What you are going to LEARN in this episode:

How blockchains are breaking the old model of centralized, big-business.
How the Free Market and the sharing economy build around government’s heavy taxation.
Why the blockchain allows us to trust each other without needing to know each other.
How digital token sales are much easier and cheaper to raise funds for your startup
Today’s guest is Christopher David, Founder of the decentralized ride-sharing app Arcade City. While living in New Hampshire at the Free State Project, Chris saw first hand what the government was doing to cripple Uber and the ride-sharing economy. At the time, he was driving for Uber.

After attending countless town hall meetings, Chris decided to take matters into his own hands and build an Uber competitor which was decentralized and much more difficult to shut down and regulate. He felt that he had much more control when building rather than when begging the government to hear his side of the story.

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Meet the hosts

Ashe Whitener is the founder and host of the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast which aims to provide an alternative perspective to achieving individual freedom through the creative, entrepreneurial process rather than through the tried and failed process of politics. Ashe has two BS degrees in Engineering and is also an original member of Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank where he is currently the Head of Business Development. Much of Ashe’s experience has come during his time living in Panama and he continues to consult global teams on various projects including tech startups and offshore asset protection.