We are bombarded constantly with propaganda related to the positive, social-change power of WE: “Yes We Can!” and “We Are Change!” people chant, and their chants rattle down from the chambers of history into our memories as a positive part of the advancements made by societies. But is the concept of WE really a dangerous trap?

Ayn Rand’s classic dystopian novella ANTHEM seeks to explore that theme and all of its manifestations. The Libertarian Futurist Society awarded it the Hall of Fame Award in 1987, and it was nominated for a Retrospective Hugo Award for “Best Novella” in 2014.

Polemics aside, the story also involves romance, a dashing escape, blood-curdling violence, and scientific intrigue. Written and performed here in audiobook format with an urgent passion, it is a tale to be savored and considered long after it ends.

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