Joey rants about the persistence of nationalistic identity–that ever present notion “we are the government”– and the worship of strong men when it comes to American foreign policy and the popular rise of Vladimir Putin in Russia.

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  • “The Jews of Russia who worked for the destruction of monarchy found themselves finally in the grips of a brutal religious persecution which hit them harder than the Christians.  Their most brilliant exponents among the Communists were exiled, slaughtered, or assassinated in exile.  The fate of Trotzki [sic] is symbolic for Russian Jewry.” – Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, aka Francis Stewart Campbell, Menace of the Herd or Procrustes at Large

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  • This article is fascinating because it brings together many elements which formulated my current philosophy. Many quotable lines and only a couple of flaws in the analysis but overall keen and mostly optimistic. Points I’m highlighting: FOCJ, myth of nationalism, Dunbar number, neo-medieval The closing paragraph makes me want to find more about the author.

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  • Have many of you read any or much of his works ?   And how influential do you think he is whether directly or indirectly in most Western nations? Notably the US.   Thank you all

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