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  • I’ve written a new children’s book that uses a fun story and engaging illustrations to convey the ideas in Bastiat’s The Law to kids age 6-10. It’s called The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law. Here’s the website. If this book sells well, we’ll be turning it into an entire series. Each book will focus on a different aspect of liberty: the non-aggression principle, division of labor, intended/unintended consequences, etc. etc. We’ve got plenty of available material to persuade adults to support liberty, but there’s a big void in the marketplace for educational material for kids. We’re going to be filling that void.

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  • Can someone please guide me with the charges of ghost writing services? My sister is writing a book based on the women inspiration, it is, of course, a fiction book, but the storyline is very attractive and inspiring for motivating women to restart their life after facing difficult turns in their life. My sister is currently having trouble writing due to the writer’s block she was hoping to hire reliable inspirational fiction writers who also offer ghost writing services. She doesn’t know how much the services cost, which is why I am asking for the quotations so that I can guide her properly about making the budget. Please provide some useful answers about making the budget for the ghost writing services. Kindly leave your replies in the comments section. I will be for waiting for your responses. Thanks.

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  • Every time there is a shooting the media hypes the event and there is much misinformation. Does anyone have a lead on actual good statistics?

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  • Investment Biker is a wonderful mix of motorcycle adventure, economic investment in emerging markets and world culture written by Jim Rogers after he and his companion traveled the globe for almost two years and covered 105,000 km on BMW motorcycles. Now twenty years have passed and you can gauge how well Roger’s observations on the breakup of the USSR were and what came of the regions he traveled through. As he enters and exits numerous smaller countries in Africa and South America you see how he learns about people’s trust, or lack of, in their state operations. Upon that you begin to see how his investment works and what kinds of regulations stifle economic development. All the while stamping 50 countries in their passports. If you happen to be in Birmingham you can see Jim and Tabitha’s well traveled bikes at the Barbers Motorsports Museum.

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  • Is the only good war story an anti-war story? Many of my favorite books about war are books that can be interpreted as anti-war books. Bring your favorite war stories to our discussion in the Bookworm Hangout: at 8 PM ET. WW 1 soldiers on the march. Books I’m likely to bring up: The Iliad; The Things They Carried; A Lake in the Woods; Farewell to Arms; and All quiet on the Western Front. Feel free to add to this title list with your own selections.

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