This is my appearance on Keith Knight’s Youtube show “Don’t Tread on Anyone” (Dec. 18, 2017), discussing a hodge-podge of issues such as the fundamentals of libertarianism, why scarcity is an important concept, Hoppe’s greatest contributions, and so on. Youtube embedded below.

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  • Where is the best place to which to emigrate? OF all the places I’ve visited, I would put Australia number one. It is freer than the US, the culture and people are amazing, the technology is excellent, and it seems like the perfect happy place for me to live and work. I see no real downside at all. I know the government is terrible but so it is everywhere in the world. Second choice might be Costa Rica.

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  • Most of the time when I am looking for a documentary’s most are very left leaning so I think we should start a list of documentary’s on for libertarians and anarchists. I will start with 2 I am aware of   Terms and conditions may apply A documentary made about the hidden dangers in the terms and conditions of most software.   Libertopia A documentary made about the Free State Project.     I hope to see this list expand with many helpful and informative documentary’s.

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  • Can you tell me the declarative sentence that Hoppe claims is implicit in argumentation, the one that contradicts other ideas about property? Here is my best try: I have property in my body and I gain ownership of something that is unowned when I mix my labor with it. The statement implicit in criticisms of property would be: No one has property in their bodies and no one gains ownership of anything by mixing their labor with unowned stuff. I’ve tried to be fair to Hoppe but I don’t think this sentence works. If you think I’ve got it wrong, please suggest a better candidate sentence (not a phrase, not a hand wave, a declarative sentence). If mine stinks, give me a better one. Supporters of Hoppe should be able to either defend this sentence or give one that they can defend. I see a problem with unpacking “property” and “ownership” in a way that holds up all the weight Hoppe puts on this concept.

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  • Hi everyone! I’ve been going through the most difficult time of my life so far, got myself into some serious debt (about 7000 dollars worth) on my first real estate deal, and got caught up with typical debts as well. I’m only able to work part time since I watch the kids during the day while my girl works a job she hates. I plan on making my living with real estate, however I feel there must be more I can do NOW while I’m still recovery from the wreck. I sing and write music, and have decided to venture down that road, but I have an interest in writing to spread the word of voluntarism and anarchy. I’ve never written anything before, but I see so many activists and people who do make a living just trying to educate people. So I guess I’m just asking, what can I do, and where do I start? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • It can be a challenge to keep up with all the taxes one needs to pay throughout the year, and than to deal with all the paperwork that needs to be filed can be frustrating. What would be a good way to simplify the Tax Code? Below is a list of some of the taxes that we the people need to pay, or at least we experience their effects at one time or another. -Medicare, Medicare, Social Security, Federal Inocme Tax, State tax, Local Tax, Corporate tax, Sales Tax, Property Tax, estate tax, alcohol tax, tobacco tax, gift tax, tariffs on imports and exports, etc. Would a simple flat or consumption tax do the trick?

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