I had the pleasure of speaking to Robert Engels about what he describes as an white economic genocide going on now in South Africa. Robert is an attorney and legal consultant in the region and has seen first hand the damage that has been done. He is part of a group that is trying to spread awareness about the atrocities taking place in South Africa that the media is silent about.

In the past few years many racially motivated left wing policies have been put into place which have caused economic hardships and violence specifically towards the white population. In our discussion we break down these policies and the effects that they have had.

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  • So… yesterday I had to interact with one of our town’s finest. My company experienced a theft, one of our trailers was stolen off of our lot. It is my responsibility to file the police report and the insurance claim. So… I do what I need to do. Give him the details of the crime. As he’s leaving he says “So, you’ll want to be sure to let us know right away if it turns up. Like, if one of your employees just forgot to tell you where it is, we would sure hate to have them experience 12 guns pointed in their face.” WHAAT THE FUCK?? I laughed him off… thinking that was his very poor attempt at a joke. He didn’t laugh. So I assured him that would indeed be something to try and avoid, and said I’d be sure to “warn” all of my employees. But why? Why haven’t the cops learned anything yet? Why on earth would he suggest that they would take someone by gunpoint for being in possession of a stolen trailer? And why would it be like a whole damn brigade of them pointing their guns?? Is this just going to get worse before it gets better? Ugh. I hope not.

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  • If there are any attorneys out there that are tired of partaking in the criminal fraud on the people connect with me.  I have at least 4 lawsuits that will retire you forever!

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