Albert discusses the hot silver market, the Houston flood, and Draghi’s comments regarding helicopter money.

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  • Howdy all…first…this is awesome! lol I can’t believe I’m actually in it! Thanks everyone for doing this and putting this most excellent website together. So proud and happy to have a part. 🙂 Ok, so I’m looking to buy silver, but don’t know where to buy because a) I’m totally unfamiliar with the process an db) there seems to be lots and lots of options and it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve dealt with Amagi metals before, and I know they are pretty cool (one of their reps is ancap (they sponsored Speak Liberty NOW), and they’ve even posed on JT’s Facebook wall before…lol), and I’ve spoken to a rep with EuroPacific Capital previously. He was great, but they wanted a minimum of 5k or 10k )I forget which now). Shoudl I just go with a rep from somwhere, or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Cheers!

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  • Where is the best place to sell gold coins? Last year, I spent over $12K salvaging a couple buildings.  That was combined with the worst honey harvest I have ever seen in 13 years.  Over the years, I have bought gold and silver coins occasionally, but I have never sold any. My liquid cash this spring is a little lower than I would like, so I am looking at selling 3 or 4 ounces of gold.  Yes, I could sell the lumber I salvaged to big buyers, but they will give me pennies on the dollar.  It will be easier to double my money on the lumber than to double my money on my gold.  And at 80 to 1, I think the upside potential for silver is better than gold, so I think I am better off selling a little gold rather than silver. Local coin shops want to pay $100 under spot.  You can get spot price on eBay, but you lose 15% on eBay and PayPal fees.  I advertised a couple coins on Craigslist at $50 over spot, and the only people who responded were offering $150 under spot. Kitco will buy eagles and maple leafs at spot price.  Are they the best option for selling coins? I am not needing to have them sold yesterday, but I would like to free up some cash within the next month. I don’t want to get into a debate about you never sell your gold and silver coins.  I bought them as a store of value, to be used whenever I wanted some extra cash.  So to me, selling a few ounces is within the parameters of why I bought it. So where have you folks sold coins?

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  • does the 16-1 gold silver ratio make any sense or matter/? If so, the current 70-1 ratio may represent an opportunity

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  • Speculators, Take a look at the recent Precious Metals Summit for 2016. It has a vast amount of company presentations but consider paying particular attention to the Ross Beaty interview and the other keynote presentations.

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  • How will people generate income and/or put food on the table as A.I. and automation continue to become more capable, self-learning, and cheaper? Eventually humans will be “unemployable”, much like horses are “unemployable” today, except for narrow novelty purposes (entertainment, sport, horse drawn carriages, etc.). How do we prep for technological unemployment?

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