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Jayant Bhandari the founder of Capitalism and Morality sits down with Maurice Jackson to provide contrarian views on the virtues of western civilization, junior mining opportunities, and the value proposition of physical precious metals. Mr. Bhandari is one of the most respected names in the natural resources space and pull no punches as he shares his views.


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  • Can people recommend any precious metal dealers that they’ve dealt with? I’d be interested in the Massachusetts/New Hampshire area, but let’s be inclusive, shall we – let’s include all reputable dealers so that others who read these posts can get an idea in their areas. Thanks!

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  • I am often asked what I see in the future for precious metals (PM). Well, the easy answer is that I see them increasing in value against the US$. While it’s easy to identify a market bottom (or top) after the fact, it isn’t so easy to call it beforehand. That being said, I don’t believe we will see $18.50/ounce silver or $1200/ounce gold again…I think we have seen the bottom on metals. In general, there are two major, and divergent, trains of thought in the financial world as to the future of PM. I will call these the Bill Bonnor/Porter Stansberry school of thought and the Harry Dent school of thought (with apologies to these gentlemen for oversimplifying their respective positions). And I should say up front that these positions are very well thought out, logical and self-consistent. They have been right in many of their predictions before and are certainly worth your time! Harry Dent, an economist basing his research on the science of demographics, believes we are headed for a contraction in the economy and into a period of deflation. His model sees precious metals dropping in price against the US$. Bonnor/Stansberry believe the opposite; that with an ever-increasing supply of dollars chasing the same supply of goods, we are headed for a period of inflation. Perhaps, even, a period of hyper-inflation. In this scenario, PM prices will increase against the US$. Several years ago, I posited that we had both of these scenarios playing out at the same time…and I believe that we still do. My Levis now cost $59, $50 on sale. The same pair of jeans 5 years ago were $28, $25 on sale. Anyone who buys gasoline, clothes or food understands that the official government inflation of 1%-3% is off by about 8%. Obviously, we have many other areas of the economy where this can be observed. At the same time, the overall housing market has been dropping since the economy tanked. Sure, there are areas of the country where local markets have been improving. But this is a very temporary state of affairs. Mark my words, we haven’t seen the bottom of the housing market! Plus, there is a tremendous glut of foreclosed-upon properties that aren’t even on the market. This is very deflationary. Look for this tug-of-war to continue over the next few years. Especially if nothing changes in DC and politicians keep kicking cans down the road! That being said, I think the real key to the future of the PM market lies in the slow (or otherwise) demise of the petrodollar and the rise of (at least one) other reserve currencies. China, the world’s largest gold producer, exports none and has been actively buying up gold around the world for years! While we don’t know the official number on China’s gold holdings, China certainly has sufficient gold to gain a seat at the table of major gold holding nations! And, they have been making noises for some time now about the creation of a gold-backed world reserve currency. Should this happen, the price of gold could increase overnight! Additionally, in the last few weeks, Russia signed an agreement with China to supply gas for the next 30 years. This is huge! And huge, too, for the long-term appreciation of gold. ((And it hardly received a mention by the major news services here in the U.S.)) With Russia, China, and a number of other countries moving away from the petrodollar, look for the Saudis to rethink their agreement with the U.S. They are increasingly troubled by our Middle East Policy and especially with regards to Iran. Should the Saudis also begin to move away from the petrodollar, once more look for an increase in the price of gold as the value of the US$ drops. So, again, what do I see in the future for precious metals (PM)? I hate near-term projections. They are like trying to predict the weather 5-10 days out! I think we will likely see higher prices by the end of this year. But, I look for $150-$200/ounce silver & $5000/ounce gold in 3-5 years…events may prove these numbers conservative!

