What you are going to LEARN in this episode:

Why keyword research should be done BEFORE building an online business
Should you try and “cheat” the Google algorithm to get a faster start?
How to leverage Amazon using their affiliate platform
Moving from Solopreneur to managing and delegating to staff
Today’s guest is Ewen Finser, owner of He has built and now manages a portfolio of ~25 websites and several of them cashflow >$5000/month. Not bad…eh?

I met Ewen at a recent conference in Las Vegas where he was a speaker. His presentation was on keyword research and the importance of validating your business idea BEFORE beginning to build it. It was good timing since I was currently building and only later realized that only ~300 people per month search for “bitcoin t-shirt”. That’s probably a big reason that I’m seeing slow sales.

In this interview, Ewen gives you the inside scoop on how he started building online businesses, particularly his “review sites” that help consumers compare similar products (ie. running shoes) and links you (the consumer) to Amazon for the purchase. Since he’s driving traffic and sales to Amazon, they pay him out an affiliate commission. This could be >20% commissions earned on a product that you don’t have to stock, ship or support.

Like many of you, Ewen has chained to a desk for several years after college. Unsatisfied, he decided that he’d rather be working on building his own dream, rather than someone else’s dream.

After his day/desk job, Ewen would visit a Starbucks and build his own (soon to be) digital empire. Rather than sitting in traffic, why not sip some coffee and build and learn? You’d be amazed what you can build in only ONE focused hour.

The Freedom that Ewen experienced when he was able to generate his own income was life-changing and he quit the cubicle job, never to return. He controlled his time now and worked on projects that he owned and controlled. Reaping the rewards and experiencing the struggles of entrepreneurship.

Now Ewen manages a team of content writers, SEO experts and WordPress professionals. You don’t want to miss the part where Ewen talks about the transition between being a solopreneur to hiring, managing and delegating various parts of his business.

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