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Mad World version was Adam Lambert on American Idol

The Struggles of Going Undiagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome Until Adulthood

Things Not to Say to an Autistic Person

Understanding the Social Behaviours of Girls with ASD

Larked Rose – Without Government Who Will Build the Roads?

Jeffrey Tucker – Against Libertarian Brutalism

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  • Here’s a link to the article: Exerpt: “The trouble is that by attempting to redefine a narrow political philosophy to encompass all things that we like and think are nice – like non-discrimination, like treating people as ends rather than means – we dilute its power and simplicity. We destroy what makes it great. Once we proceed down the road of declaring everything we think is good to be “libertarian,” we will quickly find that libertarianism suddenly has no meaning at all.”

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  • Is hunting (killing) animals, whether commercially of for sport, a violation of the NAP? Your thoughts…

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  • Libertarians only believe in individuals, not a fictional society often used to justify extortion and theft. What would a libertarian say about the actions of a mob? If a mob committed a crime, is that a failure of society? Or are individual actors within the mob responsible for their own actions? What about a crowd tsunami that crushes and kills someone? No one individual alone used enough force to kill the person, but several dozen or hundreds may have. Is there a society or mob in that case? Who bears responsibility for the crime? Is there a crime? Is there justification for violating individual rights in order to prevent such occurrences? Is there justification for violating individual rights for the good of society?

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  • Are any of man’s philosophies so different from liberty that they are incompatible? I contend the idea of making such a judgement in itself is unethical. !!! Blog Vs Blog !!! Some say Islam is incompatible with Liberty: I say such assertions themselves are incompatible with Liberty: What do YOU say?

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