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  • With particular reference to this weeks edition of Sprott´s thoughts ( ) featuring Rick Rule, I wanted some investor insight on the so called postponed bull markets in industrial commodities, particularly Uranium. Am I correct to use the metaphor of a beach ball being pushed deeper underwater at a slower but steadier rate which will delay capital investments in the sector, which will in turn cause an inevitable supply crunch maybe more dramatic than if the spot price allowed more investment now? I guess platinum and palladium are for there own reasons in a similar situation. I like the uranium thesis presented by Rick and I think the nuclear industry growth will overpower the weakness in global electricity demand which we are experiencing now.There must be a lot of money tied up in the constuction of new nuclear power plants so we should expect those to be in full operation as soon as they are finished. We may have to wait a little longer as investors but there may be a more dramatic turnaround. Excuse my rambling but I would very much welcome any thoughts or possible error´s in my coclusions. Cheers

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  • Hello fellow friends of Liberty … and Gold & Silver aficionados 🙂 It has been a while since I have last been here, but this is primarily because I am part of a very exciting new endeavour in the Gold business here in Austria and this has required a bit of my time. Our aim is, beside being a top Gold and Silver distributor, to educate as many people as possible about the dangers of Fiat money, Fractional Reserve Banking, Keynesian Economics, centralized power etc. etc.. In doing so we also want to encourage them to prepare and secure their financial future with an individually adequate, personal and physical Gold stash. The great thing is, if they decide to do this using our services they (you?) also have the (very intriguing) option to get paid for it by recommending us to anyone they know … and whom they also want to be prepared/protected when our current system collapses (or experiences some major changes). Depending on their efforts and how long they have been with us these payments can over time actually become rather substantial. 🙂 I don’t think you will find a more reputable service with a better deal. We are the very first company with such a customer friendly (to put it mildly) distribution system here in Austria (or the greater German speaking area in Central Europe, with some new offshoots in other countries. We are expanding after all… 😉 ) I am actually not aware of any other Gold seller anywhere with a business model that comes close ours, but since I don’t know every gold vendor I am not sure about that. 😉 To be honest, the main reason/motivation behind our marekting/distribution model is our wish to educate AND prepare as many people as we can possibly reach and it has been proven again and again that the best way to motivate people, in our case to spread the word, is an incentive. This way we hope to get (more) people to share what they (hopefully) learn from us instead of simply keeping these informations to themselves and making preparations just for them and maybe their family. If this piqued your interest and you life in Austria, Germany, Switzerland or maybe one of the surrounding countries (or at least in the EU) and you want to see what we have to offer you can send me a message through or just take a stroll around our very nifty website. 🙂 Sadly, many of the very nifty tools and features are hidden in the customer/partner section, which is obviously not for the public… Also, be advised that our website is (for now) only available in German due to our current focus on this region.

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  • Euro Pacific Bank is specially tailored to suit the needs of Peter Schiff’s non-US clientele. The bank is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (a tax neutral jurisdiction that offers privacy protection). Clients of Euro Pacific Bank have access to a gold/silver backed bank account (which is part of the Perth Mint depository program). One could say that the account is a form of gold standard per se; it guarantees the purchasing power of clients’ money. In my opinion, this account is an example of what Peter Schiff said in his book Crash Proof: “If governments don’t want to reinstitute gold standards, private citizens will do it on their own.” Another advantage of the account is when purchasing the precious metals (and with the required minimum purchase of $100) you can buy partial ounces as small as 0.035 ounces (1 gram) seeing as at today’s gold prices the bank’s $500 deposit cannot even buy 1 ounce of gold. The gold-based debit card that Euro Pacific Bank offers is apparently not designed for short-term holdings of precious metals: buy metals today and then go back into cash tomorrow. It’s designed for long-term holding; the client deposits their cash, transfers it into the metals account, and purchases the metals… but then if he/she needs money on the card then they liquidate the necessary amount of metals (which is then converted into currency) and then load the proceeds onto his/her card. Watch Peter Schiff talk about his bank: Exciting Banking Opportunity in St. Vincent Listener Questions: Gold-based debit card account

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