Stephanie Murphy is a professional voice actor, radio personality, and podcaster.

Stephanie’s Podcasting Equipment Suggestions

Albert’s Podcasting Setup

  • Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB Mic
  • Roland R-05 Digital Recorder
  • Audacity

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  •   “Full disclosure: I’ve done legal work for Google, although not on this case. But this ruling isn’t about Google or Android or even Java; it’s about the damage it stands to cause anyone trying to innovate. By design, copyrights are monopolies, and we tolerate them only insofar as doing so is necessary to promote progress. But rulings like this one that extend the reach of copyright do the opposite and risk transforming copyright into a barrier to progress instead. The implications of this ruling transcend the interests of Oracle and Google. It stands to affect any technology (present and future) that needs to work with another — which, effectively, is all of them. The upshot of this ruling is that according to it, anyone who owns a copyright in an API can say no to anyone whose innovation requires it — a situation that’s simply not good for progress or the public that depends on it.”

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  • “For Ver, the digital currency is not just a way of storing and moving money without help from the authorities. It’s also a way of seeking justice, something that’s laid out in the Skype chat logs that Ver provided of his conversation with the hacker. Sure, you can wield this type of bounty using other currencies–and many have–but there’s something particularly appropriate about doing it with bitcoin.” “About a decade ago, Ver’s computer parts-reselling business had about $1 million in goods stolen during a break-in. Tracking parts serial numbers, he located his stolen merchandise in L.A. about a month later. “I called multiple police agencies to let them know I found my stolen parts,” he says. “None of them would lift a finger to help me. I never got any of it back.” But his bounty has been more effective. Within minutes of posting the bounty, Nitrous handed over the new password to Ver’s Hotmail account. And Ver says he hasn’t caused any trouble since.” Crypto currencies and technology has allowed people to protect themselves more efficiently then calling the police.

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  • “A private team is preparing to make contact with a 36-year-old NASA spacecraft after reaching its $125,000 crowdfunding goal on Wednesday (May 14).”

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