Today’s guest is Martin Gurri (Twitter, blog), author of The Revolt of the Public. We discuss his book, which deals with the impact of information technology on political trends and populism.

In the words of economist and scholar Arnold Kling, “Martin Gurri saw it coming.” Technology has categorically reversed the information balance of power between the public and the elites who manage the great hierarchical institutions of the industrial age—government, political parties, the media. The Revolt of the Public tells the story of how insurgencies, enabled by digital devices and a vast information sphere, have mobilized millions of ordinary people around the world. Originally published in 2014, this updated edition of The Revolt of the Public includes an extensive analysis of Donald Trump’s improbable rise to the presidency and the electoral triumphs of “Brexit” and concludes with a speculative look forward, pondering whether the current elite class can bring about a reformation of the democratic process, and whether new organizing principles, adapted to a digital world, can arise out of the present political turbulence.

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  • The beauty of sites like Reddit is the ability to use throw away accounts. I think it would be cool if we could choose to post comments, and create discussions anonymously. This could open the doors for people to start taboo discussions without fear that some day people could link there thoughts to there name. You would still need to be a paid member to post as anon. Maybe this isn’t what is going for, or maybe it’s just what it needs. Any thoughts?

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  • Cryptocurrency Opportunists Investors and early adopters of cryptocurrency recognize the inevitable revolutionary change awaiting society and the huge income opportunity before them as they prepare to capitalize on the mainstream public adoption of this new technology trend in the next 24 to 36 months. The purpose of this whitepaper is to bring clarity to the marketplace to help investors and early adopters recognize where real value and opportunities lie. – Bob Wood , CEO, Nexxus Partners

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  • People tend to think that despots are a surprise. Suddenly a society encounters a Hugo Chavez, a Hitler, a Fidel Castro, Mussolini. After that society suffers as a victim the rigors of despotism. In this book I put myself away of the the myth of the innocent society. On the contrary, the despot is the product of misconceptions that have been injected or prevail in a society. They are very specific ideas, completely incompatible with the notion of limited government, representation and rule of law. The book is now available in the library to download. Those misconceptions, which are not exhausted in this list are: identification of dictatorship with physical violence, absolute democracy, social democracy, egalitarianism, the class struggle, identifying legislative will of state law and the pursuit of government wise, the income tax even the notion that the press is going to keep us free. And there is an answer that we can search together: Can this happen in the USA? Just ask yourself if these misconceptions are already settled.

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  • This thread is started: On the suggestion of Rick Rule and several other members. A member said: “… I like the way you contrast the precision of numbers with the precision of words, which I used to believe matters… well I still do, but realized after a long struggle, that it is a hopeless one.” SO Let us look at one of the problems with the precision of Language: . When you ”speak” the symbols 2+2 the listener doesn’t know which one of the words that ”sound” like 2 that you ”mean”. Here is the list: 2, two, to, too, tu, II(Roman). If the speaker is referring to the math problem 2+2=4 there are over 500 ways to write or speak the combinations of the words that sound like the speech of the math problem 2+2=4. You can cut that number in half if you eliminate the duplication based on the position of the words in the string. Such as: to+too or too+to. The goal of this thread is with the tender of the thoughts for the improvement on the accuracy of the construction of the sentence as an element of the Language. The preference is for the positive-suggestions for the improvement in the precision and clarity of the expression of a thought, however there is a lack of a restriction on a writer for the offering of a dis-proof of the goal.

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  • What does everyone think of the alarmists worrying about massive human unemployment resulting form the rise of artificial intelligences?  Case in point:  C.G.P. Grey.  It seems technology usually improves our lives.

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