Welcome back, fellow Liberty Entrepreneurs. This is your host, Ashe Whitener. I’m sure you are all working hard and staying busy on your projects, and I have a favor to ask you. This week’s format is a bit different. Typically I interview Entrepreneurs and learn about their projects, hear their advice and find out how they are building freedom in their own lives…but not this week…and I need your help. It’s a short podcast so please listen to the end

Ok, let’s get started…

Episode #49 – What is Bitcoin and Why You Should Care! (FINCON 2016 preview)

This week I’ve decided to give you a preview of the presentation I’m giving at the FinCon 2016 Conference in San Diego on Sept 23rd. FinCon is a big financial conference, held every year, which caters to financial bloggers, podcasters and content creators. The average age is 36 and it’s 50% male and 50% female.

They’ve asked me to be the FIRST EVER speaker on crypto-currencies and I’m really excited to present. The purpose of this episode is to give you an idea of the topics I’d like to cover and ask for YOUR feedback and suggestions.

Remember, this crowd is young, financially savvy, active on social media and basically replacing the old school, mainstream media. Although they have a background in finance and economics…many of them have only heard of Bitcoin; most likely because of Mt. Gox, the Bitfinex hack, Silk Road or that it’s only used for illegal purposes. You know, the only reasons that the establishment media has reported on Bitcoin.

I’m sure there will be plenty of people still “feeling the Bern” and I get the impression that this audience is a bit left-of-center (whatever that means these days). They hate big banks, they don’t like the Federal Reserve and they are starting to distrust the “Establishment”. Their motto this year is “Establishment is out. Experience is in”. I don’t know about you, but this seems RIPE for a proper Bitcoin introduction.

These are not necessarily technical people. It’s not a room of computer scientists, security engineers or cypherpunks. These are people who are trying to create financial content for the next generation. I mean, who under 30 listens to CNBC anymore?

Before we get started, I have an action item for all of you. Every Entrepreneur knows the importance of setting actions items and completing them…and I need your help.

**Action Item: Understanding the audience at the FinCon 2016 Conference, what do YOU think is the BEST thing about Bitcoin to help them understand why it’s so significant and such an evolution in money and finance? Why should they give **** about Bitcoin?

Ok let’s get started. I plan to open with the statement that Bitcoin was released and made available to the public on Jan 3rd 2009 with the message “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”. Basically Bitcoin was released on the day that the Big Banks were getting bailed out. I believe this will catch all the “feel the Bern” people and create curiosity around WHY Bitcoin was released on this day and for this purpose. This should build a lot of rapport very quickly and I expect to capture a lot of ears with this single line.

I plan to leverage this to appeal to their “individualistic” side and gather support for “Freedom of Money” so that they don’t need to trust the Big Banks any longer. There’s another option, and it’s called Bitcoin…the “Currency by the people, for the people”. I think they’ll love that line.

The idea is to work towards the understanding that more competition in money, just like with restaurants, cars and computers, is in everyone’s best interest. If we have an option to freely choose the money we want to use, then competition can come in and continually improve things. I’ll tell them that there are currently 100’s of other crypto-currencies all doing different things and trying to attract supporters. The Freedom of Money is theirs…if they’ll only take it.

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Meet the hosts

Ashe Whitener is the founder and host of the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast which aims to provide an alternative perspective to achieving individual freedom through the creative, entrepreneurial process rather than through the tried and failed process of politics. Ashe has two BS degrees in Engineering and is also an original member of Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank where he is currently the Head of Business Development. Much of Ashe’s experience has come during his time living in Panama and he continues to consult global teams on various projects including tech startups and offshore asset protection.


  • This is the one I use just because t is simple and tells you what you need to know

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  • I was wondering if anyone had any experience with p2p lending with bitcoins? I can see there seems to be a bunch of cryptocurrency p2p lending sites. Does anybody have any experience with them? I’ve already mined some bitcoins and was thinking it might be interesting to capture a yield on them. Alternatively, I was thinking if the p2p bitcoin is crap and it’s too risky not to get paid back, to take the other side of the trade: borrow (maybe to buy some more mining equipment) and then default on the loan…

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