The final episode of season one of Office Hours. In this episode, TK and Isaac answer the remainder of the questions that were submitted during the season–35 in total–and offer advice and recommendations on how to overcome professional challenges. Questions: – How do I find a job that values me as an employee? – How do I find freelance clients? – How do I improve my time management? – How do I learn to sell and advertise myself as a valuable professional – How do I find what field I should pursue? – How do I prioritize my work to become more efficient? – How do I improve my confidence overall? – How do I restart my career after losing a job I held for twenty years? – How do I write a proper cover letter? – How do I apply my skills in a productive and secure way, so I can legally protect my screenplay from plagiarism? – How do I get a part time job while in high school? – How do I prevent perfectionism from getting in the way? – How do I get better at networking? – How do I find work that is both rewarding and flexible? – How do I finish writing a book when I keep tearing up pages and throwing them away? – I teach private music lessons right now, but don’t know if I can do it as a career. How can I find out? – How do I confidently sell myself in an interview? – How do I make connections stick in the long-term? – Should I try to move up in my retail job or chase my job of being a screen writer? – How do I find the right work environment? – How do I identify painful problems or strong desires in the marketplace? – How do I maintain seriousness and professionalism on the job as a 16-year-old? – Should I get a job in programming or continue to pursue a career on YouTube? – As a leader, how do I deal with the growing culture change that values employees feelings way more than their actual performance? – How do I overcome my fear of talking in front of audiences? – How do get people to take me seriously in business as a young female? – How do I take my emotions out of business decisions? – I love learning, but I haven’t found the one thing that makes my passions flare in the workplace besides my love of learning? – I’m not sure I’m in the right profession, what do I do? – How do I create a work lifestyle that allows me to be my own boss and travel while creating value for the world through my skills for writing and editing? – I got fired yesterday because I wasn’t properly trained, what do I do? – My sixteen year old son is an inventor, what are some post school opinions? – I work remotely, 3000 miles from the rest of my team. Because we only communicate in writing, some of coworkers have gotten the wrong impression of me. I get along well with the other teams in my business. Should I give up on trying to get along with everyone? – How do I deal with brain fog and staying focused? – How do I find something that I’m both passionate about and good at?

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I'm an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom. I'm the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive ten-month program combining real world business experience with the best of online education for those who want more than college.


  • There are two separate jobs that I’m looking for good (and preferably liberty friendly!) help with.   For the first: I’m looking for someone who has experience building html-based desktop apps using node webkit. Second: A PHP person to build a modest leaderboard backend for a small game (Unity3d) that’s in development. Do you fit either or both profiles? Let me know!

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  • What does everyone think of the alarmists worrying about massive human unemployment resulting form the rise of artificial intelligences?  Case in point:  C.G.P. Grey.  It seems technology usually improves our lives.

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  • Students For Liberty’s SFL’s year is much like that of the American football calendar.  The summer is our training season, the time when we teach students around the US how to be effective leaders of liberty at their universities.  The fall is when we play our regular season games: organizing conferences, hosting events on campuses, and spreading the ideas of liberty to more young people.  In the winter, the season culminates in our version of the Superbowl: the International Students For Liberty Conference, which drew over 1,700 attendees this year (here is one student’s reflection on the ISFLC, which I think highlights the impact it has on many peoples’ lives)! Now, with Spring in the air (at least for today), we are in recruitment mode.  It’s time for us to put SFL’s team together for the next season, the 2015-2016 school year, and we want to bring on as many high quality players, coaches, managers, and team members to make next year even better. So, if you’ve looked at SFL’s website right now, you’ll see a lot of open calls for positions: We are offering online leadership training to students through our new Leading Liberty Academy.  Utilizing a MOOC platform, any pro-liberty student can sign up to learn how to start a student group, organize events, and become an effective leader on campus.  The best students who complete this training will be invited to join SFL’s Campus Coordinator Program next year so they can access more resources and support from SFL to build the student movement for liberty not just at their own school, but at other schools in their area as well. Applications are open for the 2015-2016 North American Executive Board, which will accept the top student leaders in the US and Canada to build the student movement for liberty in the region. SFL is looking for summer interns to learn what it’s like to work in the liberty movement and gain valuable skills in communications, events planning, management, and fundraising (intern applications are at the bottom of this page). SFL is hiring full time staff to build up our capabilities around the world with positions ranging from ISFLC Director to Data & Measurement Associate. Now is the time to put together our team and strategy for 2015-2016 (I’ll be sending an email soon to update you on that strategy, so look out for that).  We have some exciting candidates, but want to keep looking for the best.  If you can think of any students that have leadership potential or non-students looking to make an impact in the cause of liberty, please refer them to any of these openings.

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  • How about a job board accessible to members only?

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