Michael Malice is a New York Times Bestselling author. His latest project, Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il, is a carefully reconstructed first-person account of the man behind the mythology.

Interview Highlights 

“I help celebrities write their books”

“I felt there was a need to tell North Korea’s story because it’s so misunderstood “

“Part of being a good entrepreneur is seeing opportunities at others don’t.”

“I knew fully well that the only purpose of university is credentialism”

“If you’re just competent and can deliver, you’re going to be at the 90th percentile”

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  • I’ve only been a member of this site a few hours but it seems a lot of you, like me, are fans of Rick Rule and investors that share similar contrarian investment philosophies, well what’s more hated in the market than North Korea? This is a video with great insights from contrarian investor Jim Rogers on the increasing liberalisation of markets in North Korea and the potential opportunities for ballsy contrarians especially considering there is no stock market so you will have to go there directly to do business.

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