Ka Sundance is a father of six who travels the world with his family while working on projects he loves. Sound too good to be true? In our chat he talks about how he is able to do this and why he thinks it is every parents responsibility to live their life to the fullest.

During the interview we discuss how he goes about educating his children while traveling, the problems with the normal schooling and career path, safety concerns while abroad and the techniques he teaches people for them to be able to make money doing something they love.

I think after listening to the interview you will agree that he is quite an inspiring guy. Check out all he has to offer at The Sundance Family website.

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  • Two years ago, my twelve-year-old brother got cancer. He was in public school, sixth grade. He’s fourteen now and perfectly healthy but he missed a lot of class in the mean time. My parents fought the school, teachers and administrators alike, attempting to get my brother educated during his illness. That bad experience with the public school system led my parents to homeschool my brother for the past year. He works only three days a week, yet learns more than his public school peers. He still has one elective for which he attends public school, and he’s told us that, although he takes regular math classes, he’s conversant with his peers who take honors and advanced placement classes. The most obvious and striking difference was the change in his personality. When he attended public school he talked and acted like his peers. He used their slang, dressed like they dressed, and had the same opinions and attitudes. Since he’s been homeschooled he’s undergone the transformation into an individual. Even though he still interacts with his peers daily, he talks differently and chooses his own styles. He’s naturally individualistic but his time away from his peers allowed him to recognize what parts of him were influenced socially and become his own person. Ideally, the educational system would produce unique, thoughtful individuals but too often it produces cookie-cutter drones, spouting the same dull ideas. I’ve been fortunate to witness a young person escape that fate.

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  • I’m an assistant teacher at a private elementary school. I have a B.A. in English and no teaching credential. I worked as a tutor and at an after school program before. Basically I have no work experience outside of education. Last week contracts for the 2016-17 school year were sent out and I did not get one. My principal spoke to me about it. She said that I was doing a great job and was one of the most efficient people she’s ever met. However, she said that I did not seem happy at work. She said that other people have a hard time getting to know me. I’ve basically lost all will to work since then. My head teacher thinks my contract will be renewed and she always speaks highly of me. She even said today that “Next year you can work on designing the social studies curriculum.” She knows that I did not get my contract in the mail (she asked) and she’s probably talked to the principal about it. I’m upset because I feel like I’ve worked so hard for the past 6 months, yet it’s likely that I will be fired just for not being social. Perhaps education is the wrong field for me. I think if I just quit now then I can still get a positive reference/recommendation from my employer. However, I have no other skills. I still have 6 months (my paychecks are spread out over 12 months but there’s only 3 more months of school) so it’s possible that I can re-train myself during that time. Any ideas of what I can do?

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  • Dear friends, I’m currently looking for work in the San Diego area, particularly agorist as I want to replace my income that I currently get as a Marine. I have experience in copyediting and writing, and also have an interesting in cyber security/penetration testing. Is there anybody in the area that can help? This is not a fake post, I am not here to rat out individuals who do so.

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  • Is hunting (killing) animals, whether commercially of for sport, a violation of the NAP? Your thoughts…

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