Daniel Richardson is an SEO Specialist at Homes for Students ( After originally going to college to get a journalism degree, Daniel realized that working in that field wasn’t how he wanted to build a career. He did have a friend working in Digital Marketing and thought it might be the type of job he liked, but he had no experience or clear entry points into a job.

Knowing he needed a different way to stand out, Daniel heard a story of someone using a billboard to get job opportunities. Daniel started thinking about how he could replicate that in a way that would help him stand out, so he created a website and started targeting Facebook ads at people working in web design companies. That lead to 3 or 4 interview requests and his first job in Digital Marketing.

In this episode, Daniel shares more about his career crash story and how he has used creativity to stand out on the job hunt.

In this episode:

* How Daniel decided he didn’t want to work in journalism

* Getting started in a field when you don’t have a lot of experience

* How Daniel created Facebook ads to get a hiring managers attention

* What do you do when you’re interviewing for a job when you don’t have a lot of the required skills?

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