Jeffrey Tucker interviews Lucy Steigerwald and Liz Jaluague on the incredible corruption afflicting the Prohibition generation — people underage who are not allowed to have normal drinking lives.

Check out Jeffrey’s recent article: “3 States Consider Lowering the Drinking Age”

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  • I would love to hear people’s recommendations for good small-batch gin.  I am a fan of the Berkshire Mountain product, any other good ones out there?

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  • I think the worst beer I have ever had was Baltika 9 Krepkoe. It came in a 51 oz soda bottle and cost me $3. It is malt liquor from Russia that is 8% alcohol and tastes like burned sweet cereal with a bit of vodka and rotten hops added. I tried to use it for beer pong. BIG mistake. But I ended up giving it to my opponents when their beer ran out, so the odds were evened. What do you think is the worst beer ever?

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  • The best beer I have ever had is Koningshoeven/La Trappe Quadrupel. It has a complex fruit aroma and flavor, amber color, and 10% ABV. They are easy to drink for something that potent though, so be careful as it can sneak up on you. What do you think is the best beer ever?

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  • I’m interested in learning on to brew beer and wondered if there were any brewers? If there are what do you brew, what equipment do you use, and what was the best way you learned?

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