Joey lays out the rocky road for the future of the current crony capitalist economy and calls for markets world wide to be freed.

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  •   This was required reading at Lewis and Clark Law School back in 1976. It poses some interesting issues. Might be a good basis for discussion.

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  • Admittedly, it is difficult to transition one’s thoughts from the familiar crony capitalism/fascism/socialism to an unhampered market economy but this is more a function of living in the Dark Ages of economics than it is because it is unrealistic. If a person learns to be prejudiced (say, religious prejudice towards a Faith different than your own) then the first step is to unlearn prejudice, likewise, if the State has succeeded with its propaganda and made people statists so that they cannot imagine the world without the State as the overlord then the first step is to unlearn it. Divine economy theory is exceptionally capable of purging statism from a person’s belief system!

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  • I had this idea to open an online community for consumers, employees and employers to talk openly about businesses and improve the market through awareness. On the local level people could read/post more than just customer reviews, but employee and employer reviews- the pros and cons. All perspectives together could give people a better idea on what businesses to boycott, and what to support. Businesses could talk to each other to promote healthy competition that brings them both more customers, advertise together, or support each other. Consumers could organize local protests to influence a business and rally up larger numbers of informed consumers, or organize donation pools for charities/businesses that they support. Our communities could connect better, when we’re on the same page it allows for a big impact on influencing businesses where we want them to go. Businesses would know what the consumer wants, and job-seekers would know what the business wants/what to expect on the job. New businesses could be promoted and supported in their trek to small-time success, people could compare businesses to help find what they’re looking for, and know more about the product and style ahead of time. Constructive criticism opens the gateway for free publicity. Hopefully this gives a general idea, I was considering asking my computer coding friend to help build the website, but my dad said there were a few already out there. If these websites are as wide-reaching as I would want them to be, then I should have known about them already. Either they don’t exist, or current websites are woefully uncreative and limiting (such as Yelp, for customer reviews only, offering no platform for protests, gathering, etc). Thoughts?

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