Albert discusses the Fed’s next move, Apple’s declining sales, and Flint’s water crisis.

Guest: Scott Rickards, Waterfund LLC

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  • I’ve been following Daniel Amerman’s writings for the past 3 or 4 years. He’s very insightful. His interpretation of fed policy I think is unique and he’s been able to predict their actions pretty well over the last two years. Financial repression is job 1, hyperinflation is unlikely but accidents happen, and asset/liability strategies like the big boys use are the only way to protect yourself. Higher taxes, and more currency controls on the way.

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  • I was thinking. There seem to be a lot of places with very limited water available. At the same time there are many places who have way too much water. Why is there no infrastructure, like there is for oil, to ship water from places with more than enough to places that need it? Desalination seems to be very expensive. Putting water into a big tanker and shipping it however, seems affordable. Even better would be pipelines. Why are there no pipelines, going from say the great lakes to California. Does anyone know the answer?

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  • I’m assuming there must be some form of human value behind the dollar for it to be legitimate, and I’ve always thought inflation to be a consequence of arbitrarily increasing the money supply. But how can the Fed go about distributing that money?   Unless… Do they just get on tall buildings and make it rain in the streets?   Seriously though, what are the channels for getting newly printed money into rotation?

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