There’s absolutely nothing like a good Jeffrey Tucker interview to round off your Tuesday night. Tune in this time for his chat with Alex Winter, the director of Deep Web. The documentary provides an in-depth record of the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, and the landmark trial that involved both, so don’t miss this discussion!

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  • This Saturday 18th Jan at 5pm EST Juan Galt be interviewing one of the Developers of NXT’s Freemarket platform, a decentralized ebay that could become the next and most disruptive Silk Road yet. Though it will be much more than just a Silk Road. We will discuss why this case matters to him as a developer as well as many aspects of the Silk Road trial so far and much more. Stay tuned! Tomorrow Saturday at 5pm EST, on SuperNET radio network, join the chat, ask questions! ‪ #‎freeross‬ ‪ #‎silkroadtrial

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  • Watched Requiem For The American Dream last night. It was pretty good, but got some things definitely wrong. It was able to identify some of the problems with today’s economic and political system, but didn’t quite get many of their causes completely correct. It noted that the economy we have now isn’t truly capitalism (which it’s not), and that in democratic societies, large business will favor regulations that grow government and reduce competition (which is true). The problem is it claims that there are people intentionally doing this for the malicious purpose of exploiting the working class (which I don’t think is really the reason. It just makes good business sense if you want to keep growing your company and paying your workers). It also seemed to imply that Americans don’t have the right of free association, but last I checked that was guaranteed under the First Amendment, as upheld in several supreme court cases. Finally, it heavily implies that the solution to this problem is implement a democratic political system, with a collectivist economy, but doesn’t realize this is calling the feared outcome the solution. He references Socrates thoughts on society, which notes that in a democracy, eventually the poor will vote to redistribute wealth from the rich, and then suggests that the best solution to this problem is … redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor up front? I thought that’s what you were worried about? Anybody else watched this and have some thoughts?

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  • I wanted to bring to this community’s attention the recent documentary “Can We Take a Joke?”, directed by Ted Balaker, one of the founders of Reason TV.  Through the lens of stand-up comedy, it explores how outrage culture and political correctness are eroding the space for free and outrageous expression. I was honored to compose the score for this documentary along with my writing partner Ryan Rapsys.  (please check out our new website The film premiered at Doc NYC in November and I’m sure it will be available for viewing in the near future. I’ll make sure to post when it becomes available for public consumption.

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  • Ross Ulbricht convicted of running Silk Road  What is the next step? Surely Ross will appeal, on what grounds? And what about the charges of murder for hire?

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