The ink isn’t dry on the past yet. You get to re-write it in the future. As humans, we depend on a narrative about the past and that narrative changes depending on what happens in the future. The perfect example of this is the narratives created around sports. A great season with a playoff loss changes what that season meant. A championship win after a mediocre regular season turns that season from a disappointment into a building block. The same is true of our lives. Success in your future turns failures into your past into building blocks while failure in your future will turn your past into confirmation that you couldn’t make it under pressure. This is the way humans work. Our lives are narratives. And it is up to you to write your narrative. When you have something in your past that is not the way you want to be; it doesn’t matter because you get to rewrite it. Covered: – Why the whole game matters, not just the end – Watching sports with a long-term narrative in mind – The future is where history is written – The Patriots history re-written over and over again – Your life is a narrative ———————- For a free digital edition of Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth go to

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  • There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the NCAA and whether or not the players should get paid to play. Some critics of the current system say that they should get paid because of the time commitment required. Other critics are OK with them not getting paid but are against the practice of them not being able to receive gifts from recruiters and agents. I think it’s an interesting topic from the liberty perspective because some people might see this as free labor/servitude, which we know can be a controversial topic in a lot of political circles! What do you think about all of it?

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  • Who is filling them out? Here are mine: Men’s: Women’s:

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