From Apathy to Anarchy: Why I am an Anarchist, What that means, and Why you should be one too.

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly but here it goes. My simple explanation on how I jumped over the cliff.

Roy Childs’ Open Letter to Ayn Rand:

Stephan Kinsella, the Moral Irrelevance of the Impossibility of Anarchy-Libertarianism:
Caplan’s Libertarian Purity Test:

Learn Liberty on Positive and Negative Rights:

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  • One of the main reasons I am a Minarchist instead of a Anarchist is because of some concerns I have with Anarchy. The main one being that I don’t know what would stop a powerful or influential person from ruling over others in an Anarchist society. I am open to ideas on how to solve this issue. Can the Free-market stop oppressors or is a State solution necessary?

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  • Hello Liberty Community! We wanted to introduce ourselves as the latest liberty-based podcast to join the net. We recently chatted with Jeffery in an episode we will be releasing next week and he suggested we join the site to say hello, to meet fellow liberty-minded folks, and share our content with you! Here’s the most recent episode released today! Feel free to get a hold of us and let us know what you think! In their most controversial episode yet, Danny and Michael arrive very late to the party to plumb the depths of the possibly well-intentioned, though likely intellectually faulty social justice movement and find they have very different opinions as to why the movement exists.

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  • If not. What word would you use instead?

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  • Most of us know the big names, like Thomas Jefferson and other American founding fathers, who had some beliefs which were libertarian-oriented. But who are some names most libertarians don’t know about, but would be better off knowing who they are?

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  • What are the varying opinions out there as to why you label yourself a voluntaryist? Do you get a cold shoulder from people who hear you say you’re an anarchist? Is libertarian too watered down? Do you think there’s a further distinction between the two? I would still call myself an anarchist, but I use the term voluntaryist with people I don’t want to push away before a discussion can even take place. Thoughts?

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