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  • I was really hoping that when this site launched that there would be a way (similar to LinkedIn but made up of liberty-folk) to search members’ professional experience.  I think it would be awesome to create a team of liberty professionals to bid on work together. I’ve found that contracts and projects go a lot smoother when like-minded people are involved. Not only that but we would be furthering the cause of liberty by employing or being employed by each other and each other’s companies. Late last year, I even floated the idea of a liberty-centered job fair to some friends. The idea was a hit, but I dragged my feet on it since finding out we are expecting our first kid. :-/  I’ll start a separate discussion about the potentials of this idea and possible organization. In the absence of a professions search feature, here’s a quick summary of the services I can offer: I’m a registered Professional Engineer in Fire Protection (fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, life safety reviews, building/fire code review, etc.). I worked in the nuclear power industry for about 7 years and now I mainly do rack storage, warehousing, and commercial buildings. I also own a fine art foundry where we cast bronze art (statues, monuments, reliefs, etc.). Shameless plug for I’m also getting into real estate investment and am in the process of obtaining my first rental. Connect with me on here and/or LinkedIn if you think we can help each other in any way. Make a note in your LinkedIn request about liberty so I know you’re not just another recruiter. My LinkedIn profile

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  • I’m familiar with Bitcoin and some digital currency, but where else can I get further reading on the topic? And to add, how much money should be invested into Bitcoin/how do you do it/where do you do it?

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  • Personally, I use Windows 8.1 (for some games) and Xubuntu on my desktop and Manjaro Linux on my laptop. I prefer to stick with open source operating systems as, especially linux in particular, are designed with security in mind. Of course, there remains the issue of binary blobs, but that is the price of hardware compatibility. Regardless, what operating system do you use? It is okay, if you aren’t a Linux enthusiast or if you need/prefer Windows or Mac.

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