarian candidates never touch base on this issue in their campaigns. I want all anarchists, Libertarians, Anarcho-Capitalists, ect too answer.   The photo below shows the “Great Society” leader, and the other who was accused of being a Communist insurgent shaking hands over the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I guess this photograph sums-up on what version of history one will refuse to accept, and the other which will be accepted as the “norm.”  

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