Warren Buffett hits back at politicians for bashing the U.S. economy and explains that free oil would be a good thing. Really?

He also reminds us that economists aren’t very good investors.

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  • So how many of you on here have invested in the project in Chile? I have had my eye on investing there for a while. It looks so impressive!

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  • I sold all of my EE bonds in 2014 and bought Bitcoins with the proceeds. I did this because I considered holding them to be willfully receiving stolen money. As everyone knows, Treasuries are backed by the full faith and credit of a state, along with its taxing power. My conclusion is that no consistent libertarian should be using T-bonds or T-bills. Thoughts?

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  • I have been developing a language learning computer program and would like to get an investor involved to help my team get that boost of capital we need to complete our projects. However, I cannot imagine getting along well with most Angel Investors because our acceptable means of making money would likely lead to conflict (I would never accept a military contract if offered, nor would I use a patent I held to offensively shut down competitors). I was wondering if anyone knew of any links where I could find and contact AnCap Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors. Thanks.

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