While the US government has been cracking down on governments and banks throughout the world, forcing them to submit to onerous regulations that divulge your private information, why have they refused to do the same? Is the US the world’s new favorite tax haven?

Michael Menzies of Pembroke Tax Advisors is Jonathan’s new tax strategist, and in this week’s episode we discuss this–along with offshore structures, and why challenging assumptions is a must today.

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  • Does anyone know the source of this quote, as in the original writing or speech?  It is most widely attributed to Acton, but some attribute it to Bastiat, but never give its source. “When goods cannot cross borders, armies will.” – Lord John Dalberg-Acton, or Bastiat or neither

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  • One of the more challenging issues Libertarians contend with is the philosophical support for open borders. How open should they be given the potential for importing violent jihadists?

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