One of the hardest parts about living in community with one another is the fact that we are all individuals with unique needs and rhythms. Some of us are night owls, and others are early birds. Sometimes the kids are bouncing off the walls hoping for a wrestling partner at the very moment that the parents are ready to shut it down and go to bed. What if Mom is an extrovert, Dad is an introvert, and the kiddos are everything in-between?

In this episode James and Taylor talk about how they work to discover the internal rhythms and patterns that influence how individuals in their family are feeling at any given moment, and what they do support each person to understand and align with these rhythms. They talk about how learning to work with, rather than against, their family’s natural rhythms has paid big dividends when it comes to bringing more harmony into their home.

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Rodger is a long-time libertarian activist, the founder of PaxLibertas Productions, host of The LAVA Flow podcast, Vice Chairman of the NHLP, Regional Captain for the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence and former Chairman and Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas. Rodger has also served on the national Libertarian Party Judicial Committee.