Mark Perry, a writer who lives in Arlington, Virginia, discusses the internal struggle between the Army and Marines on one side and the Navy and Air Force on the other over ambitious new war plans with China.

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  • Where is the best place to which to emigrate? OF all the places I’ve visited, I would put Australia number one. It is freer than the US, the culture and people are amazing, the technology is excellent, and it seems like the perfect happy place for me to live and work. I see no real downside at all. I know the government is terrible but so it is everywhere in the world. Second choice might be Costa Rica.

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  • A Marine that I served with had a confrontation with a sheriff. He and his family recorded the incident. I watch these videos all the time, and this is the first time it’s someone I know.

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  • Since there are no discussions up, I thought I would start it off. I just posted an article about my experience as a veteran. If you feel like checking it out, let me know what you think. I will probably write some more about veteran’s issues, and would love any feedback or anecdotes you might have.

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