Robert Wicks enlightens us with his take on the effect of statism on black culture, from slavery and welfare to the drug war and intellectual property.

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  • Whether such a system of social security is a good or a bad policy is essentially a political problem. One may try to justify it by declaring that the wage earners lack the insight and the moral strength to provide spontaneously for their own future. But then it is not easy to silence the voices of those who ask whether it is not paradoxical to entrust the nation’s welfare to the decisions of voters whom the law itself considers incapable of managing their own affairs; whether it is not absurd to make those people supreme in the conduct of government who are manifestly in need of a guardian to prevent them from spending their own income foolishly.

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  • Welfare Vacations and Welfare Terrorist The Joy of Welfare-Funded Holiday Trips to Bali and Dubai | International Liberty She said: ‘No, I don’t need the money as such and I didn’t need to go travelling either but I wanted to so I did. ‘If someone’s offering you free money and telling you to take it, you’d have to be a fool not to – that’s all I did. …‘I don’t feel guilty and I don’t regret it. It started off just as a ­holiday to Athens, then things started to fall into place.

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  • It seems that sharing ideas of liberty and voluntarism in a country like Denmark is not so easy after all. most people feel safe and secure in Denmark, and are often happy with the current welfare system we have, even though people pay extremely high taxes, as an example we pay 3 dollars pr 100 grams of almonds (in taxes)(it’s the luxury tax ) . Most people in Denmark are skeptical when it comes to politicians but nonetheless, it seems that it can be hard to argue with facts, which points out the problems of statism, Denmark is a very socialistic country in terms of regulations. Therefore, I have concluded that I need a lot more knowledge to build a stronger case so if you know of any books, or articles/arguments that points out the hypocrisy of Danish government that would indeed be awesome! or perhaps somone might change my perspektive

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