How confident are you in knowing that your digital identity is safe? Equifax was recently hacked and driver’s licenses, social security numbers, addresses and more were stolen. Yahoo just came out and said that every customer account (>3 BILLION) was compromised in 2013. Think about that…

Today’s guest is Edmund John Lowell, Founder of, a blockchain based Digital Identity management platform built on Ethereum. Your information is precious and it’s about time that we utilize blockchain technology to secure it; that’s exactly what Edmund is doing. is basically a Digital Identity Management wallet that plugs you into an entire ecosystem where you can more easily and quickly manage your financial and digital life. Once confirmed, access services such as:

Open bank accounts
Apply for residency in foreign countries
Incorporate offshore
Buy physical Gold and Silver
Apply for a 2nd passport
Setup multiple cryptocurrency exchange accounts
…and more
Don’t miss the part towards the end where we discuss ICO’s and some of the common pitfalls in ICO investing. Be careful out there.

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Ashe Whitener is the founder and host of the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast which aims to provide an alternative perspective to achieving individual freedom through the creative, entrepreneurial process rather than through the tried and failed process of politics. Ashe has two BS degrees in Engineering and is also an original member of Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank where he is currently the Head of Business Development. Much of Ashe’s experience has come during his time living in Panama and he continues to consult global teams on various projects including tech startups and offshore asset protection.


  • Where is the best place to which to emigrate? OF all the places I’ve visited, I would put Australia number one. It is freer than the US, the culture and people are amazing, the technology is excellent, and it seems like the perfect happy place for me to live and work. I see no real downside at all. I know the government is terrible but so it is everywhere in the world. Second choice might be Costa Rica.

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  • Consensys is one of the main blockchain innovation firms, it is a New York-based firm established in 2014 by Joseph Lubin. Kavita Gupta leader of the ConsenSys joined the organization, ConsenSys Venture in 2017 as it was propelled in San Francisco, administrating the financial limit of $50 million subsidized by the Co-author of the Ethereum and ConsenSys, Joseph Lupin. As of late, in the report distributed in The Block that Kavita Gupta has left the place of employment of the leader of the ConsenSys Venture. This news turns out as a stun to the individuals in the digital currency industry. She has worked for such a long time for the ConsenSys Venture and had real jobs in the undertakings, for example, startup Blockfi, the blockchain framework firm StarkWare. She has eminent association in giving the organization status as one of the main firms in the blockchain organizations. News Source: TheCoinRepublic

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  • Dogecoin is an excellent coin to use for micro transactions and is commonly used for tipping on articles. The coin is a sort of self-proclaimed “joke coin” which has gained a lot of popularity. This video is a good indicator of the lighthearted nature of the community as a whole. For more information on Dogecoin, including a look at the history of the coin, the team and how to purchase, see: “What is Dogecoin“. News Source: TheCoinRepublic

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  • KuCoin Shares is a coin issued by the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Kucoin. Similar to Binance Coins, users of Kucoin will be able to pay for the platform’s exchange fees at a discounted rate. In addition to discounted transaction fees, holders of KCS will be awarded a Kucoin bonus. As detailed in Kucoin’s whitepaper, the amount of Kucoin bonus paid out to coin holders will be equal to half of the total fees charged by the Kucoin exchange. News Source: TheCoinRepublic

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  • Silsal, as the venture is titled, utilizes an electronic blockchain record framework to give full load perceivability and streamline exchange streams and supply chains. Whenever tried effectively, the Silsal blockchain task hopes to mechanize the trade, ID, and affirmation of load reports between Abu Dhabi ports and Belgium’s Port of Antwerp. Every partner demonstrations like a hub of a blockchain organize who gets the chance to get to and recognize the ongoing store network of the transported things. Abu Dhabi Ports has collaborated with its Belgian partner to start a blockchain-fueled production network pilot venture. News Source: TheCoinRepublic

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