In this week’s Second Print Comics adventure, Remso and Marc compare what comics were on their stack during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to save their sanity and protect them from boredom. They look at Jonathan Hickman’s confusing X Men run, an under-the-radar Deadpool story from Rob Liefeld and spend an inordinate amount of time discussing Tom King by looking at his Batman run, Mister Miracle and the abysmal Heroes in Crisis.

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  • Does it matter that if he dies, all the (potentially) universe destroying baddies within him are released.

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  • Anybody reading any new comic books? Every Wednesday new comic books get released. I’m curious if any of you are picking some up. Right now I’m reading Sheriff of Babylon, Southern Bastards, Kaijumax, I Hate Fairyland, Black Road, Dept. H, Mirror, and Star Trek.

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  • I asked about your favorite comic books (and expected a flood of replies!), but I forgot to mention what may be the most important comic book in our tradition. Yesterday, the Libertarian Liquidationist reminded us of THE comic book for libertarians: The Berlin Batman, in which an alternate-history version of the Dark Knight tries to foil the Nazi’s confiscation of Ludwig von Mises’s papers. I learned about this post because the LL includes a link to an old blog post of mine, in which I quote Brian Doherty and link to Paul Cantor on this perfect storm of pop culture and Austrolibertarian history.

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