Lucy Steigerwald and Sheldon Richman discuss war, peace, and the World War I Christmas Truce. They mull over — as usual — the chances for war stopping in the years to come, and share a quote or two about that.

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Sheldon Richman, author of America's Counter-Revolution: The Constitution Revisited, keeps the blog Free Association and is affiliated with the Center for a Stateless Society both as chair of the trustees and as a senior fellow. You can support his blog at Patreon.
Contributing editor/Columnist for, and Editor in Chief of The Stag Blog.


  • By now almost everyone of us knows about the Silent Night Truce on Christmas Eve 100 years ago this year, where there was a spontaneous truce between German and British soldiers. However, this past weekend the Wall Street Journal had a very insightful article on the subject and how this sort of cooperative behavior isn’t that unusual. Here’s a link to the article if you are interested.

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  • When you think of Christmas what song comes to mind? I seem to listen to Jazz during this holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Louis Armstrong etc…..

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  • I’ve noticed that there’s a general consensus that Christmas, around the 24th to 26th – is spent with family. However, NYE seems to vary a lot more. Younger people seem to be out with their friends on this day (night?), while some of my friends from more traditional families also stick together on the 31st. What are your experiences, and what have you observed?

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