I’m was almost a day late and a dollar short but here is part one of our two part series discussing social change and the Overton Window.

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  • Ron Paul wrote a book called End the Fed. Then he proposed a bill not to end it, but to to audit #BecausePolitics. Now his son, Rand Paul, is threatening to place a hold on three nominees to the Federal Reserve board if he doesn’t get a vote on his bill to audit more thoroughly.   Just wondering what the consensus — if there — is a consensus in the community or if it’s just as divided as the broader libertarian world is. Essentially, it’s a question of pragmatism versus agorism.  (The agorism part is alternative money like bitcoin).

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  • This was a talk the author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis gave in September 2013. Long and technical, but if you have time this weekend, you will learn a lot and it might spur you to start taking preparatory action.

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