Dash Force 3 Amigos Podcast – Xmas Party With Special Friends

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  • Lets get on here and make friends! Share your Gamertag, meet new friends, have real discussions. We might even change some minds online.

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  • PorcFest tickets available. June 19–24, 2018 FREE STATE PROJECT’S 15TH ANNUAL Porcupine Freedom Festival ROGER’S CAMPGROUND, LANCASTER, NH ForkFest dates available. June 14th through June 18th for Forkfest 2018! Forkfest is the yearly camping party in the woods that began in 2017 at Rogers Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. It happens the five days prior to Porcfest and you’re invited to come and create whatever experience you’d like others to have. No one is in charge and the event is decentralized.

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  • When you think of Christmas what song comes to mind? I seem to listen to Jazz during this holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Louis Armstrong etc…..

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  • I’ve noticed that there’s a general consensus that Christmas, around the 24th to 26th – is spent with family. However, NYE seems to vary a lot more. Younger people seem to be out with their friends on this day (night?), while some of my friends from more traditional families also stick together on the 31st. What are your experiences, and what have you observed?

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  • The “filter by topic” feature in Discussions doesn’t seem to be working. I just gives a small subset of the possible discussion topics. Only shows the “Cops and Courts” topics.

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