It is now officially a “Tarts and Vicars” party like on Bridget Jones.I interview Brother Max, a Catholic Friar, about his book on gay marriage and my second judge, Judge Jim Gray on the war on drugs as seen from the bench.

Look for Maxime Villenueve’s book “The Third Way” here
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The vintage ad was for old fashioned Bromo-Quinine which sounds like it has scary but effective ingredients.
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  • While most of us probably hold the position that the state has no business in marriage whatsoever, let us entertain a hypothetical situation for the sake of argument. If we had a choice to either legalize Gay-marriage everywhere or Self-marriage (The right to marry one’s self) everywhere which one should take priority within a liberty minded philosophy?

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  • Its seems they always skip over the issue.┬áThere is always this refusal to acknowledge or “give-in” in to the reality of what its happening on their part Does anyone know why this mentality exists? Is there anyway to stop it? Or try to get through to these people that’s its tyranny that is the enemy?

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