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  • Is anyone here familiar with the issue of using celluloid film and digital both as mediums of shooting movies and displaying them? Celluloid film, for years, has been the default format for filmmakers and theaters for both showing movies and shooting movies. However, digital projection and digital cinematography has made waves, and with the advent of such cameras as RED ONE and 4K quality digital cameras, as well as the advent of super high quality digital projectors that can imitate the look of film, digital seems to be on its way of replacing film. I have not had any experience whatsoever with shooting movies, but i read the arguments for both formats. The digital side says that digital is rising and may even surpass film, so film is on its way out. However, proponents of film say that film has a better dynamic range, a better resolution and more organic film. There are certainly acclaimed and reputable people who back both. Recently, Hollywood made a partnership with Kodak, as this USA Today story tells. And filmmaker Martin Scorsese is happy. Very happy. And so am I. How do you apply your free-market libertarianism to this situation?

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  • This company is basically a full reserved bank that would be fully approved by Murray Rothbard himself. Their metals broker-dealer business is their cash cow today but they are creating a payment network that disintermediates banks and saves their customers money. They have a crypto broker-dealer and storage business as well but as prudent financial advisors the company’s management tries to educate the public about the virtues of gold ownership. The company acts like a fiduciary and seems much more trustworthy than market leaders like coinbase. Expanding into China with a customary 50/50 JV with a local company. Tough to predict the companies FCF going forward but it trades under 2x book value. Let me know what you guys think.

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  • As a part of ‘Operation Crypto-Sweep’, the Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) has issued five Cease and Desist Orders to protect Alabamians. The operation is led by NASAA focusing on blockchain startups and ICO projects suspecting violations and fraudulent activities on securities laws. NASAA (North American Securities Administrators Association, the voluntary organization in which ASC is also a member. It is coordinated with ‘Operation Crypto Sweep’. Recently, ASC has taken enforcement actions by issuing five Cease and Desistorders to protect Alabamians. Source of info

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  • Greetings all. Does anyone use Coinbase for their wallet/trading? If so, are you happy with them?

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  • While one segment of the us government is trying to require a safe and proper backdoor to everyone’s communication we simultaneously see how all of that is being counter hacked , and there is very little keeping uber-hacking tools out of the public.

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