John Britton is the founder of where he helps developers build the skills and experience they need to get hired and level up in their careers. In this episode, John’s shares his own career story, from how he dropped out of college to get started working in software development, to how he got hired with GitHub, and why he started
John was able to create a great career and find opportunities by leaning into the combination of skills that made him unique, his communication skills combined with his technical skills. In this episode you’ll learn how you can find incredible opportunities at the intersection of your skills.
In this episode:
Why did John drop out of college?
Struggling with a job hunt before finding a role as a developer evangelist
What led up to John getting a job at GitHub
Why marketing through education is the best way to connect with developers
The talent stack and finding opportunities at the intersection of your skills
What is and what was the process of starting it?
How helps aspiring developers learn and get hired
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I'm an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom. I'm the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive ten-month program combining real world business experience with the best of online education for those who want more than college.


  • There are two separate jobs that I’m looking for good (and preferably liberty friendly!) help with.   For the first: I’m looking for someone who has experience building html-based desktop apps using node webkit. Second: A PHP person to build a modest leaderboard backend for a small game (Unity3d) that’s in development. Do you fit either or both profiles? Let me know!

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  • LED Television sets are the craze nowadays, but the problem is, they are too expensive! Whether at home or at work, we can see these television sets installed displaying the various television programs to entertain us. Apparently, LED television sets to have a way of finding themselves in our homes. Even if people cannot afford it, they will try to afford it, just to show that they are not left behind with the improvements of the modern world. Well, if fortunate to have one at home, the good thing is that we get to enjoy high-quality viewing within the comforts of our own house. It is like having our own private theatre because we just put it in the living room, sit down on the couch, have a drink or snack, and the rest is history. Even in offices, we rarely see the traditional box television. Instead, we see the LED television sets. Well, expensive or not, people will really try to get with it, even if it will put them in the poor house. Bean bags are a familiar sight in homes or even in schools. But in the office? It is not actually a far-fetched idea. Maybe the boss has one inside his office where he can sit and relax if he suddenly decides not to use his thinking chair. The bean bag then serves as his “relaxing chair”. Yet in some offices, most especially those with modern designs, bean bags have easily found their place as it now takes the place of chairs in the setting. It can be used as chairs in the weighting room, or even in the lounging room where employees relax and engage in a light conversation. Also Read: Bj Klock Net Worth Though it may seem odd to have one, bean bags have evolved into different sizes and forms, why, even a whole couch can be made into a bean bag! So will a bean bag fit right into an office? Sure it will. After all, we are living in the modern age, aren’t we? MY REFUGE FROM IT ALL When I go home from work, I take off my shoes and want to climb on my bed and take a much-needed rest. The bed serves as the ultimate hideaway from it all, as it serves to soothe those tense muscles and joints. It is then very important to purchase a bed which is catered to our needs and wants. I would go mostly for a soft bed, comfortable to sleep on. Others prefer to sacrifice fashion with comfort, which is why they rarely get enough slip. However, it is not always true that we have to buy soft beds. Sleeping in the wrong position can cause spinal problems, and this is the reason why a third alternative is provided: buying an orthopedic bed. Orthopedic beds are not that soft but are initially uncomfortable to sleep on. In due time, people will get used to it and start using it in their bedrooms. No computer or laptop would be complete without a printer by its side. These two gadgets simply complement each other, though each one can function independently of the other. Now would it not be great to own a multifunction printer that can not only print but can perform a variety of functions. A Canon Imageclass MF3240 Multifunction Printer may just be the perfect thing for the office since it can perform a wide variety of functions such as printing, scanning, and faxing, which clearly shows that it is quite handy to have around. It is very easy to use and can help accomplish a lot of tasks. It can print as much as 21 pages per minute (PPM) in high laser quality for as high as 1200 x 600 dpi quality. With this Monochrome printer, it is fast, easy, and reliable and would be the perfect addition to the workplace, or even in our own homes.  

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  • What does everyone think of the alarmists worrying about massive human unemployment resulting form the rise of artificial intelligences?  Case in point:  C.G.P. Grey.  It seems technology usually improves our lives.

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  • Students For Liberty’s SFL’s year is much like that of the American football calendar.  The summer is our training season, the time when we teach students around the US how to be effective leaders of liberty at their universities.  The fall is when we play our regular season games: organizing conferences, hosting events on campuses, and spreading the ideas of liberty to more young people.  In the winter, the season culminates in our version of the Superbowl: the International Students For Liberty Conference, which drew over 1,700 attendees this year (here is one student’s reflection on the ISFLC, which I think highlights the impact it has on many peoples’ lives)! Now, with Spring in the air (at least for today), we are in recruitment mode.  It’s time for us to put SFL’s team together for the next season, the 2015-2016 school year, and we want to bring on as many high quality players, coaches, managers, and team members to make next year even better. So, if you’ve looked at SFL’s website right now, you’ll see a lot of open calls for positions: We are offering online leadership training to students through our new Leading Liberty Academy.  Utilizing a MOOC platform, any pro-liberty student can sign up to learn how to start a student group, organize events, and become an effective leader on campus.  The best students who complete this training will be invited to join SFL’s Campus Coordinator Program next year so they can access more resources and support from SFL to build the student movement for liberty not just at their own school, but at other schools in their area as well. Applications are open for the 2015-2016 North American Executive Board, which will accept the top student leaders in the US and Canada to build the student movement for liberty in the region. SFL is looking for summer interns to learn what it’s like to work in the liberty movement and gain valuable skills in communications, events planning, management, and fundraising (intern applications are at the bottom of this page). SFL is hiring full time staff to build up our capabilities around the world with positions ranging from ISFLC Director to Data & Measurement Associate. Now is the time to put together our team and strategy for 2015-2016 (I’ll be sending an email soon to update you on that strategy, so look out for that).  We have some exciting candidates, but want to keep looking for the best.  If you can think of any students that have leadership potential or non-students looking to make an impact in the cause of liberty, please refer them to any of these openings.

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  • How about a job board accessible to members only?

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