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Why Bitcoin is the Austrian School of Economics in ACTION!
How Entrepreneurship helps others create, retain and utilize their freedoms
How money is formed in prison
Why community coins, like Steem, are so significant
My guest today is Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin pioneer, founder of BitInstant, Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and serial entrepreneur. Ever since I met Charlie at the 1st Latin American Bitcoin Conference (in 2013), I was super impressed with how he saw the world. He’s a young guy, still in his mid-20’s, and his mind is constantly looking for ways to build and create value for others. The true mindset of an entrepreneur and I noticed it right away.

In high school, Charlie found that he was proficient with computers and created a business around solving computer and printer problems. In college he saw the success of Groupon and created a similar business where he would sell excess inventory from local warehouses. In his senior year of college, while studying Economics, Charlie found Bitcoin…and it changed his life.

As a self-proclaimed student of the Austrian School of Economics (, which of course he didn’t learn about from his college professors, Charlie saw Bitcoin as the Austrian School in ACTION! Common criticism is laid on the Austrian School in the form of “sure, this sounds great in THEORY, but where has it been put into practice?” Bitcoin was finally the opportunity and real-life example that Charlie had been waiting for.

The BItcoin Problem: In 2011, there weren’t many good places to buy/sell Bitcoin. A company called TradeHill was one of the prominent exchanges, but they were slow and prone to wire issues. Losing bank accounts and wire routes were very common for early Bitcoin companies, especially exchanges.

The BitInstant Solution: Seeing this problem, Charlie decided to build a company, BitInstant, to help alleviate the wait times to buy Bitcoin. He could fund his corporate account at Tradehill, and introduce new access points for clients to place orders. Instead of taking weeks to purchase Bitcoin, it now took only a few hours. Rather than wiring to Tradehill directly, you could fund your BitInstant account from ~1M locations in the US including Walmart, 7-11, CVS and Walgreens. Talk about convenience!

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Ashe Whitener is the founder and host of the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast which aims to provide an alternative perspective to achieving individual freedom through the creative, entrepreneurial process rather than through the tried and failed process of politics. Ashe has two BS degrees in Engineering and is also an original member of Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank where he is currently the Head of Business Development. Much of Ashe’s experience has come during his time living in Panama and he continues to consult global teams on various projects including tech startups and offshore asset protection.


  • This is the one I use just because t is simple and tells you what you need to know

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  • This company is basically a full reserved bank that would be fully approved by Murray Rothbard himself. Their metals broker-dealer business is their cash cow today but they are creating a payment network that disintermediates banks and saves their customers money. They have a crypto broker-dealer and storage business as well but as prudent financial advisors the company’s management tries to educate the public about the virtues of gold ownership. The company acts like a fiduciary and seems much more trustworthy than market leaders like coinbase. Expanding into China with a customary 50/50 JV with a local company. Tough to predict the companies FCF going forward but it trades under 2x book value. Let me know what you guys think.

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  • Australian Beach Town, Agnes Water to Become Nation’s First Digital Currency Town Agnes Water, Australian Beach town is a reckoning as the nation’s first digital currency town. The Beach town is initiating its step towards enhancing digital currencies. This was first started after real estate agent Gordon Christian began accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. Read news here: SBI Japanese Financial Exchange to Launch New Virtual Currency Services On Monday, SBI Japanese financial exchange’s CEO Yoshitaka Kita disclosed that it is coming up with new virtual currency services. Basically, this feature came live after it got delayed for certain security concerns. Bestowing to the Business Insider Japan, the firm is offering Blockchain stage for exchanging symbolic digital forms of currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. Read Detail info here: Eat BCH on Mission to Feed Humanitarian in South Sudan The application of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology will be enormous if used for the social cause. There is one such charity firm, Eat BCH which aims to feed humanitarian in Venezuela by purchasing food with BCH donations. Read Detail info here: Indonesia’s Regulator Sets Green Signal for Crypto Futures Trading The Trade Ministry’s Futures Exchanges Supervisory Board (Bappebti) of Indonesia has given a green signal for crypto futures trading. But, it is surprised to see that the Bank of Indonesia still doesn’t recognize cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Read news here:

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  • The founder of Pantera Capital Management, Dan Morehead suggests to buy bitcoin while it is cheap now. According to Coinmarketcap Bitcoin was trading at $7,508.60 USD. One of most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin had reached the heights of $20000 in last year. Due to volatile nature of cryptocurrency, this year in month of February, it has dropped below $6000. According to Dan Morehead, crypto investors told CNBC that, “All cryptocurrencies are very cheap right now. So now is a good time to buy now and participate in the rally as it goes”. Although there is a hype in cryptocurrencies are still unregulated industry. Due to its price fluctuations and unstable characters, market keepers are still into consideration crypto regulations. Dan Morehead’s suggestion to investor concern ‘once a currency break its 230-day moving average, make a purchase and wait for a year and sell’. Watch here what Dan Morehead Says:

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  • Hi All, Does anyone on here know of any websites or apps where you can earn or make bitcoin? The reason I ask is because I hear about people who were conned out of earning bitcoin so just to ask if you know of any genuine websites and apps?

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