Today’s guest is Roger Ver, Co-Founder of and Owner of Recently, at the Nexus Conference in Aspen, Colorado, Roger announced a new project called “Free Society”. Basically he and other founders and investors plan to purchase land from a sovereign state-owned country with the idea of building a “free society” based on libertarian principles. I knew that I had to get Roger back on Liberty Entrepreneurs to discuss this revolutionary idea.

In the past, free societies have been attempted with several different models, none of which have been very successful. One of the most popular attempts isthe Seastead movement which aims to build floating cities on international waters, but this has unique and obvious engineering and logistic problems. Another is Liberland, a small piece of land on the Danube River between Croatia and Serbia. Basically, the “president” Vit Jedlička was able to locate the land and confirm that neither country had laid claim. As you can imagine, governments aren’t exactly friendly to new countries popping up within their borders, especially ones that claim to have an anarchist for president.

Roger’s approach could signal a new way to go about building our own Galt’s Gulch. Since we still live in a state-controlled world, we must still get their permission and this is exactly what Free Society plans to do. As governments continue to go broke, because of their own terrible business models and as their debt-backed, fiat currencies lose value in the face of the rising demand of cryptocurrency, they will be forced to sell of their assets in an attempt to keep paying out and covering the favors they’ve promised. This means some of the land the government has stolen will be sold back into the private sector, but with an agreement and contracts attached.

Roger and I start out by taking a look at his libertarian foundation and how he formed his guiding set or principles (ie NAP). Spoiler: He thought Mises’ book Socialism was a pro-Socialism book lololol.

Other topics covered include:

What is “Free Society” and how did you get the idea? How is it similar/different than Seasteading or Liberland?
What are the important problems that need to be solved for this experiment to work and be successful?
How do see this society progressing from literally nothing into a free market-based, wealthy society?
Let’s compare how more opportunities are available now than ever because of cryptocurrencies vs relying on the State’s fiat money and/or precious metals as possible monies.
How will things be “regulated” and how will licensing work?
Walk us through an example of a digital nomad coming to Free Society to live and work. Visas/passports? Renting an apartment?
Hope you enjoyed this one and please share it with your friends! See you on the first plane to Free Society!

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Meet the hosts

Ashe Whitener is the founder and host of the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast which aims to provide an alternative perspective to achieving individual freedom through the creative, entrepreneurial process rather than through the tried and failed process of politics. Ashe has two BS degrees in Engineering and is also an original member of Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank where he is currently the Head of Business Development. Much of Ashe’s experience has come during his time living in Panama and he continues to consult global teams on various projects including tech startups and offshore asset protection.


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