Scott Horton chats with Jeffrey Tucker, Chief Liberty Officer of, and Ian Freeman, program director of LRN.FM, live in studio in Manchester, New Hampshire. The conversation ranges from the virtues of skateboarding, to libertarian economics and foreign policy, to US imperialism.

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  • Hey Guys, I was watching a YouTube video the other day about Porcfest in New Hampshire that just recently came to an end and someone mentioned something about a man named Ian Freeman being banned from the Free State Project and events like Porcfest. I made the move this spring and am curious as to what the FSP would ban someone for? The only thing I’ve seen on the internet is that he said something about defending yourself against an out of line cop using force? Does anyone have the full story?

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  • So I have this warning when I log into my Poloniex account that is specific to New Hampshire residents. So much for being the Free State. Any other free staters know what this is all about? I’m going through the process now of moving my ETH.  

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