Some questions have gathered on my website and it’s time for an Ask Isaac episode! As you probably know, my family and myself spent a couple of weeks in Ecuador and, of course, there were a couple of questions regarding that adventure – I was interviewed for World Wanderers podcast and in a few days or a week you will be able to hear it all out.

Questions that were answered here:

Fellow podcaster asks why ‘Ask Isaac’ episodes aren’t numbered as does that include a guest?

A father asks about whether his daughter who is an average, B student who is not sure about her path and who was turned off from business by her econ class, would be a good candidate for Praxis?

I had TK Coleman provide an answer to that question which I amended with the need to focus on creating value.

Keri would like to start blogging every day and she wonders how do I do it, do I have a niche that I stick to and where does my inspiration come from?

Another question on blogging comes from Peter who asks how do I handle editing of my posts, do I edit immediately or do I post as soon as I write it down.

Philip wonders whether some people are unfit for a startup and what is the one characteristic needed in order to thrive in a startup?

If there is anything that you would like to get my opinion on, Ask Isaac at

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I'm an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom. I'm the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive ten-month program combining real world business experience with the best of online education for those who want more than college.


  • I’m curious to hear ideas, best practices, and habits or paradigms that other entrepreneurs and business owners find effective when it gets tough and lonely.  Trying to build out your vision, win customers, best competitors, outperform naysayers, motivate partners and employees, and keep a positive energy going all take a toll on you personally.  Sometimes, there’s no one around to help pump you up after you exert a lot of energy pumping up others! How do you keep confident and optimistic?  How do you keep the “eye of the Tiger”?  I’ve got some things that often help me, but I’d love to hear from others what works well for you…

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  • Would love to move my existing blog to Despite the platform’s rich admin area feature set, the usual WordPress importer is missing from my dashboard. Perhaps this is intentional, but I’d like to suggest a change be considered. It would certainly encourage me to add content here, as I don’t have time/energy to properly maintain two blogs. Adding the WordPress XML Importer plugin would also have the effect of deepening content across as others added their posts here. Thanks in advance for considering this and/or providing any insight into its addition to

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  • I am currently in the process of ‘opting out of the job paradigm’ in order to free myself and be more independent from the whole government controlled crony capitalist system. Since I am really into bitcoin and think it is going to change the world fundamentally, I am considering starting a business involved with bitcoin, but I need some ideas and inspiration and of course this is where all you wonderful freedom fighters come in! So, are any of you involved in bitcoin professionally, or would be interested in a new venture? What are the next business opportunities in the bitcoin environment? How should one go about basing a business on bitcoin? Looking forward to any input!

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  • I’m trying to set up a new liberty themed T-shirt business and am looking for a fellow liberty minded T-shirt printing expert for advice or a business that provides a worldwide drop-shipping service. My business model requires a printing method that can operate on a made-to-order basis. If you are that person or know someone who is I would love to hear from you. Thanks David

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