Dr. Keith Smith is co-founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma.

Interview Highlights

“In the first 6 months we discovered that we could provide better care for less than 1/10 of what these so-called not-for-profit hospitals were charging”

“Not-for-profit in the hospital world doesn’t mean that the hospitals are not making profit. It just means they’re not paying tax.”

“We felt like we were working with surgeons that we would not let operate on our own families”

“Physicians that worked in the hospitals that created the most complications helped the revenue stream of the hospital the most”

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Advice for future medical students: Never ever, under any circumstances ever, go to work for a hospital system. Ultimately there will be conflicts where the interests of their employer and their patients collide.

Advice for physicians considering a bold career move: Avoid fear by de-leveraging your lifestyle.

Advice for future entrepreneurs: Prepare for long days.

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